Photo Credit: @DJTrevorNelson. (Back Row) Lethal B, Leona Lewis, DJ Charlie Sloth, Adam Deacon. (Front Row) Jamal Edwards, Fat Boy from Eastenders, DJ Trevor Nelson and Plan B

Today the great and the good from the dizzy world of entertainment travelled to East London to help launch the Hackney Academy….

Via The BBC

BBC Radio 1 and BBC Learning today announced details of the Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy – the stations’ biggest ever programme of social action and outreach, which will offer up to 10,000 young people across Hackney and beyond the chance to gain skills and experience and to be inspired by leading people in their fields. 

Opening in the run up to Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend – the station’s biggest ever music festival – the Academy will feature a host of leading names from the worlds of music, business, film, radio, fashion, comedy, gaming and software and journalism. They will take part in a range of masterclasses, Q&As and panel sessions to explain how they have made it and to offer advice.

Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend Ambassadors Leona Lewis and Plan B, along with Labrinth, will all take part in music Q&A sessions about their experience of the music industry and how they got started.  They will also star in a new BBC Three programme, Plan B, Leona And Labrinth: Back To Hackney (working title, tx: June) which will see them work with a range of kids aged between 13 and 15 from Plan B’s old school, a Pupil Referral Unit in Newham, to create a special musical performance.

The Academy will also feature a range of other practical workshops and sessions, as well as the chance to speak to careers advisors on site with advice on CVs and interview skills. The sessions include:

• Music sessions on how to create your own music and promote it,

• Radio sessions on how to create your own radio broadcast, with advice on scriptwriting and interview techniques. Young people taking part in the music sessions will also get the opportunity to broadcast to the nation as part of a BBC Radio 1Xtra Take It On day, taking the reins on 1Xtra for a whole day on Saturday 16 June.

• Business sessions on the basics of setting up your own business, how to pitch, market and sell and a special Hackney Dragons Event where young entrepreneurs can pitch for investment from our very own Hackney Dragons.

• Fashion sessions on t-shirt design, fashion styling and fashion photography. T-shirts designed by young people at the Academy will be judged by a panel of fashion experts with the winning designs sold as a limited edition Radio 1 Hackney Weekend t-shirt.

• Film sessions on scriptwriting for EastEnders and beginners sessions on producing, directing, editing and camera and sound work. Participants who have completed all film beginners workshops will get the opportunity to make a Hackney-themed spoof film, to be shown on the main stage big screen at the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend.

• Games and software sessions on developing your own app and building your own website.

• Comedy sessions on developing stand-up, as well developing ideas for stage and TV.

• Journalism sessions including how to write and get published and masterclasses with journalists from range of publications including The Daily Star.

Click HERE to read more about the Academy and for further details. 

Plan B

During today’s launch rapper Plan B said

“As a kid growing up in East London, I felt ignored, I felt I didn’t have a voice. These kids are getting no love. Money is an issue, but it’s also about spending time with them.

“The education they are getting is s**t. Life is not just about academics. They are not taught enough about real life — about things like sex and drugs.

“We need to encourage them that there is another way by getting them to express themselves and discover their true talents. That’s what they need. I can see that they don’t know the hard work that goes into it. None of this (success) was given to us.

Kids DON’T listen to Plan B.

So teachers should spend more of their time teaching pupils about life (sex and drugs) and less time teaching them Maths, English and Science?

(The Academy will also provide workshops in business and journalism so here is where decent academic grades in Maths and English will come in handy Plan B).

Working towards doing well academically and achieving good grades is still of vital importance in this world. The black youth in this country need to have that drilled in to their domes.

If you want to sing, rap, tap dance,  produce or act then fine, get the most out of the workshops that the Hackney Academy has to offer but DON’T allow your academic studies to fall by the wayside and risk ending up on the scrap heap in the mad pursuit to become the next Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce or Rihanna.

When it comes to education I am serious like a judge!

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. You have said it all. Smh. There are kids who think exactly the way plan b talked, and the very reason they under achieve and rush into the hustle mentality asap.

  2. Plan B can afford to sit down there and talk reckless about education. He is in a privileged position and doing alright for himself.

    The attempts to dumb down the youth further just makes my blood boil.

  3. I had to pull up a DJ, Manny Norte I think, a few yrs back on twitter, for telling kids that he made it without education so don’t worry if they don’t pass their exams.

    It becomes more and more apparent that this country is churning out a bunch of retards and using them as role models for our children.

    Schools in more affluent neighbourhoods would be getting mentoring from scholars, lawyers and doctors, not that lot. With the exception of Trevor Nelson who would want any of those people to mentor their kids. Seriously??

  4. For goodness sake! What was he thinking??? SMH. What was his reply to you?

    Lethal B is no fool and is educated, he has achieved a lot academically. But he opts to dumb down his intelligence. It actually saddens me.

  5. If you haven’t for whatever reason, finished school, or gone on to higher education, that’s okay. HOWEVER understand you are joining a sea of other children/young adults thinking they can make it in the entertainment business and out of 50,000 you may only hear of 2.

    When these celebrities tell these children that anyone can make it, they at the very least need to tell them unless your drive in unshakeable, you stand no chance. That and nepotism and luck play a big part too.

    While the man who started Mc D’s never went to school and Bill Gates didn’t finish university, their hunger and drive to learn and succeed was insane. If you choose to be autodidactic then you need to be realistic about the hurdles you face and the setbacks you will undoubtedly encounter.

    If you can’t handle that, then stay in school. An education is always good to fall back on.

  6. I agree totally with what everyone is saying. You can get by without education, but things take a hell of alot longer and it’s alot harder if you’re black. I know this first hand.

    ‘If it weren’t for music or dance I’d be dead now’. I’m tired of this line. I’m waiting for a black people to say if it wasn’t for reading and studying I’d be dead now

    Plan B is white he can say what he said because if you’re white more doors open for you than if you’re black. A big reason the world is messed up is because of nepotism where white people don’t hire on talent.

    Plan B wants to be down but the simple fact is he’s got to where he’s got not just through talent but because he’s a white boy doing black music lets be real here.

    I’m starting to sound old here but when I was growing up I was angry and it was the same. Music workshops, dance, MC workshops, what about workshops so kids learn how to take care of their money so they don’t get into debt or like Janice said lawyer or doctor workshops.

    I’m tired of these damn music workshops all black people think they can do is music, whenever I read about black people who have been sucessful as lawyers doctors etc it’s always because there parents or a person has pushed them and told them they can be more than singers and dancers, black kids need to understand they can do more than music and dance to entertain the white man.

    These urban ‘men’ are a bunch of bonehead 30 year olds acting and dressing like 15 years olds SMH

  7. @jan He didnt reply directly to me (of course) but he did back track saying it was possible to succeed without an education but still ‘stay in school’, KMT

    @Chico-Rei I have been screaming at the council in my area for YEARS about the many music workshops and programmes while my applications for funding for a careers and finance worshops get denied. Kinda ironic that governments blame music for gang crime but continue to fund these projects. Or maybe it isnt. Conspiracy.

  8. But the question must be asked, are children even receiving an “education” in schools anymore or is it simply a form of indoctrination that is a primer for you to slot into society later on down the road in your designated “roll”?

    All schools seem to teach the children is how to become a lackey for somebody else, ie an employee. Why don’t schools teach the students how they can make it on their own, do their own thing and be their own boss?

    Also, we have to remember that an education is only as good as the environment that it is valid in, is up and running. I believe that raw skills are as equally important, in fact I would go so far as to say more important than a so called “education” in this Babylon system.

    Everybody can see that this system is going downhill, this con of economics will not be here for ever. In the scenario of a total economic collapse, building a fire from scratch is going to help you more than a degree or college qualification. Knowing what plants can be used for food is going to sustain your life far more that a set of GCSEs. Knowing how to build things from raw materials would also go a long way for you in a worse case scenario.

    I am not suggestion that we should all take to the wilderness and begin living like Nomads, what I am saying is that there should be a balance and that there is too much focus on qualifications which are based on an artificial system. Children should be learning some raw skills also just in case things take a turn for the worst(which they will).

    As for Plan B and children not being taught about sex, what the heck is this guy talking about? The UNESCO curriculum standard for sex education towards school children includes group masturbation, the use of vibrators, fisting, fingering, oral sex, anal sex, orgies, homosexuality, toe sucking, beastiality etc, most of these things are being taught to children today in the UK from the age of 5 onwards. So on the contrary, children are getting more than their fair share of sexual “stimulation”. This is also not including the hardcore porn that children swap with each other via their phones and usb sticks at school. He needs to go into some of these classrooms before passing comment on sex not being taught.

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