For months now people have been accusing Beyonce of lying about ever being pregnant and that she used a surrogate.

The world began to view the whole episode with suspicion after her stomach appeared to fold inwards during a TV interview in Australia (watch footage below).

Well the star has finally responded to the rumours via People Magazine.

She says,

“That was crazy. It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy. Where did they come up with this?”

Hahahahahaa – That footage still sweets me.

Thanks for setting the record straight Bey!

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  1. I’ve never seen a heavily pregnant woman lean forward to sit down in a chair but idiot Knowles here not only leans forward but crashes into that seat like a car accident. Normally a pregnant woman would lean back into the chair and ease herself down using her hands for support. Sorry Beyonce, you were never pregnant from the beginning, somebody else carried your child for you. 2+2 equals 4.

    An what’s up with the stomach collapse, what, was the baby a transformer? I suspected that she was never pregnant from the off but this footage was the nail in the coffin.

  2. This is by far the dumbest story ever!!! I’m sure she has a uterus like every other female on this planet. Lets move on!!

  3. I still don’t believe her……looks to crazy!!! hahaha @verbs….lol! hahaahahaha But i really don’t care either….

  4. Honestly people have no lifes “SERIOUSLY” why couldn’t see have a baby? why would she make something up like that? That makes no sense to me at all. Humans are so horrible and stupid.. (HATERZ)!!! what the hell is it your business in the first places. If she did wear pumps all the 9 months and lost the weight quickly why couldn’t she. She’s the most beautiful women in the world. She and her husband are supeeerrrr rich. She could do anything she wants. She could loss the weight quick by the way a lot of women don’t always look ugly pregnant. There are penalty of women that carry there pregency different… She was fortunate to still be beautiful while being pregnant and even after… Good for her she’s a DIVA!!!!!! You go GIRL….
    I know it’s a horrible feeling for people to come up with crazy s*&^ like that.. Especially being a first time mom and knowing how happy you felt when you became pregnant. But don’t let it get to you people will always talk WHY? because they got nothing else better to do.. They are called LOSEERRRS!!!!!!!!!! capital L…

    Congratz are your baby blue ivy and continue being happy and building a bigger family.. God Bless..

    Drea Brooklyn NY

  5. I think the issue here is that fact that I do not like being lied to and treated like a child. Don’t announce to the world that you are pregnant if you are not just to save your flagging career. I don’t know who is worse, Knowles or team Burke. Burke gets grilled for her stunts but Beyonce gets a pass?????

  6. Always question the esteem of people who side with celebtities with the main reason being : they are rich! SMH

    Every woman’s pregnancy is different, however there were many alarm bells ringing watching her behaviour, this footage included. Whether she gave birth herself or had a surrogate her daughter is healthy and beautiful. Thats all that matters.

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