Manchester City player Mario Balotelli and his brother Enoch decided to both sport peroxide blond mohicans and matching outfits on a night out with their parents.

Mario with younger brother Enoch

[Thanks Lorraine]

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What a MESS! This is just pure buffoonery.


The black man is in serious crisis folks.

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  1. Wow, from hearing the great news about Jamal Edwards, to seeing to backward shit. Balotelli makes me laugh and I cannot take him seriously! Something isnt clicking with dat deh bruddah!

  2. looks real silly!!! What is with grown men and mohawks…. Not a good look at all… And of course he is not dating anyone BLACK!!! SMH

  3. I don’t even consider Balotelli black I just consider him as Mario Balotelli he’s in a section all on his own

  4. That pic with his white girlfriend screams, ‘look at my trophy girlfriend who has got me upgraded’. Like all of a sudden he is in another class. loooooool. But he was raised by white parents. I usually don’t knock who people bed, but i wonder sometimes what they teach these footballers when they get in there. loooooool. They must feel the pressure to fit due to the circles they move in and to keep up the image.

  5. ohhhh wow. look at all you true black n proud sistas dissing the man. you can’t take him seriously yet he is one of the best in the world at what he does. are you even one of the best in your workplace at what you do? do you even do anything? I wonder how many of you partake in the buffoonery of wearing weaves (blonde too) to look like the very white women you are jealous of cos you must feel the pressure to fit due to the circles you move in and to keep up the image. something ain’t ever clicked in you deh people. Hmmmm. wearing stupid false fake eye lashes and impossible high heels. i mean what is it with grown women and barbie look aspirations. not a good look at all… and of course you are not dating anyone!!! SMH

  6. This is sad more than anything. However what you’d expect from people raised in a culture with little or no visible Black People and the only ones tend to be living on the margains. Add to that he was raised by white Italian family in a country which is very much like Britain was in the 1970s when it comes to race relations.

  7. The fact he was raised by white parents it’s really not an excuse. I was raised by white parents in a white neighbourhood, by a white family who knew nothing and didn’t want to know nothing about black culture, yet I’ve never ever in my life wanted to be white@getalife I like Balotelli he’s a character but it’s not only people here not taking him seriously people in his profession aren’t taking him seriously. Mourinho called him the footballer with one brain cell.

  8. Oh having a white girl as a girlfriend is good for your image. PLEASE!!! Just sad to see how so many of us Blacks are BRAIN WASHED!!!! White is right….that is all it is saying. And the even sadder part is… They will teach their kids this as well. You are now validated because you have a white woman… Self esteem issues it a mess!!!! I JUST WISH BLACK PEOPLE WOULD WAKE UP AND START LOVING AND RESPECTING US!!!! And i don’t buy being raised by white parents….thing,… i know many who were…and very proud of their BLACKNESS…… I agree with what Lati said…. I don’t normally care who someone beds down with. But I always question Blacks who chose other..because there is a reason other than “I was just attracted to her.” Normally it is because Blacks have so many biases……that it freaks me out…

  9. To be honest it weren’t the haircut that made me shake my head the most, it was the fact that they are both wearing virtually the same clothes LMAO I mean what is that about

  10. @Get A Life

    I’m surprised that you are not upset about the fact that yet another black person has been amplified in the press to fulfill the stereotype of the so called Negro only being good at sports and entertainment.

    I agree with you on the weaves, fake eye lash and high heels foolishness, grown black women trying to make themselves look like young European sex pots is pure folly however, ALL the foolishness has to stop for both black men and black women, the monkey trousers/jogging bottoms/jeans, the blond mohawks and other ridiculous hair styles, the silly Ray Ban glasses, the off hair colours, the fake eye lashes, the weaves(whatever the colour), the sky scraper heels, the designer loving, the extreme bredding, the dating of Europeans for image and validation as Moreno mentioned etc.

    I agree with Tend To Offend in terms of the NON race relations in Italy, I’m not sure who is worse for racism against blacks, the Italians or the Spanish.

    Cosign Janice 100%, the black man on the whole is in a very serious crisis.

    By the way, let me just ask a question. How can a black person bring himself to wear clothes that are name after a primate? NEGRO/BLACK MAN, MONKEY JEANS, is anybody seeing an historical issue here or is it just me? Have we forgotten already?

  11. @verbs for racism against blacks the Italians are the worse, with the Spanish coming a very close second.

  12. Will you guys shout at me if I say that ‘it’s only a haircut’?…… I think a lot of his behaviour is not necessarily ‘culturallly’ related. Many of these footballers, singers, celebs are just straight up attention seekers…

  13. MissSteele :
    Will you guys shout at me if I say that ‘it’s only a haircut’?…… I think a lot of his behaviour is not necessarily ‘culturallly’ related. Many of these footballers, singers, celebs are just straight up attention seekers…

    Na I agree with you

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