Another day…. another “clothing line”….

Website Pappzd reports that female MC A.Dot has teamed up with streetwear brand House of Hoxshore and created the clothing line Quiff Head Clothing.

The A.Dot influenced collection is very simple and includes a range of t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women. Unlike some other clothing brands which bear no resemblance to the style or essence of the artist fronting it, this collection fully reflects A.Dot’s image and is therefore called Quiff Head, after her iconic hairstyle.

Click HERE to view more designs….

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. If I never knew that A Dot was a woman, I would have thought that this was a brere standing in front of me. I’m still trying to figure out Bizzle and his “Dench” nonsense. A line that mimics your hairstyle? Sorry, I don’t have a quiff, I have a low top and fade. Like you said Jan, another day, another rapper, another clothing line.

  2. I actually feel sorry for people who study for years to do fashion when someone who has just over 4000 followers decide to get a tshirt/sweatshirt line smh.

  3. I agree with both of you, @verbs I’m still trying to figure out what dench is about as well, it sounds to close to Dense for me to every buy the T-shirt, I’m waiting for black people to do something creative like maybe do T-shirts celebrating black heroes or black icons but i don’t know maybe that would make too much sense. I love T-shirts but ain’t gonna buy this. I recently saw some T-shirts in the US which had the crests of the negro baseball teams who played in the negro league before it was disbanded, which I was impressed with, because it was something different and had a message.

  4. Its funny cos these kids think that a t-shirt with a “logo” is a fashion line. Talk about being mugged off. Anyone can buy t-shirts in bulk for next to nothing and then print one DEAD logo on it. All they have to do is market it well, and lemmings will buy it in droves

  5. tymusic :
    have we forgotten something?

    Nope, she’s the girl who was calling that black girl on Eastenders a monkey. I never forget

  6. @Janice

    I remember that blog you covered on the issue, some serious shots were fired there.


    I forgot all about that foolishness, thanks for the reminder.

    Cosign Chico Rei, we need to be doing something creative that stimulates the mind of the young, not constantly resorting to empty nonsense. I raise the question again, what the heck is “DENCH”? Has anybody figured out that folly yet?

  7. Maybe it’s about a damp bench? Iconic?! Quiff Head?! **chuckles** Oh & this chic’s pinging like crazy…Damn rappers and their gorram printers, everybody & their dealers are designers.

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