The third annual Official Mixtape Awards  has been shut down by the Metropolitan Police.

Organisers of the popular event tweeted,!/OfficialOMAs/status/187871203027980288!/OfficialOMAs/status/187871455021768704!/OfficialOMAs/status/187871729601880064!/OfficialOMAs/status/187879349700145152!/OfficialOMAs/status/187879507821211648!/OfficialOMAs/status/187873389111812096!/OfficialOMAs/status/187881918304497664

The Metropolitan Police actually said ‘everyone in each category is a criminal and they shoot people’.  Folllowed by they are ‘acting on information they were given’.

Did one of their police dogs bark that “information” to them?

I don’t know whether to laugh are cry at this mess.

Anyway none of this surprises me. If they get wind of a music related event that is likely to attract a SWARM of young black faces they will move to shut it down at a moments notice.

Typical MET Police shenanigans.

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  1. What in the actual hell? My mind instantly went back to the days when So Solid were around and pretty much every time they performed the event was shut down by the police.

    This is some straight up racist (but I’m not surprised) bullshit, whether I agree with an awards ceremony fo mixtapes is irrelevant, but if they want one they should be allowed to.

    As for the criminals accusation??? Why are names like George Michael, Pete Doherty, the late Amy Winehouse, Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams springing to mind.

    Don’t all of these people have criminal convictions and/or take or have taken Class A ILLEGAL drugs? They still roll up on the red carpet and have their concerts going.

    PLUS if the police KNOW these so called nominees are criminals why haven’t all of the Mixtape Award nominees been arrested and charged. I mean they have enough evidence from a ‘source’ to shut the awards down, but not enough to arrest them all. They’re lying. Police love to lock up Black men with a quickness, they would have arressted ALL of them by now if that were the case.


  2. The police should really use their efforts to shut down the Brits. now that is just pure waste.
    Wonder why the police are scared of progression and success where black people are concerned.

    Where I live in the East Mids the police have shut down every club bar social event except carnival that plays black music and attracts black people. (other races attend in their droves too) What is so sad is that most of what they shut down had no violence at all except police intimidation. Yet a shubeen that is not safe is allowed to go on but a legit business cant. I heard one owner was told by police they were going to tell a pack of lies in court to revoke her license and some other stuff which would have meant financial ruin so business closed prior to police tactics.

    I think we need another MacPherson report. a 2.0 version on social events and gatherings

  3. “everyone in each category is a criminal and they shoot people” <- could say the same about the stinking police

    They are out of order, blatantly racist, and a bunch of bloodclaart criminals themselves.

    "Supporting criminals" to do what? Something that has nothing to do with crime? You would think the cops would want to help if they really believed the crap they're chatting.

    Sad thing is independent organisations like this probably don't have the resources to challenge this ruling in the courts.

    "Did one of their police dogs bark that ”information” to them?" <- that made me laugh though!

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the event organisers who have experienced this in recent years (and there’s a lot of them) got to together and challenged what’s happened and demand a report? Until then, it will continue. – money will be lost etc. They don’t do things by the book but unfortunately we have to!

  5. The Metropolitan Police released an honest statement in relation to their actions:

    We shut down this event because we have the power to shut it down and there is nothing that you can do about it. Many of you have claimed that our actions were racist in nature, what, have you only just realised this? The Macpherson report should have confirmed to you what you have always suspected, that the Metropolitan Police Corporation is a racist and bias institution and we aim to uphold this reputation seeing as we have the power and the weaponry to do so.

    Our main aims are to allow all forms of criminals to roam the streets unhindered, as they are a necessary requirement to keep us in employment. We also practice extorting money out of the general public via the various schemes that we have put in place to generate revenue. You the general public are our cash cow. We are indeed hypocritical as it is our institution that has been responsible for the distribution and re-distributing of guns and knives into the hands of black youth on the streets. We have also had an instrumental hand in cultivating and fermenting the growing drug culture among the youth by the underground supplication of cannabis, coke, charlie, crack, meth, E’s and every other common drug you can think of. All this has been executed in the name of HM Babylon.

    As time goes on we will continue to shut down black venues and events for whatever reason, even if we just feel like shutting down an event for the fun of it. We cannot be stopped and we will not be stopped. We have the backing behind closed doors of the government to oppress and hinder black people from enjoying themselves and we enjoy bringing a damp cloth to your enjoyment and if you blacks dare to step out of line, we will not hesitate to bash in your skull, taser you and in the future shoot you in the back of the head with live ammunition as we have now been given the right to shoot to kill if you Negroes repeat the actions of last summer’s riots.

    The Metropolitan Police corporation is committed to upholding inequality and criminality.

    End Statement


    The police actually released such a statement?

    Not Verbs’ translation…heck, the original was egregious enough!


    And we thought we had it bad over here in America…@ least the cops try to hide their bullsh!t…SHEESH~!

  7. @Vex and Terra

    The love is much appreciated, its time to blow the trumpet from the rooftops and expose these hypocrites.

    The Met are the very last people in the queue who have the right to be pointing their rotten infected corrupt fingers at others and yelling “criminals”.

    Drugs and guns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Met and their “off the record” operations. An extremely putrid can of the Met can also be opened in relation to child sex rings, child pornography, sex trafficking, pedophilia and snuff films.

    The Met police have done a great job in propagandizing the public especially through television dramas. They really are not who you think they are.

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