Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48.

The singer died in the Beverly Hills Hotel on the eve of the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. She had been due to attend a pre-awards party in the hotel organised by her long-time mentor and record industry executive Clive Davis on Saturday evening.

A police spokesman told the BBC, “police were despatched, but paramedics, already at the hotel because of the party, attempted to resuscitate her, without success. She was pronounced dead at 15:55”.


I am still trying to process the news that Whitney is no longer with us. This is just so sad.

Rest In Peace Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

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  1. Yes this is very sad. i remember meeting here 6 years ago at a gas station in Atlanta. she was so cool and regular..i then really liked her more. And man was she a jokester that day.. R.I.P!!!

  2. @Pheva

    No cause of death mentioned for starters, I’m finding the lack of details released surrounding the reason for her death a tad suspect. Normally, the cause/suspected cause of death is always one of the first things to be mentioned but nothing yet. I know that she did suffer from a drug addiction but I am not going to assume anything.

  3. According to reports she was found in the bath and there were perscription drugs. She was on drugs for anxiety and depression, which can cause drowsiness especially if mixed with alcohol.

    She only died yesterday, so they are now in the process of investigating further.

  4. @ Janice

    Jacko, Whinehouse(both of their deaths were very suspect if you push aside the mainstream media official stories and do your own investigative digging) and now Houston. Something just doesn’t smell right with these big celebrities all of a sudden just dropping dead. Verbs isn’t buying it, something else is afoot here.

  5. reports are saying water was in her lungs but they have o determine if she died before slipping under water or after according to tmz. also her daughter may be put on suicide watch, her family on both sides are very concerned for her. so sad . I pray for her.

  6. I more upset about this than MJs death….I’d been listening to her ‘My Love is Your Love’ album for most of last week! Her premature death is another example of ‘The drugs don’t work, they just make you worse…’ Crack kills for sure

  7. This is so sad. I think all the facts have to be gathered before we can know how she ended up like that. Her last few days seemed a bit full on if I am reading right.

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