Check the latest video from Florence and Machine ‘No Light , No Light, which is interesting. The video has apparently ignited a race row because of its imagery.

Florence is in a church along with a group of choir boys and I am guessing they represent all that is good and innocent in the world. Then up pops a man ( it looks like he has been rolled in tar), who practices Voodoo, chases after a terrified Florence, sticks pins in to a doll and dances/rolls around the floor of the church possessed. He represents Evil.

[Thanks Marvin Sparks]

In response to Florence’s fans who have jumped up to defend the star, website Racialicous had this to say,

All sorts of defenses and excuses are being pulled out of the hat to try and label this music video as anything other than what it is: racist. Glorifying the white female central character as representing goodness, all while vilifying the evil dark skinned heathen Other. The number of times this has been done in film date back to one of the very first blockbusters, D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation, and continue on until today with this latest incarnation. But in this age of “colour-blindness” and “post-racial” talk, we confront a fairly new beast: vehement denial.

Click HERE to read full article.

An online petition has also been set up calling for the band to apologise. Click HERE to view.

Oh dear…

Your thoughts please. Do you think this video is racist or is it just “art”?

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  1. I cant I just cant. Is it me or does it seem like racism is getting worse in this modern day and age??
    People will say its art and not racist. I just get the impression that people tend to think that unless a bunch of ignorant rednecks are’nt on your lawn burning a cross, then everything else isn’t and shouldnt be considered racist! KMT!
    Its considered either banter (which according to Seb Blatter can be dealt with through a handshake, asshole!) or just PC nonsense.

  2. Again “I’m not even surprised”. My sister and i just shook our heads. It happens so much I’m unfazed. She won’t care, she’ll claim its “art”. Not only is it racist, but the fact that all the people, the processes that go towards making a video, no one thought to say hang on, just shows how behind the scenes who is really pulling the strings.. So many people want to be infront of the cameras in the music business, but its who is behind that have the most control. When it doesn’t include non whites we will be depicted any which way.

  3. Ha, Ha, the great white hope eh? These Europeans really love themselves, the so called heroism of the white man has been made up out of whole cloth, it is utter propaganda. Obviously, the theme being pushed here is the white man(in this case a white woman) is the saviour. However some of you Negroes don’t exactly extinguish the fuel of this brasen racism by trying to “fit in” with your skin tight money jeans, you funny haircuts, your silly glasses and your off key bright colours and some of you black women don’t help the situation either by donning those European looking weaves on your heads.

    I keep saying this time and time again and I have been proven right thus far, the more the European man sees us trying to be accepted and amalgamate into his system, the more he will take the p*** out of us and the more these racist jibes will increase. You black men who turn a blind eye to this sort of stuff thinking you’ve made it because you have a car, a house and a tescos down the road, remember, THIS IS NOT YOUR SYSTEM. Again, we are partly to blame for all of these pokes because we no longer “teach” these folks to respect us.

  4. Racist! Racist! Racist! My brother Verbs is correct on so many points. it’s mostly our fault because we talk about this bull….but do nothing. So it will continue….

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