Vicky, DJ Snips, Chuckie and Miss Lala debate at the Jump Off Studios on what they think has happened to the MOBO awards. Has the ceremony lost credibility? Does it still represent music of black origin? These are a couple of the question raised in this discussion…


Your thoughts please…

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  1. I liked the debate but the problem is…… What is pop music? It’s popular music so that can mean anything.

  2. Co sign Miss Lala, the Mobos has now turned into some sort of mutant form of a presentation. As usual, when it comes to things in relation to the so called Negro, our achievements can never be celebrated in their raw and undiluted form, there always has to be a watering down somewhere along the line. In this case it is this King woman trying to appease and appeal to the European sect. Yet again another example of trying to “fit in”.

  3. @verbs2011 Very true we are always bending over backwards to include everyone and end up alienating the people it’s for black people we’re the only race that does this, it’s sad very sad

  4. I know the MOBOS are music of black origin….but what is so wrong with just having something for Black people. Why did it change so much from a few years ago? To me it has turned into the white artist doing Black music. I don’t understand why in the UK some feel like you have to involve white people in everything you do, that has something to do with Blacks people. We have many award shows here that are just for Black people. We do that because the so called mainstream did not include us into their venues!! So we have our own and we don’t apologize for it nor do we add others to it. Stop trying to please those who really don’t care about you….and make it for us!! I can say a lot about Jessie J…and Adele…they both need to sit down!! They are not Black and they should be more original! There are many Black artists out here that does a much better job than they do. But you don’t hear about them because they are not white. I know many don’t like hearing this…but this is the reality! When will Black people just look out for Black people? Not saying be racist…but look to your own…support your own…lift up your own.. And stop skinning and grinning in white folks face looking for their approval. The lady who invented the MOBOS to me is a big sell out!!! If you stop watching this crap maybe they will make many needed changes… I could not believe how many whites won awards. And what disturbed me most is how many Black that did not get an award! Stop being suckers over there and stand up for something!! Not you guys…you get my point I hope…..

  5. I feel bad for doing the above post so I’ll contribute. MOBO’s care more about money than anything else. So long as Kanya rolls out, does her speech and makes spot talks around the place, she’s cool

  6. I agree with everything you said Moreno, the truth is alot of white people like black music and they get fed up and very uncomfortable with seeing only black faces and want to see someone who looks like them hence when you have Prof Green, Adele, Jessie J, Eminem all doing black music they go and buy it by the boat load when there are black artist that match these guys and surpass them, now I’m not saying these artists aren’t talented what I am saying is they have sold so many copies because of the colour of their skin. It’s the same reason white people talk about the great white hope in boxing and dream of a white runner in the 100m sprint, white people will always support their own before black people, but when we do it we are made to feel guilty. I really didn’t want to hate on something made for black people, but the truth is it isn’t made for black people anymore I mean does Glasgow even have a black community? F the MOBOs lets get together and make our own awards, even the name Music Of Black Origin is a cop out, why isn’t there a rock award that’s music of black origin lets just call it Black Music awards lol

  7. “It’s the same reason white people talk about the great white hope in boxing and dream of a white runner in the 100m sprint, white people will always support their own before black people, but when we do it we are made to feel guilty.” – *claps*

    p.s. wasn’t it “white” radio stations that put colour to music anyway?

  8. <p.s. wasn’t it “white” radio stations that put colour to music anyway?

    Yep it was them

  9. I am beginning to suspect that Kanya King is not the originator of the MOBO’s but was just put up as the front person by a person/people unknown with a vast pool of wealth. I have seen this kind of patterning before when a project for black people starts off well and then begins to derail into the sand drag. In fact the more I think about it, the more this seems plausible.

    Since when has a black person in the UK been able to make such a big launch into the limelight without many handlers, “controllers” and “managers” around them? Let us not forget about Jamal Edwards(who has now probably lost control of his SBTV project) and his “team” which consists of white folks and 2 people from the far East. Not a Negro in sight.

    This compromising of our corner has to stop. We must not be afraid to look out for and take care of our people first. SELF HATRED DOES NOT EQUAL WISDOM people. This also means battling off the negative comments and typical stereo types associated with blacks wanting to help their own FIRST. Remember, the so called European man has an insecurity complex and is a control freak. That is his problem, not mine.

    There are just some things where we just have to say, “you ain’t black, you are not coming in”.

  10. @Chic- rei…. I think a lot of times when you start including others it take away from the original purpose. I’m sure it was started because of the lack of awards shows for Black people. But as someone said when the money started rolling in who cared about Black anything. When I look at a show that was made for Black music and Black people…and the majority of the winners were White…then there is a big problem. She should be ashamed of herself… And as you said Chico Rei not that these people don’t have talent… But por favor! I have never once felt guilty of supporting my own…so I really don’t get that concept! Hell all I talk about is my own to a point. And I’m neither scared nor ashamed to do it in front of anyone. I always try my best to uplift us and make others aware of all we have contributed to this world. If white people are so uncomfortable with seeing Black people do Black music….the they should come up with something original to call their own. But they can’t and never have because all they do is steal from what Black people have done. I have no sympathy for the white man and his feelings about anything. And you’re right it is a copout.. Black Music Awards would be just fine… I never can understand why some in the UK are so worried about what white people feel. It is obvious they could care less about what Black people feel. Because if they did…things would be different!! As my dad always says in Spanish “ si no defiendes por lo que tu crees. Entonces caeras en cualquier cosa! Basically if you don’t stand up for what you believe in you will fall for anything…….

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