UK rapper/actor Snakey Man bigs up award-winning actor, director, script writer, producer, humanitarian and Godfather of UK “urban” film Noel Clarke for almost single handedly eradicating unemployment in this country.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. Why can’t this UK film industry just write, direct, act and just get on with it without this incessant need to hype up every damn move made by some in the industry.

    On the film set – hype
    Film’s being edited – hype
    Poster released – hype
    Trailer released – hype
    Film released – hype, hype, hype
    DVD release – hype
    Film is shown on BBC3 – hype

    I’m not interested about the doors he’s opened, this has been bandied about for so long it’s like *shrugs* “OK so you were good to your people dem, when’s the next film out?”

    *switches direction*
    This is why I love Chiwetel Ejiofor, I read about no beef, no attitude, no hype men on Twitter, no self boasting, no self promotion. This man is killing it silently and I love it. Constantly appearing in Hollywood films alongside A list actors and can come back and work on TV series, theatre and BBC drama. Very under rated, very talented.

  2. Well said London Diva.

    You forgot one thing though.. The HYPE before they have even stepped on the bloody set and filmed the first scene.

    I like Chiwetel Ejiofor too. The man is achieving big things on both sides of the Atlantic and let’s his work do the talking.

  3. Yes Janice!!

    How could I forget the hype created upstairs on the 171 bus on the way to the film set?

    I’ve been invited to a screening on Sunday for ‘Victim’ which has this Snakeyman in it, as well as Jason Maza, Shanika Warren-Markland, and the Joe Pesci to the Godfather of “urban” UK film Adam Deacon.

    After doing an IMDB search and reading the sypnosis and seeing the cast I ‘may’ pass. I’m SO tired of these films with the same actors recycled. I’m SO tired of the hood/crime element to these films. Then they’re gonna try feed us some bollocks about it (probably) having a message. What??? Cause someone wants off a council estate??? I’m already over Demons Never Die, which was Suicide kids, which was scheduled for a stupid June release date and is now October. I have my own theory as to why the date was moved. I could be wrong but I’m sure it played some part to the date being moved.

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