Angela Simmons is the latest celebrity to get naked for animal rights organisation PETA (It’s for PETA so it’s okay to stand naked using my hand to cover my vagina).

The daughter of Rev Run said,

“As a devout Christian, I feel it’s very important to show compassion for all of God’s creation—and adopting a vegetarian diet is the best way to keep innocent animals from suffering.”

Click HERE to view more campaign photographs.

“Eating meat is a sin” – Oh get lost! Who are they to judge those of us who love to tuck in to a juicy piece of red meat?

And I wonder what Angela’s father, that joke of a “holy man” Rev Run thinks of all this.

Anyway I want to know when the PETA campaign featuring Suge Knight is going to be released. His publicity firm came after me threatening legal action back in June over some off the cuff remarks I made about his up and coming campaign (click here to read). But now it’s all gone quiet.

Will this campaign ever see the light of day?

Enquiring minds would like to know…..

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  1. as a devout christian she angela simmons should know that after the Great floods there was no vegetation on the land and God permitted folk to eat meat. someone needs to either read the Bible or read a commentary. Leviticus 11 –

  2. This is a joke to me…and she is as well. Why must everyone who says they are against unfair treatment of animals always get naked!!! Some animals are made to be eaten….chill out!! It’s all for her P/R… Ok Janice be careful….Sugs people are reading so watch! hahaaha! And i bet she is only a vegetarian because it’s the so called in thing to do in hollywood…..please!!

  3. This so called devout Christian family is so full of contraditions. It isn’t ok to eat meat but yet parading “naked” is allowed. Ok they must have a version of the bible, I am not familiar with!

  4. I wonder how people from way back survived in terms of food. Those who didn’t know about christianity but had to hunt for animal food inorder to survive. I watched a documentary on animals and it is interesting that animals have to kill other animals as well to survive. Those lions have a habit of killing antelopes for food, etc… Humans are no different. It is ok if it’s their choice not to eat meat, but to say that it’s a sin is joke. There are worse sins in this world like killings, stealing, rape, that are actually in the Bible. The things people will do for publicity, i tell you. Dragging a faith in their shady business too. kmt

    Last time we checked, vegetables were God’s creation too. Everything on earth is God’s creation. kmt

  5. Oh please, bit my dull fleshy ass! Y’all really need to read your bible from cover to cover…And I’ll repeat what I always tell overzealous vegetarians & vegans – go suck on some air.

  6. @ miss lala most vegetarians I know are not slim.

    still shame on Angela Simmons and the rest of them. All that yoga cleared out common sense. In all what this crap advert is – is PETA (say hi to Naomi lol) is trying to attack chrstians in some form of way.

    If these peta folk had some curry goat n rice n peas and maybe some manish water they maybe would think differently. Do they wear leather shoe?. Angela Simmons shoe n garment line needs a rethink if leather is on the menu. just saying

  7. Just being pedantic. As Peta is for all animals, where is their campaign that stops human hair harvesting for weave. Ms Simmons is wearing human fur by definition

  8. This is one part of the NWO agenda, to have the world on a vegetarian diet while the elite will still be having their meat. Watch out for Peta, they and similar groups like the CSPI(Center for Science in the Public Interest) are lobbying governments to first increase the price of meat so that you will have no choice but to go veggie. Why do you think that meat is so expensive thesedays? Their ultimate goal is to have US ALL on a meat free diet. Although these groups are based in the States, they have sister groups over here in the UK doing exactly the same things. I was a vegetarian for about 5 years and I noticed that I felt weak all the time. Man needs meat. This is the perfect way to create a weak population who you can run over and control with ease.

    Remember, this is nothing new. During slavery certain foods were rationed in order to give the slaves enough energy to perform their tasks but not enough to attempt to run away.

    By the way your meat has a so called “carbon footprint” according to the “unelected” EU government. I’ll leave you to work out where that path will lead. Remember, 2+2 always = 4.

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