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  1. All i can say is ignorant!! Well he said he was not giving up the right to use the word nigga….. sad

  2. I’m split in the middle with this one – I kinda get the notion of reclaiming the ‘n’ word following our ancestors enslavement, on the other hand I never hear white people calling each other racially derogatory names so at times I do think it’s an expression of our self image (or lack there of).

  3. I don’t buy music like that..end of. These are the type of artists who call women bitches and call their wives queens, daughters princesses, not ‘hey my bitch wife or bitch daughter or nigga son or brother or father etc’. Anyone close to them is treated with the most respect, but their dumb audience can be treated and called otherwise. Music can be sacred, , so i don’t buy things like that.

  4. How can you “reclaim” something that was NEVER yours?
    Black people didnt invent the word, so lets leave it with its original owners!
    All this “reclaiming” nonsense is some “Willie Lynch” crap!
    Other races do not reclaim derogatory words about each other, so why are we dumb enough to. KMT!

  5. I’ve heard this entire album a few times over…

    Painfully marginal, especially considering who it’s coming from.

    Definitely not wack, but sorely lacking from a sonic perspective. I mean come on! It’s Kanye Frigging West! The beats should all be straight BANGERS, nothing less.

  6. I need to first detox from PW’s ‘Winner’ and ‘Sensible’ first. Then i’ll get back to this old man later. Can’t get enough of those two tracks, they are FIREEEEE!!! 😀 I know i’m off topic sorry.

  7. This is what happens when some artists get overhyped and they start believing they can do anything and get away with it. The thing is, we ourselves have become so tollerant and accepting of them by buying their products. That is a reward and confirmation enough, for them to continue using it. He says it is his right to use the word(yes he has the right), i say it is his signature word in his music. I haven’t heard many of his interviews and don’t hang out with him, so i don’t know whether he uses the word in such cases. The word will always be derogatory. Like someone said above, you didn’t invent it, you didn’t give it the power it has, how then are you going to reverse these things by continuing it’s use. I remember when he used it at some point in ‘on to the next one’ where he said, ‘niggers thinking stupid’, and i thought, nigger alone means ignorant and stupid therefore no need to even add ‘thinking stupid’ at the end. You can have a skill, a nice melody or tune to a track all of which contribute to making a track what it is, but for me, lyrics need to match. It is easy to get trapped into a song with a sweet melody and crappy lyrics. But then again, if that is your style too, then you will have no problem with it at all. I choose not to consume it.

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