Jamal Edwards is the founder of the popular UK online broadcaster SB.TV, and he is  also featured in the latest Google Chrome commercial, which aired for the first time last night on British television.

A teenager from London uses the web to turn his hobby into a media empire.

This film tracks the rise of Jamal Edwards and the emergence of SB.TV as one of the UK’s leading youth broadcasters. From filming his friends in car parks to interviewing some of the world’s biggest stars, we see how Jamal used the web to achieve his dreams.

Music by: Wretch 32
Song: “Traktor”

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  1. Saw it yesterday, well done to him. I didn’t even know it was that young!!!


    I am always happy when Black people are shown in positive ( and different) light.

  2. saw it during the xfactor everlasting ads. I took a browse at the website and quite impressed with the community stuff they do. Jamal is doing great things.

  3. I’m proud of him, it’s good for people to see that not all young black boys are doing crime and also he’s an inspiration to the kids out there.

  4. I am a bit suspicious of this because the UK is a country that doesn’t allow black people to come up from the grass roots by themselves and hit the big time without being heavily managed. I also notice that his whole “team” is comprised of white people. For me, something is off about this whole set up.

  5. @Verbs brother why did you have to go there! I thought the same thing when i first watched the video. But i said i was not going to say anything. I wanted to see if anyone else would notice as i did. Yeah Miss La La it maybe called marketing the the general public…but not one other Black person is on that team. To me that says a lot! Only because to me it implies that there were no other Blacks that could do what they do. And i think not! But who am i..just my thoughts… I look at Oprah Winfry and her staff was made up of mostly none Blacks. Of course when i saw it for myself i stopped watching her. Only because as Black person she should know how hard it is for Blacks to be hired in those positions. Even though i know she caters to none Black….but still… I’m one of those people once i know you get down…i turn you off!! I don’t care how good your show is. It’s all about the bigger picture for me. Even her OWN network station has no programing for Blacks and that is why the majority of us don’t watch it. Her ratings are sad…to say the least. But to you Miss Lala…what time is your show on…on Bang? I try looking it up on the site but for some reason i’m having a hard time getting any info.. I do listen to it on Mix Cloud. But would rather listen to it when it’s live… And i have a hard time listening to the station while at work….just won’t come threw. But at home it’s all good….

  6. @Miss Lala

    Well I’ll be honest, this is just raising my suspicions even more. Did anyone ask this guy first if he wanted to market to the “larger general public”? Why can’t we do what we want to do? Where are the black people on his team, where is the real diversity here? What, Negroes are not good enough for team then? So what is really happening here is Jamal is now being “managed” by them and not the reverse. In reality he has lost control of his project now, he is now under “their control”. This is not “marketing to a larger audience”, this is called takeover and control of a person’s ideas and projects and schemes.

    These scouters are like sharks, the have a constant pulse on who is up and coming and has potentially good ideas and they approach the subject as if they are bringing them manna straight from heaven. However, refuse their “offers” and see what happens to them and their ideas. The person will be blocked from here to Sunday ON ALL LEVELS.

  7. @Moreno

    These are typical moves that are executed over here by whites. The F1 driver Lewis Hamilton is another example of control by the European aristocracy. When he first came on the scene, he was putting his European counterparts to shame, 1st in a majority of his races. He was mashing it down and showing the “white shoe boys” how it ought to be done. Then obviously certain fellows decided that it was time to clip his wings as he was showing up the white drivers and management alike. So they have decided to put “defects” on his car to make him lose positions, crash and run a scandal or two on him to show him that this is “their sport”, they control it and they will not be embarrassed any longer by a black man. “You had you fun blackie, now get to the back of the line behind us where you belong”.

  8. @moreno, i’ll update all info on Bloggers Delight at the begining of September. Thank for asking. Will let you know soonest.
    @Verbs, you kill me LMAO!

  9. I have to agree with Verbs on this one…He’ll be peddling the same urban shite that’s on T4 and all those other wack mediums. They are simply tapping into his cool and once again, the black folk will start diggin Jessie J a whole lot more than Akala etc..because for a lot of ppl ANY success is a good thing… Good luck to him but he is a puppet-fact

  10. To all those FOOLS who are dissing this young successful black brother that’s trying to make something in life, I have 2 questions for you:

    1.What do YOU do? Working, Studying, Run your own business?

    2.Jamel had been branded a puppet, what can we do so that we are puppetmasters instead?

    All this “crab in a bucket mentality” is getting black people nowhere, why don’t we come up with solutions instead of bringing our brothers and sisters down?

    SLAVE MENTALITY!!! Dumbasses

  11. @Kay Dee

    Slow down speedy, I never once dissed the brother, I was simply stating that his creativity, ideas, projects and schemes will now be stifled and put to the side in favour of the ideas and projects that his so called “team” will approve of and “conveniently” provide. “His” ideas will now be put on the back burner. What he may have originally had in mind is now out of the window. In response to your questions:

    1. Work

    2. Although I never directly branded him a puppet, Reclaimin is right, he is clearly now under the control of his “team” who will now make him into a more digestible product for a wider audience, in other words he will now be diluted. How do we stop being puppets, stop bumlicking the white man who clearly doesn’t like us and has demonstrated this again and again. That is the “DUMBASS SLAVE MENTALITY!!!”, not pointing out the obvious about this guy’s predicament.

    We need to start our own things and work within our budget and not think that we need mortgage money from the off to make something happen. We also need to stop thinking of the white man as the saviour and the be all and end all to solve all problems, he is the creator of all our problems. 400 years of slavery now going into overtime, we still haven’t gotten a break from this guy yet and some of us still think that things are going to change for us under his rule, think again.

  12. @verbs

    Is it 100% fact that Jamal’s creativity, ideas, projects etc will be approved first by his team? As the owner of his company even though his team suggest ideas its Jamal that will make a final descision. You say he’s ideas will be put on the back burner, you know this for sure Verbs?.

    “We need to start our own thing” – is that not what Jamal has just done Verbs?
    The guy only had a hand held camera and was filming mainly at car parks when he started doing his thing

    “We need th start doing our own thing” Its already started Verbs, my girlfriend for one has her own business, I too have 2 part time businesses,a friend has a greeting card business so we are all making it happen. I have met many other black men and women who have successfull businesses over the years

    Your right we won’t get a break from “this guy” – so what, we should sit down, doing nothing and say “yes messer” fuck that!!! Its taking me a while to grow my business but I refuse to give up striving towards my goals.

  13. @kayDee

    Look at history and other examples of blacks who have first started off raw and uncut then later been reduced to soggy cabbages. So, based upon what has happened to others, I can safely and confidently predict that the same thing will happen to Jamal. You cannot be serious and still stand there and tell me that there is nothing that raises an eyebrow about his team set up. An all white team for a black man, aren’t red flags being waved frantically before your eyes? Do you not see something is wrong with this picture?

    Jamal is no longer going to be making any “final decisions”. Lets face the facts, he has been taken over, his power has been usurped. If he wanted to retain that right he should have rejected this so called “team”. In fact, who’s “team” is this really?

    As I stated before, what was his project and in his own power has now been taken over. What started in his own hands will now be finished in the hands of others.

    But what you, your girlfriend and friend have done in terms of business ethics is not the same. Do you have an entourage of 7 White people and 2 Chinese folks with one of them throwing up a devil sign on your team? I highly doubt it. I am sure you and your girlfriend have kept your businesses in house. This is the clear difference.

    No, I am not saying that we should sit down and do nothing because the “man” won’t give us a break. What I am saying is that we shouldn’t be so fast to throw all our rights and power down the toilet when he approaches us with his so called “business plans and solutions”(dainty treats laced with poison). From the looks of things, it appears that this is what Jamal has done, he has shafted himself by bringing in that “team”.

  14. I admire what Jamal has built but I have seen the rapid rise of this empire – via twitter – and knowing the industry I can see this is not without some outside influence. His ideas have been taken over and at the age of 20 it would be hard for him not to be swayed by those in the suits and big offices. I am not sure who appointed his ‘team’, are those the same people who were with him in car parks in the middle of the night? Who knows. Hopefully, he can get what he can from these people in order to build a huge media company and then get rid, if he has any sense.

  15. Been reading some of the comments on here.
    In reference to my own comments, it has been said many times to me by certain peers that work in the media industry that as a person of colour, in order to make your business successful in the United Kingdom, you need to specifically have white people front your business. To me, that says “Slave Mentality” more than anything. (Read Willie Lynch speech)

    The reason this was said to me is because you need to represent the larger population of this country, so that they don’t feel alienated from your business.
    To me that is the most backward way of thinking in the world. I was always taught that the best person for the job should get the role, irrespective of race. Clearly, according to my media peers, this isnt the case!!!

    White people=marketing=profits
    This is the same equation that is deliberatly used in all of our advertising and promotional campaigns. From video shoots, to major advertsing campaigns. If you don’t have these elements to promote your business (specifically within the UK) you are doomed to failure. You must show a mix of people, as the larger population are not accepting of “All Black Everything” (Jay-Z will be dissapointed). Remember “black” is a scary word, hence why its has now been replaced by “URBAN” (GRRRRR!!!)
    Please understand, this is NOT my theory, this is what I have been told.

    For example, I have personally spoken to a few music artist who say “if they dont have either light skinned or a white girls in their music videos as a love interest, they WON’T sell”. I have yet to hear of a white person being so offended by seeing a black female as the love interest to an aspiring black male music artist, that they point blank will refuse to buy any of that artists work!
    Could it be that by marketing teams telling artists that this is the case, that it then becomes a self forfilling prophecy? Should it not be whole acceptable to see a black face and not be offended by the product which is being marketed?
    I have a feeling that the larger population of the UK really dont care what shade of skin we use to represent ourselves. This is a problem that black people have, no one else gives a shit! So why are we still trying to become a “marketable” face to the white race. Were not white, we aint never gonna be white, so we need to let that “ish” go and embrace oursleves and allow other races to see how fly we are without compromising ourselves for others, no one compromises for us!

    I do believe that black people are probably the only race of people in the world who believe that if white people are not heavily involved in what we do in business, we will crash and burn. If this were true, then the Asian community would not have managed to flourish so well. They have lived in the UK for as long as black people, but there are more Asian billionaires than ever before. Not to say that they don’t hire people outside their own race, but they do have this incredible ability to flourish while building within their own communities and showing that they have done this by being “Asian” owned with “Asian” money. Jewish people have also done the same.

    If we look at the history of black people and the things that we create, which are now billion dollar industries, we tend to only be the creators and never the owners. You only need to look at the music industry to know that this is a fact. (watch Cadallac Records)

    Jamal has done an amazing thing, and I really hope and pray that his product remains true to his vision. He’s inspired a nation of young people to go out there and get their own. No one on here is knocking him (especially me), however he would be foolish not to be cautious about certain elements that will attempt to try and come into his business and turn it into something else. Hopefully Jamal is savvy enough to see these elements coming from a mile off and rubuke them. (Amen!)

  16. I hope Jamal doesnt do down that root. His team set up, you assume he hired white folks on purpose? no one knows what went on behind the scenes as he put his team together, there may have been black candidates that applied for the roles and either Jamal didnt feel they had right the experience/qualifications or they didnt like the role – who knows.

    Who told you for sure that Jamal wont be making final decisions? This is what a mean by Slave Mentality – “They” have made YOU belive that we will never be Self Made and Financially Free. “Rejected his “Team”, what if that team was the right team? and he went with a non experienced team, whats he supposed to do then??

    When I business starts growing and becomes successful, there is only so much one person can do and so they need a team of experienced people.

    At the moment mine and my girlfriends businesses are smaill but they will grow and we will need staff, for sure I will be looking to recruit black folks, but they need to have not only the right experience/qualifications but also a passsion for the role and a strong work ethic.

    I agree some of us have thrown all our rights and power down the toilet but that is only some, and not all of us. Iam def not doing that.

  17. To be fair, I think you guys are over cooking it a bit with the conspiracies. It’s all well and good throwing these “takeover” and “Here comes ol’ whitey taking our jawbs” about but unlike TV, this is the internet. Rules are different. They have more freedom because there isn’t a demand on figures for every single YouTube video like there are for tv shows.

    Judging SBTV based on their actual output over possible theories in my head (I’ve been following them for 2/3 years), I’d say yes they have branched out in terms of who they feature, but they still keep it gully with the street stuff (check the Warm Up Sessions). End of the day, everything has to grow and growth/appealing to a wider demographic (or what some deem “selling out”) isn’t always a bad thing. New eyes and ears to other things potentially.

    I understand people would like him to have more black faces around him, but he doesn’t for whatever reason. Doesn’t necessarily mean selling out or whitey taking over. I’m sure he still has a lot of say in the overall output. And just because they’re white, doesn’t mean they don’t like underground material or want to stay away from hood stuff. He seems to know that the rappers are what got him to where he is and that’s ultimately who he intends to keep pleasing.

  18. I take my hat off to Jamal, if I were a woman I’d take my Remi off. He has turned his hobby into a business. Learnt the two important rules in attaining success. Being able to manipulate and delegate.

    In regards to the fact that he has no black staff, yes it’s a shame, however his staff seem to be majority male and as a black man who was once a young black male, we are our own worst enemies. It is not his duty to hire black people, it is his business, his model, he can do as he wishes. If this formula works for him, then it works.

    If you have never run a business, never worked with young black males then you’re argument is moot on this matter.

    I run a business and I have dealt with young black males, yes not all of them will be a headache to manage but as a 20 year old man, why take the risk?

  19. @Miss Lala

    I hear what your saying but now we can put our fine sisters as leads in music vids and promote the song online globally, if traditional UK music channels dont wanna air it, fuck em cause we now can go elsewhere. This was impossible before but now its not. Regarding having a business, the same applies – we can take our enterprise global using the free tools available (social media)

    Everyday Iam learning and working towards being an Owner as opposed to just a consumer, its a shame that some (not all) of black folks dont feel the same way.

  20. @Kaydee23
    Keep doing you, as I said everyone is in full support of Jamal and other positive black business men and women like yourself, but I get really heated when I hear from other people (specifically black people) that we need to have white people as the “faces” for our business in order to be a success un the UK. It’s a bit like saying if your hair isn’t chemically straight or European looking, you will amount to nothing in this world. Its an issue that has plagued black people for centuries, and we need to wake up and realise that we are capable of not only creating profitable businesses, but managing, growing and selling with our very gorgeous black skin, either in the UK or abroad.
    If we buy into the notion that we have to have “white faces” added to our business in order for it to survive, then what’s the point? We may as well just bend over and give more of our creativity away.
    I want to hear that “black” is marketable globally, i do not expect black men and women to tell me its just doesn’t “work”. Believe you me, I have had many an argument about that issue, especially in regards to music representation.
    I want to hear “black is marketable” on every level. Thats what we should be striving for, thats the only way we will be able to grow more black owned businesses. Acceptence that we are actualy worth something.

  21. p.s. I think the only person that could have been picked based on their race is the presenter. That seems to be a formula. And to be fair, it is what it is, plus she’s good at what she does. Apart from that, I’m not too sure nor are most of you so let’s not forget a lot of what is being spoken is fact.

    Jamal’s business was well on it way when it was just him alone. Is he supposed to actively seek black people? Go to some all-black job centre, reject all white applicants until he meets the ethnic minority quota? How do we know these weren’t the people that were either around or recommended to him?

    I’m with you to a certain degree based on other cases in the past (radio, TV, newspapers, record labels), but this is the internet. It’s a different ball game where different rules apply because the demands aren’t as heavy.

  22. For the record Jamal can hire who he wants, it is not my place to tell this business owner what to do with his business. However, please be aware that outside parties will try to advise Jamal on what to do to make his business grow, and as history has already shown us, what starts of being something thats raw and cutting edge, tends to turn into something thats overly commercial as time goes on. As I said, I hope Jamal is savvy enough to see this when it does come.
    Hiring should be based purely on ability, not to fill some sort of quota.

  23. @M Sparks, glad you can join us
    Is it really a different ball game because SBTV is on the internet? or is the internet just another means of providing a business format? A business is still a business, irrespective of how it is presented. Agree or disagree?

  24. For sure, but if he were to keep in the trenches with the hood stuff forever, where will he go? So long as he waters the root, he’s good forever in my books. That’s where certain mediums (it’s my choice not to name ’em oh be oh, right?) have failed in the past.

  25. M Sparks it seems to me the ‘hood’ stuff has been making millions for record labels and various corprations who wish to exploit it for years (cough adidas cough) so why is it only us who think we will not grow if we go down the same root?

  26. @kayDee

    He is already travelling down that dark alley so to hope that he isn’t, it is a bit to late to hope and pray for that now.

    Lets just set the record straight, he never hired anyone of those people on his team. A man with a camcorder in a car park recording his “black” friends rapping, now hires 7 White and 2 Chinese folks for his team? No, this team was clearly picked for him by a person or persons unknown. That is an erosion of his power right there and these are just the preliminary stages.

    You have little chance of being “self made” and “financially free” once you sign on to the terms and conditions of the European man and allow him to come into your business framework. Aren’t there enough examples in history and the present that show you this?

    “What if his team was the right team?” What, a team with no people of his own heritage on board, are you serious? What, are there no black people who have experience in this field that could have been placed on his “team”? You still do not get it, THIS IS NOT HIS TEAM.

    Again, the difference between you, your girlfriend and Jamal is that you and your girlfriend will pick staff members YOURSELVES, not have some mystery person in the shadows of black smoke picking your team members for you.

    Cosign with Reclaiming and Miss Lala on this one, the idea by the time it reaches the production line will be a seriously watered down mutation of the original concept Jamal birthed.

  27. adidas don’t put 100% into street, it’s just a factor. Their adverts feature different people from all walks of life. Plus they sponsor sportsmen, women, teams etc. as they are a sportswear brand first and foremost.

    As I said, the only problem is forgetting where you came from.

  28. @ Miss Lala

    It is kind of funny that anything involving our people must be marketed to the “wider audience”, yet I do not see the same equation being executed with Whites, Far Easterns, Middle Easterns etc. These other nations do not even have us in mind when they market their materials. I do not see Pakistanis and Indians trying to market to us except making merchandise off us by selling us our hair products and chicken.

  29. Okey, i get it or maybe not, black people, three quaters of the time, we see ourselves through white people’s eyes. I am going to say it again, white people are a sign of wealth and success. It’s not even up for argument, young people see it that way. Most of us anyway. And all those of you nodding your heads in disagreement. We suffer from such a low self esteem. Mainstream is dominated by white people and their image and whatever they want to put forward, so i guess we tend to go that way and follow suit. Oh, and money is a sign of success by the way, alot of money, so forget the control and content too.

  30. I am sorry to sound conspiracist or hatist or whatever. As a person who does run my own business and works in music proactively, not just from the anonymous sidelines of a status like or comment, I am just calling it as I see it. Am I happy for him? If that’s what he truly desires, then yes. As we are talking about the music industry and we will forever be talking about the lack of talented black people included in their own industry, then yes I will still say that he has been puppeteered. You do not go to India , work with Bollywood and hire non-Indian people to work with you on a concept that they are far more likely to understand. This goes for most other cultural entrertainment forms, so it strikes me as odd that it is not to be considered an appropriate question to work out how he could have decided to emply an all white cast for what I saw on the offset were black rappers etc, being filmed and promoted. It is not about keeping it real or reppin a non existent British hood but should it be accolading artists you don’t actually rate or their music?

    THE IDEA THAT THIS GUY IS FINANCIALLY FREE IS HILARIOUS given the artists that are now heavilty rotated that unsurpiringly are the same artists heavily rotated on most major music networks. This is why todays R&B/Hip hop is such rubbish on the whole. If anything, I want the music to have a legacy and to touch people in a real and positive way and not be bastardized by the likes of NDubz or whoever gets fast-tracked to ‘rep’ forms that were once culturally dominated by truly talented folks. Will the cats he supports now run a shiver in the music community in years to come when they pass in the same way that Nick Ashofords passing did today?
    I guess it depends on what kind of cheap fix you’re into, but when the cameras stop filming it will just be you, your money and your conscience…HATER 4 LIFE

  31. @verbs, as I already said, no one concerns themselves with “marketing” themsleves to attract black people. That maybe becuase we are such a minority in the UK. Maybe that’s half the problem, we tend to think locally as oppose to globally. Maybe if we thought that way, then we would realise that there are more people of colour in this world than white people. If people would wake up to those stats, then maybe they would see the “marketability” factor in people of colour.

  32. I think the word hater should be put under the fire and burnt to ashes and replaced with constructive criticism.

    They don’t have to even wait for the cameras to stop filming, it’s a matter of stepping out of their line and wanting to do what you want and then all hell breaks loose or saying something that grabs their attention. First, they will get those racist papers up your behind, and you really don’t want that, then guess who will be picking the pieces, Janice Mad News *waves with a grin*.

  33. LOL Verbs you killing me right now – you have truly lost the plot with your conspiracies.

    Again I ask you the question Verbs, you know for sure that he never hired anyone?? Persons Unknown?? WTF you talking about????

    T&C of the European Man? Iam owning a majority stake in my business and if I did decide to allow ANYONE to come into my business framework, he/she is getting a minority share and no more.

    Regarding the experience, maybe there was no black folks with experience or maybe they had experience but it was not long enough – no one knows for sure.

    “Mystery person in the shadows of black smoke”??? Have you been smoking the smoke Verbs?

    Tonight Verbs, I dont usually do this but especially for you Iam gonna pray for you.

  34. To be honest, black people are generally considered as a liability. FACT. Whether that is true or not *shrugs*

  35. @Reclaimin re: “THE IDEA THAT THIS GUY IS FINANCIALLY FREE IS HILARIOUS given the artists that are now heavilty rotated that unsurpiringly are the same artists heavily rotated on most major music networks.” – maybe that’s because he built up a reputable brand, gets in the numbers, so those same acts desperate to get their internet presence up will use it. Obviously money has to be made, but I don’t think the emphasis is there like TV and radio. Uploading a vid of something hood doesn’t hinder time for commercial like it does on the aforementioned formats.

    Until he stops featuring the rappers talking about straps, I think we should stop with the predictions. None of us our Jah, Allah, God, Mystic Meg or the magic Octopus, so all this “What will happen?” sorry, “This is what WILL happen” talk is hot air/theories.

  36. @kay Dee

    To be honest you just sound like a conditioned slave who loves masser’s plantation and who believes that everything is ok on the field. Everything is NOT OK. Now I cannot use examples of the past and present to make predictions for the future. If the pattern has remained the same to the detriment of black people, why do you now think that somehow things will change with Jamal?

    I have simply put 2+2 together to conclude that he did not hire that team off his own back. That team was “given” to him. Of course, in your view I am not allowed to use the evidence surrounding this case to draw any conclusions, we must remain in perpetual suspense and not ask further questions………….please!

    Stop this “maybe, could be, possibly, could have been” nonsense. There are black people who have the experience, who were available and who were deliberately left out. Why are you trying to defend the indefensible? Jamal has been taken over.

    Congratulations on owning the majority stake in your business. Perhaps the friend you mentioned in the card business could now design a card of condolence and send it to Jamal.

    The conspiracy is in your face except you choose to either excuse it or ignore it, I choose to face up to it and question it. A black man with an entire team of people on his staff and not one person is from his own heritage and you still cannot see that this set up is odd? Who needs the prayer???????

  37. As I sit here and read a lot of these comments I see most have really good points. But to me it is simple..the guy can do whatever he wants to do. So to speak because he is controlled by his supporters…that is a fact. Because more than likely he was desperate and signed on to something that he didn’t fully understand. But I hope he had a good attorney. Once he let them into is business he was no longer in charge. What it comes down to is this, we as Black people always seem to think OTHERS can save us and make life better for us. We TRUST A WHITE FACE WITH A SMILE!! I hear this all the time in my line of business. Oh he is so cool he’s really in my corner. Then a month later he told the bosses you did this and that. I just sit back and laugh at my people. I give them the heads up and they can do what they want with it. Most don’t heed the warning but there are those that do. And no matter if we are our own worst enemies I will still support my people. My parents marched during civil rights era…so some things are engrained in me. With that being said..yes he can hire anyone he wants to hire. But why not hire someone that you can relate to. Or better yet someone who looks like you. Someone who more than likely knows your struggle. And let’s keep it real most of us can relate to one another. Because I know someone will say all Black people are not the same. And I know that but there has always been a certain camaraderie between us.

    When I saw the photo of his staff I just shook my head because you mean to tell me that he couldn’t find any Blacks to hire. You mean to tell me there were no intelligent educated Black folks he could hire. Por favor! What is says to me is that no matter the success that he has gained he never thought about his own people. It is just that simple to me!!! We all know how hard it is for Black people to find jobs…here in the USA as well as in the UK. So to me I think I would have made a conscious effort to hire my own first. Now that is me…that’s how I get down. It also tells me that you’re not a conscious brother! Yes I’m happy for his success! But I would never buy anything that he puts out. To me it comes down to this…either you support you own or you don’t. Yeah you can make money off of us…but then what. Blacks have a bad habit of giving too much of whom we are to others. I like the way Jill Scott said it years back …not verbatim…Black people have a nasty habit of giving our culture away to others. And what happens is they come in and take it over as if they invented it. We as Black people need to remain owners of our own brand. We don’t need OTHERS TO INVEST IN US. There are many successful Black people looking for new ventures. But some of us would rather go to the White man because they think he is honest and he is not!! Black people need to stop fooling ourselves with that messed up view of others. And start looking to our own! If we as Black people pulled our resources together we would be unstoppable! But we have been conditioned not to rely or thrust one another.

    As someone said on here we are our own worst enemy!!! That statement has stuck in my head because I knew someone would say that. All I can say to that is…that has not been my experience. And I think a lot of Black already has preconceived opinions about our own and that is why we won’t give them a chance. This kind of thinking must change! We must look to one another to make it in this world. Here in the U.S.A. unemployment for Black people is 15% higher than any other ethnic group!!! So you mean to tell me you thrust the white man!!! He is only looking out for his own kind…so why can’t we. To me the discussion is not about this young brother being successful…its more about what he had to give up. And why is it that in order for us to be successful we have to sacrifice our own people. That is some bull shit!! The rappers who put white or light skin females in there video are fools to me. They are sending the message that our dark sisters are not good enough. And you mean to tell me if they don’t have that in their video no one would watch….please!! So stop listening to what others tell you and make an informed decision. And stop slighting you own people. So as long as I diss Blacks I will be successful…..bull shit!! Not going to happen would never do that for any amount of money. I understand that these rappers are thirsty to make it but at what cost. The image of the Black woman has been destroyed by them…and the media. Ok let me not go there… This brother is smart but also appears dumb…just my thoughts And my brother Verbs….you’re right on the money!!!

  38. Ok, lets cast a vote here. Does anyone here believe that Jamal picked the “team” or that the team was picked for him?

    Does anyone here believe that because of this that he is still in control or he now is being controlled?

    Does anyone here believe that this move will improve his project or has it seen its last days?

    Anyone can answer and please feel free to use any examples, even though some here do not like case studies being used.

  39. He picked a white team to film black people. Which means black people we are not good enough to hold such responsible positions but good enough to be filmed. This pattern sucks. If he didn’t pick the team, it is still the same thing. Good enough to be filmed but not to hold responsible positions. I am not voting on that but that is what i am seeing. I keep in mind that he is 20years old.

    Is he in control? If he didn’t pick that team then i don’t see how he is in control. He might have the ideas, but i guess that is all. Is he funding the project? and who is funding the project? Don’t know either.

    Improving the project depends on what he had in mind for it in the first place. It could, it could not. As long a i resist from comparing it with x factor winners etc…lol

  40. Black people sometimes we get it really twisted. We don’t have to really like each other, but we don’t have to sell our values or culture for the cheapest rates. We will soon have no culture to claim as our own. It is really funny that many artists, even today, draw from those artists of old, and this era hardly has any decent people that the future artists will look back up on and draw from. For some reason we seem to be stunted atleast according to mainstream image. The many artists that would probably evolve it for the better are not anywhere in sight. Soon you will not have anything to sell, culturally. Why, because your image doesn’t sell really, unless they want it to sell. And that will be a particular image anyway. we can hardly evolve without exposure anyway. (just a theory)

  41. I find it alarming that some black people on here don’t consider it normal to hire their own people. These are the same people who will rant and complain that we never have or own anything. You are congratulating the ‘brother’ for building a brand but SBTV is not a black business.

  42. Jamal Edwards is 20 years old. 20! I think the fact that he got off his ass and started a business is commendable. Maybe he has made mistakes, but what businessman/woman has never put a foot wrong? He is running his business as well as he can with what he knows and doing something that is positive. I think he should be applauded. Yes I know that as Black people we have restrictions but do we have tear in each other down. We don’t know why he does not have any Black people working for him, there could be many reasons – good or bad but we don’t know because we have not asked him. Instead of running the boy down why not approach him with some solutions. If you know of any great presenters, writers or producers who might be great for SB TV then tell them to contact Jamal. Send him an email but don’t bitch about what he is not doing. That is just so negative and one of the reasons why Black people don’t prosper as a collective.

  43. SBTV is a very very successful business, ergo the team Jamal has put together is the right one. He picked the best people for the job.

    If a white man sets up a production team in Port Harcourt and hires the best staff (who happen to be all black) to film the white expats in the area nobody would have a problem with it. There’d be no talk of an agenda. There’d be no talk that the country wouldn’t allow it. That he must have been given special dispensation to succeed. Sometimes I wonder where some people buy these chips that weigh heavily on their shoulders.

    I don’t care who his team are. They are brilliant at what they do. That is all that matters

  44. First off, no one on here thinks that this boy is not a genius, no one here wants him to fail, if you read through what everyone has written, they are just pointing out a repeated pattern that happens so often, that black people don’t sell, not creative and so on.. Don’t people get it? Once you are in an inferior position or have been led to believe so, tokenism becomes acceptable, but that should.not cloud your judgement on the bigger picture because it is this very mess right here that results. You are not in a priviledged position, have less control over so many things, so this right here is still foul play as far as i am concerned. You hardly control your economies back home. Pft

  45. Cosign Dera. It is clear that the majority here believe for good reason that Jamal has comprised himself with his team, whether he picked them or they were given to him. It is also agreed here by most people that we have seen this type of pattern before and the majority of times the endings are not good for black people.

    As Miss Lala stated before, white people do not have us in mind when they market a product, I do not see why we cannot do the same and market products towards ourselves only or at least who we choose to market to. There is no reason why when it comes to our things, we must market our products to a wider audience.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, you cannot please everyone and you should not try to please everyone. So many have said it in times past but so few people practice it today: Be True To Yourself And Do Not Compromise Your Position For Money And Fame.

  46. Most of the comments above are racist towards white people to be quite honest. Using terms like, “slave mentality”! What’s wrong with you people.

    This young man can do whatever he wants with his company, and obviously he has decided to use whatever assets he required to get big. If this means he used a marketing company/s which comprise of mostly white people then it is up to him. There are companies out there which employ black people too you know, it’s just a coincidence that he used one which has white people in it!! Nobody twisted his arm did they!

    Why do black people always have to act so hard done by? Nobody is against you, it’s in your heads. If you stop acting like you are different, then nobody would see you as different. If you’re gonna go on about slavery and how hard it is being black for the rest of eternity then how are you going to ever move on?

    And before anyone starts, I’m not a racist, I’m just saying what I see.

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