"Celebrities" get to know each other in the Big Brother House

Last night I tuned in to the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 2011 (now on Channel 5) and laughed, cringed and laughed again.

Before last night’s show there were rumour’s flying all over the place that singer Bobby Brown, former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and actor Charlie Sheen would be entering the house this year, but no such luck!

Check out the full “celebrity” line up below.

Amy Childs – Amy found fame on The Only Way Is Essex and has now left the hit show to appear on Celebrity Big Brother. She is actually quite likeable and stands a good chance of winning.

Sally Bercow – Sally is married to Commons Speaker John Bercow who is totally against her appearing on the show. Her decision to enter the house  could make or break their marriage.

Jedward – Twins John and Edward Grimes make me laugh. I admire their hustle. They are focused on making as much money as they can, while they still can. They have got nothing to lose.

Pamela Bach – Pamela is “famous” for being married to David Hasslehoff and then divorcing him.

Kerry Katona – At this point Kerry should just focus on getting a normal 9-5 job and needs to leave the world of entertainment alone.

Tara Reid. I remember when Tara was a Hollywood A-lister. Where did it all go wrong?  When she entered the house last night she just looked lost and confused.  It was actually painful to watch.

Darryn Lyons – Millionaire photographer who runs/owns the famous Paparazzi Picture Agency. Darryn has nothing to lose by appearing on the show.

Paddy Doherty – Star of the hit documentary series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. This is going to be interesting…..

Bobby Sabel –  Bobby is a model but nobody had a clue who he was when host Brian Dowling announced his name, and still had no clue when he walked on to the stage.

Lucien Laviscount – Lucien is an actor and he has appeared in Coronation Street and Waterloo Road.  The female viewers are already drooling all over him (lol).

Click HERE to put faces to names.

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  1. You know what I don’t think English T.V can get any lower. I swear it’s world gone mad, is there even one celebrity in this house. Jedward LMAO

  2. especially when they recruit a criminal with ongoing bail conditions and also due to be charged with an offence of affray on a seperate incident a guy that perjures himself with lies & slander whilst also under investigation of fraud is this what channel 5 is coming to. i’m talking about paddy doherty yet they talk about bad parenting… PS…. paddy doherty has been defeated in battle twice by johnny joyce in a bare knuckle brawl just recently look at the scars on his face. he’s a fake the record he claims to have gone into family buissness at age 12 ..LIES..there never was a family buissness his grandparents reared him up in a gypsy caravan as paddy ward in manchester .because his mother was married off to david mcdonagh to save scandal of sex outside marriage & being a single mum..??????

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