Is it a bird? is it a plane? no it’s Russell Simmons coming to save us all from those low-life rioters and looters.

So last night US mogul Russell Simmons announced via Twitter that he plans on visiting these shores to help promote peace, in response to the rioting/looting currently spreading across the country.

I am sorry but I find it highly amusing that Russell believes he has enough power and influence to get through to the youth here and ‘make everything alright’. I doubt that the majority of those kids who have been causing mass destruction out there even know who you are Russ.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, just because the man co-founded Def Jam Records, helped to mold Hip Hop culture, made millions, moves in affluent circles and has hero worshippers constantly kissing his manicured feet, he now believes he is an authority on everything. E.g. from blood diamonds in Africa to politics, religion, art/culture, health and lifestyle within the African-American community (the list goes on). And now he wants to get involved with UK affairs believing that once he lands and speaks to the youth the madness on the streets will cease, because after all he is Russell Simmons and his word is law!

As for calling on Tim Westwood, I don’t know what he thinks Tim can do. Has he even spoken out about the situation?

We have plenty of people within the community here, in tune with what’s going on, who can help to promote peace. Stay home Russell.

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  1. While I do like Russell Simmons he has no business in England. It is too volatile and could get hurt. What they need to do is institute a lock down and force everyone to stay home and anyone in the streets should get arrested. If you are not a cop, government official, or a reporter then stay home!

    God Speed

  2. i don’t know how much power Russ has! He’s ok! But i think anything is worth a try. You never know who will listen. Even though i think no one! Hey there is nothing wrong with trying. As for Westwood Please! As much as this situation look grim right now….it can’t go one forever. I just hope that there are no more deaths from this. Because people need to understand that acting out in the way is not the answer to be heard. I don’t know what’s Russ’es true agenda is…but time will tell.

  3. Bwoy right about now anyone who wants to take on these kids, mek dem gwarn!
    My only concern is do the kids even know who Russell is.
    Most of them refer to people over the age of 24 as an “older”, so believe that they dont “get it!” Of course no one under the age of 24 has EVER been young before, so why would they “get it” lol
    As for Tim Westwood, I really didnt see how effective he was when he came to Carnival and the madness started to happen down there, didnt really hear too much from him then, so I dont see how effective he would be to calm down the kids who are rioting.
    Anyone that went to Carnival when Westwood was there, all remember getting rushed, as people started “whiling out”!

  4. I think that the fact that Russell is passionate enough to reach out and to want to do something to help, is a good thing, although I some what question his connection to this situation in the UK, and in particular with the people rioting. He may have an agenda, but then so do most others.

    I don’t think now is the time to be too picky about who’s offering help, as lets face it, none of the Influential black sports people & entertainers really did anything, or came out strongly to show their objection. I think Russell is more of a role model to many of the sports people & entertainers, than the youth, and may be influential in galvanising the support from other celebrities (especially Black) who may feel (or managers, handlers may feel etc..) the its OK to come forward do something.

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