She looked visibly embarrassed after that exchange.

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  1. I hate the fact that they call up black people to talk about these incidences and then when they satrt to give their honest opinions, they try to cut them off and silence them. infact anyone who seems to ‘condone’/explain a the situation is being treated and cut short by these news readers or whatever. All they want to hear is that these riots have no underlying issues and they were just mindless and ignorant. No one is talking about the death of that boy and his family. The powers that be have promised to get all those who participated in the riot and bring them to justice. And thank you very much. NOW, the million dollar question, WHEN IS ANYONE GOING TO BE HELD AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE FOR THE MURDER OF MARK DUGGAN? Why is this a NON ISSUE? The news reader here was clearly trying to prevent him from talking about the real issue.

  2. This has nothing to do with duggan,black people just using his name for an excuse to get free gear. White people involved too but black communities basically using duggan as an excuse

  3. Whilst dinosaur Darcus is down for the cause, he’s still projecting his views through the same old 60s/70s/80s protest bubble. Where are the relevant modern day british black community spokespersons/leaders offering something realistic? Are there any? This isn’t about a brother been shot, that protest ended on Friday last week, this is the police holding the government to ransom in the face of cuts and a valid reason for heavier police powers passed with olympic propaganda. All we here about from the police media campaign is how the police have relationships with elder, money laundering, barber shop owning gang leaders in order to resolve matters of crime.

    Looks like they had a meeting this time – “You lot cause as much mayhem as possible in the local shopping precinct – show your faces, you have immunity on our word – (i.e. we’ll deal with that later). In return, we keep our books up to scratch and the politicians at bay. However, our gang will always be bigger than yours. Another happy meal anyone?”

    Outbreak starts – police wait – innocent tax payers are completely disempowered – police wait – local businesses destroyed – police wait – News gets the images it wants of opportunists hurting everyone – police wait etc. etc, Who’s provoking who?

    All the time we’re being told there resources are being stretched – maybe in the canteen where they’re sipping tea and not responding to thousands of civilian emergency calls.

    However, one does agree with Darcus’s comment regarding the ‘idiotic’ nature of the wizened news vermin.

  4. To be fair to the newsreader, when Darcus Howe started talking about the ‘police blowing Mark Duggan’s head off’ he’s commiting contempt of court. As a broadcaster he should’ve known better than to make comments like that, which could ultimately do Mark’s family more harm than good in terms of seeking justice.

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t think he was treated particularly unfairly. She’s a journalist, it’s her job to ask difficult questions. Whenever I see Darcus being interviewed by a female he always seems to be overly on the defensive

  5. O.K you all are missing the point of the video. The BBC invited Darcus Howe to speak. He has been in the media for sometime, the BBC are fully aware of who he is and how he speaks. You do not invite someone on your show without researching and knowing the people you have on the show. Firstly, the fact that she called him “Marcus” as opposed to “Darcus” (his actual name) further demonstrates that as a supposed professional journalist, she was not prepared for the interview.
    Secondly, she was way out of line to accuse him of being a rioter and Darcus was within his right to pull her up on it. That was a crap interview and she set herself up to get slaughtered. Idiot woman!

  6. His history on 1981 does suggest that he was happy to be associated with rioting in the past. This is what the interviewer referred to – he was not convicted of riot but did spend a lot of time back then supporting the violence which he deemed an insurrection. He can hardly be upset that people remind him of this.

    Further ..

    .. His cheap trick of using the ‘N’ word to close down debate when it was not going his way was puerile.

    .. It was dreadful to suggest that this outburst of greed was anything like the Arab Spring.

    .. it was inflammatory (and incorrect) to say MD has his head blown off

    All in all a dreadful show from a man who is old enough and intelligent enough to know better.

  7. Darcus Howe’s appearances on BBC tv last night and this morning provided nothing new. So here’s a suggestion for news editors… Try to find some people with something worthwhile to say… rather than reworking the same old stuff we’ve heard for a couple of decades past.

  8. Armstrong appeared to want Howe to say what she wanted to hear and it went downhill as soon as he did not.

    Howe may be wrong (I think he’s mainly right – and while Duggan “had his head blown off” may not be factually correct it is an acceptable generic and colloquial description of such a killing), but to invite anyone to give their opinion and then not accept it, not be willing to listen, worse, to try and label Howe as Armstrong did, was unprofessional and unacceptable. Howe gave a robust response, and good for him.

    He’s the only commentator I have heard who has tried to explain why rather simply saying those involved should be locked up and the key thrown away. It seems we are less interested in understanding why than punishing those involved. Stomping harder on the underclass won’t make the problem go away.

  9. @misslala I agree with everything you say
    @saigon there are black community leaders yet when the BBC have a black face they are familiar with they keep reeling him out until he dies and the rule is you are only allowed one black face per subject, (just look at Lenny Henry) even if the guys talks crap, they don’t want black community leaders living in the here and now because they will tell them what really is going on and BBC don’t want to hear what is really going on, all they want to hear is rioting is so bad look at these people, those animals, now orignally it started off as a protest and to be honest I agree with the orignal protest and smashing a few things up if it gets your point across, because peaceful riots never get any attention. I’m kinda different because I have watched a documentary called injustice about black people getting killed in police custody and then sat down with two sisters whose brother was innocently killed by police they protested but you probably never heard his name because it was a peaceful protest check it out here

    Yes the people are looting and robbing but what you have to looking at is something that has been brewing for years the youths and men mainly in the UK black and white are angry and frustrated, frustrated that the UK is letting killers and all kinds of criminals into the country, frustrated that they can’t get jobs, frustrated of being stopped by police when they didn’t do anything, frustrated that muslims seem to be taking over the Midlands now wheter right or wrong these guys are angry this has been brewing for years now, I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened any sooner notice how it’s in the main cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham places where people get supressed the most and when you supress something, you already know what happens it explodes and now you are seeing how the people vent, this isn’t happen in the rich areas, things are gonna get much worse, the news reporter on BBC or the middle class viewers aren’t gonna understand, they might live in the same city as the rioters but they might as well be on another planet, that’s the problem with the white race as a whole they do things like mess people up their own people and every other race under the sun and never ever think of the consequences of their actions then when things blow up in their face they look around and ask questions like why is this happening why are these people doing this.
    @saigon I like what you said about the police it doesn’t sound far from the truth.

  10. @Chico-Rei ” that’s the problem with the white race as a whole they do things like mess people up their own people and every other race under the sun and never ever think of the consequences of their actions

    This is racist nonsense

  11. You guys haven’t seen anything yet in terms of rioting. When you roll up to Tescos and they have no food, then roll to Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons and it is the same story, YOU ALL will be rioting on the streets aswell, trust me its coming in the very near future. This was a test, a dry run. There are so many angles to these riots that it would take a week to cover all the facets.

    “innocent tax payers are completely disempowered”

    No, this should have read:

    “decadent lazy chicken neck tax payers are completely DOMESTICATED”

    Waiting for the police, what for? These tax payers have 2 hands and 2 feet, why didn’t they pick up themselves and nip these riots in the bud from the start? Simply because it was more important to watch EastEnders, Corrie, Hollyoaks, Emerdale, X Factor, Fool’s Got Talent and the rest of the crap that comes on the television and trust that somebody else was going to deal with the problem. This is called domestication, however when the fires reached outside their doors, Eastenders had to be put on hold and now they want to take action and at the same time complain that everything has been burned down.

    These riots were a wake up call to the black community. As Miss Lala stated before, “Ain’t Nothing Changed”, you are still a Negro, you will never be accepted by the people of this country, the police are not your friends and they will blast your head off if necessary to forward an agenda. Black people here were too comfortable chilling in the cut, they needed to be awakened out of their sleep. The media keeps showing you in a negative light black man/black woman, THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE.

    This was also a wake up call to the white community to show them that black people are sick and tired of their smart remarks, their unfair hands on us, that we are not a soft touch and stop taking the pee out of of us. There is no such thing as “race relations”. What relations do with have with other races, they all hate us. What kind of relationship is that?

  12. @Verbs2011 You are mistaking domestication and civilization. A civilized society has laws and a police force to stop its citizens fighting in the street. In short, it ensures that your granny can walk the streets with her handbag and not be afraid. The trigger for this was not MD’s shooting but it will be the trigger for much stronger intervention. When more young men are being harassed it will have been this that caused it. Your racist comments at the end are simply thoughtless, this wasn’t blacks in the streets and whites in their houses. I am sure not everyone “hate us”, it may just be you that they find silly.

  13. @ Alan

    This is not a civilized society. Teaching 5 years old how to masturbate, have group sex, anal sex, teaching the girls how to fist themselves and the promotion of homosexual and lesbian principles in the classroom, not to mention the fact that this type of behaviour is encouraged and promoted outside and this is what you are trying to call a “civilized society”????

    I stand by my statement, the people in this country are have simply turned into decadent, domesticated slobs who sit around the tv for hours receiving their predictive programming and entertaining themselves with nonsense, and this is what you call a “civilized society”????

    Opening up art museums with dead corpses displayed in suspended animation, using aborted fetuses in lotions, lipsticks, makeup powder and other cosmetics, is this what you are referring to as a “civilized society”????

    You need to take your head out of your backside. Your sound like a slave who is content with the system, you will fit in well into the coming Orwellian new world order(if they find you useful). I do not have the blinkers on like you, I see things for what they are and I call them out plainly, this country is racist towards black people, nothing has changed and nothing will ever change. So if you are black and want to stand there and believe that the Whites, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs etc are your friends, then enjoy yourself but very soon you will encounter the raw reality of the opposite.

  14. @Verbs2011 By the sounds of your above comments, your attitude is simply the other side of the coin of thc ‘White, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Arab’ racists you ignorantly heap together in some sort of homogeneous group. Oh dear!

  15. @ Sarah

    Another one with her head in the clouds. Looks like I’m going to have to go back to the links:

    Don’t try to tell me anything unless you are ready to face reality and vacate your comfort zone.

  16. And here is another one if you can stomach it:

    What, did you think that people had changed their racist ways just because they are now in the UK? WAKE UP!!

  17. @Verbs2011 While I agree that much of our society is consumerist and greedy and that this is behind much of the disordered behaviour in our society I do not agree that this splits along racial lines. I have met decent people of all races and similarly bad ones too. Greed and debased morals can be found in any colour. I am sorry that you are so clearly racist and promote this warring between groups. Everyone loses when evil like this is spewed. I may have my “head up my backside” but I still have a better view of the world than you.

  18. @Gerpsych

    I’m not dealing with or interested in your general statements and the individuals you met, this is always a typical response from people who cannot deal with plain and direct speech. I am dealing with different nationalities on the whole. You would be unwise to cast judgement on people now that times are reasonable and things are still above board. Let us even see if these same individuals you met will give you the time of day when times get rough. People show their true colours and who they really are when times are hard and there is lack.

    I stand for truth and truth alone. You are just simply trying to promote race relations that are not there to begin with. This is similar to the rubbish spewed out by the new age movement, that if you focus on the positive, the negative will simply disappear.

    If you were shot in the chest by a gunman, would the doctor telling you how great a haircut you have, make the bullet exit the wound and the wound heal by itself or would the doctor have to deal with the bullet wound directly?

    “Lets not talk about these things, ignore them and everything will be alright”. No, everything will not be alright with a voodoo witch doctor solution such as that. These issue must be dealt with head on, regardless of how hot the potato is.

    Talking about “Everyone loses when evil like this is spewed”, what, like black people were ever gaining anything in the first place.

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