It started with a peaceful protest yesterday afternoon after local man Mark Duggan (29) was shot and killed by police on Thursday night.  People were demonstrating peacefully outside Tottenham police station because up until this point the police had refused to communicate with the man’s family and answer their questions.

Mark Duggan with his girlfriend Simone Wilson

However  it then descended in to violence when mindless goons decided to hijack the peaceful protest, took advantage of the situation and proceeded to destroy businesses, people’s homes, set fire to vehicles and looted many stores.

Well done guys. This has really helped.  The destruction caused last night will really make a difference *sarcasm*

How does this help Mark Duggan’s family? Who do you think is going to pay for the repair of all those gutted buildings in Tottenham (serious government spending cuts in the area) and what about the innocent locals who have now been left homeless?  You mindless low-life IDIOTS!

According to an eye-witness the riot started when the police allegedly attacked a 16-year-old girl.

Listen to his account below.


Click HERE to read more via The Guardian.

Rest In Peace Mark Duggan.

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  1. This is the problem with riots, there is no organisation, just random and mindless destruction. They should have burned Tottenham Police Station down to the ground as it was the police that shot Mark Duggan. JD Sports, Comet, Argos, Burger King etc had nothing to do with the shooting.

    This validates my point about the public being allowed to carry guns for self defence, it isn’t just criminals and so called gangsters you need protection from on these streets, the police I would say are an even greater threat to the public than anyone else at the moment, especially black people. We know how they like to slay our people in all types of fashion and then claim that it was an “accident” or make up some cock and bull story about “resisting arrest” or “we THOUGHT he had a gun”.

    The police of today cannot be trusted or reasoned with, it has now got to the point that they must now be TAUGHT that they serve the people.

  2. If any of you want a glimpse into the future of what condition this country will descend into, then I suggest you watch the film Children Of Men with Clive Owen if you haven’t seen it already.

  3. I am beginning to think that the loss of goods has turned out to be more important than the loss of lives. I don’t condone theft, hooliganism, vandalism at any cost, but when i hear the police saying that they are going to investigate those who have destroyed the city and indeed have already made arrests and their investigations are underway(and it is good that they are doing this and containing further damage and preventing further homelessness and loss of businesses that support livelihoods), but on the other hand the police refusing to comment on the investigation into the death of the boy who died at their hands really bothers me alot. But i guess, money is better than life. Thankfully i haven’t heard any further deaths during the riots.

    Why is it that when these countries are reporting about wars and their attacks on other countries, the press does not focus on the destruction of buildings and loss of properties that have been destroyed during the attacks. I mean, even if they are reporting about wars they did not stir up or start, the MAIN FOCUS HAS NEVER BEEN ON THE LOSS OF PROPERTY BUT THE LOSS OF LIVES. So, anyway, why is the loss of this young boys life been put secondary to the loss of property. I might sound abit irrational but i am almost worried that in the middle of all this madness, the family of the deceased and the police brutality are all going to be forgotten, the police is going to be hailed for controlling further damage to property, for arresting all the idiots that exasperated the situation, and ultimate justice is only going to be practised because property was lost and not because a life was taken.

    R.I.P Mark Duggan

  4. O.K, I’m going to try and write this without sounding as pissed off as I was this morning. As I watched the carnage that took place in Tottenham over the weekend, all I could do was pray that this would not spill over into other areas of London. I had that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that this would have a knock on effect to other areas of London.
    Some of you may be aware that on Sunday, Brixton held its own mini carnival called The Brixton Splash. Many were predicting riots would start during the festivities over Facebook, clearly thinking that a reinactment of the 1980s Brixton riots would start due to what was happening in Tottenham.
    I was out and about in Brixton up until 10pm last night and all was well. Fast forward to this morning and my phone is blowing up with friends and family asking if “I’m ok”. Off course I was baffled by the questions, because of course I was fine and tucked up in my bed. But once I turn on my t.v, the constant questions from everyone suddenly became quite apparent.
    The MOFOs had torn down Brixton high street. How in the fuck (sorry, the anger just crept in) does something that happened all the way in North London spread to South????
    O.K, so now I’m heated and the niceties are going out the window!!!

    1. Why the hell is Boris, Clegg and Cameron still deh deh pon holiday? (I turn ignorant now) There the original WASTEMEN!

    2. Clegg, Cameron and Boris do not see it necessary to leave the holiday they are on (that tax payers are paying for) to come and see that “his” city is burning down. It’s nice to know that he can afford to go on holiday (on tax payers money), while people (Londoners) who have lost homes and businesses have no money to pay for their loses. But as long as Boris tops up his tan, that’s all that matters!

    3. I bet if his bloody “Boris Bikes” were burning, he would be here like a flash. All he is concerned about are the bloody Olympics, an event that will only last for a certain amount of days, once thats over, he and evry other politicians will go back to ignoring the issues that have made East London the poorest place in the whole of London!

    4. Had the police did the very basics of giving the family of Mark Duggan an explanation into his death, none of this would have happened in the first place. Blatant disrespect of a family, who were made to wait 5 hours outside a police station. They wanted to speak to a senior police officer. It transpires that the most senior police officer of Tottenham took a holiday a few days after the death of Mark Duggan. Probably sunning it up with Boris, Clegg and Cameron!

    5. People have lost their homes and their livihoods, due to idiots who didnt even know Mark Duggan. Whilst I understand the frustrations of a people that have been demonised and victimised, to loot and steal from your own community is a piss poor excuse. If you want to show the authorities that things within your community need to change, how the backside are you going to attack the very community you live in?

    6. As for the press reports, the press are at the scene and filming everything that is going down. They are showing a variety of races looting and engaging in criminal activities. So when their very camaras illustrate this, why do they continue to state that it’s “young black youths” or “the black community” that are looting and attacking the police? I know the press love to demonise us as a race of people, but that was beyond the joke. This illustrates exactly what I think when you have certain people within the black community who believe that just because you have people of other races living next door to you, that does not mean we are “all in the same boat”. We have been living in this country for years and look at how we are STILL portrayed!

    7. The reality is, we do NOT live in an United Colours of Benneton advert, were we are all treated equally because we live in the same areas. If this was the case, then we would not have a dispropotionate amount of young black males in jail (considering that we make up less than 5% of the entire population, but we are over represented in the crminal justice sytem, you do the math!) failing in schools and unemployed. Do not get it twisted, we may not be going through the same struggles that our parents and grand parents went through, but SHIT aint changed. The players have changed but the GAME is the same. I said it once before and i’ll say it again “Integration is the illusion of inclusion! Dont get it TWISTED!

    9. For those of you that say “but race doesnt matter”, clearly it does, otherwise the B.S reporting that we have all been hearing over the last couple of days, would not be happening, the portrayle of black people in general within the media, would not be happening, the above issues that I mentioned (jails, failing in schools, unemployment) would NOT be happening. Do the math!

    10. As for the “Wastemen 3” (Boris, Clegg and Cameron) all they have done by staying away is further demonstrate that they dont give a toss about areas like Tottenham and Brixton. The fact they couldnt get of their backsides to deal with an incident that is happening in their Capital city, speaks volumes. Is it any wonder that riots that started in North ended up in South, if the people can see that government don’t give a toss, then why should they.

    11. The very authorities that are supposed to be handling this are a bunch of crooks themselves. Who can respect organisations where you have politicians taking back handers, and stealing from public money. Police taking money from notable media organisations and engaging in criminal activity, banks mishandling and taking life savings from ordinary people who have worked there entire lives to save to have a future. The world is round and is spinning at a pace that will eventually end in revolt. There are alot of people that have alot to answer for. Rant over!

  5. The government caused these events to happen knowing full well that the people would turn to the very same government and police who were responsible for instigating these riots, to “take action”. Just remember, everytime you call upon the government to deal with a matter, it always seems to end up that you become even more of a prisoner in the country you live in.

    It is not for the government to deal with matters like this. What, have we all become so domesticated and afraid that we can no longer think and reason for ourselves and we expect the government to deal with everything for us? Couldn’t we take to the streets ourselves and confront the rioters? Aren’t we more in number than the rioters and the police combined? the public have become like perpetual children, always wanting to be looked after and pampered. I personally have had enough of government intervention in matters as I have noticed that the general public ALWAYS seem to come off the worst from the so called “solutions” implemented afterwards.

    The government and the police are allowing these random riots to take place so that the police can be given more powers down the road. This is a classic Hegalian Dialectic technique being executed on the public and they cannot see it because they spend all their time watching mindless crap on television and worrying and fussing about things that just don’t matter.

    If you want more enslavement then by all means call upon the government and they will be happy to step in make your life much more difficult than it is now. It is sad to see how black people have become so fragmented, that they would see their fellow brother/sister being turfed out of their home, the home then being set alight, and would do nothing to assist.

    These riots to be honest were simply a prelude of what is to come in the very near future. If you think that this is bad then wait for the coming water and food shortages that are soon to hit this country, then you will see real rioting. Remember, in the cities you are reliant on your food and water from others. The UK Department Of Defence released a 90 page document about future events in which they predicted that there will be riots continually for 30 years, coming very soon to all areas including yours. Here is the document for people to download and read if they can concentrate for long enough and put down the television for an hour or 2:

    Click to access strat_trends_23jan07.pdf

    I recommend downloading and listening to the mp3 linked with it aswell:

    [audio src="" /]

    Remember where you heard it first, nuff said.

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