Several days ago UK artist Skepta announced on Twitter that his new single Dare To Dream had been passed on to Eminem.


First off I don’t like that cretin Jimmy Iovine. I know what your about, I got your number sir!

Secondly it sounds like Skepta didn’t really want to hand over his new single, which was already receiving some radio play in the UK. It also sounds like Universal removed the single from YouTube without even informing him first, and he was bamboozled and hood winked in to agreeing to hand over the single to Iovine and Eminem.

Iovine and Eminem come knocking and people get ready to sell their souls and their briefs.

Anyway I hope Skepta and crew were paid handsomely for handing over Dare To Dream.

Check out his version below.


I actually like the single. Skepta should have held on to it (that’s if he had a choice).

And why not release a UK version giving Skepta the opportunity to appear alongside Eminem on the track?

And Skepta you shouldn’t feel privileged, you should be furious. Acknowledge what’s really happened here.

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  1. “Iovine and Eminem come knocking and people get ready to sell their souls and their brief” <- haha!

    I bet Skepta was the last to know and the deal was done and dusted before he was even "emailed" (rah, not even a phone call) about it. Just goes to show that as a artist signed to a major you do not own what you create and have little say in what happens to "your" music

  2. I don’t understand why he’s hyping up the fact that Elvis.. Oops sorry I mean Eminem has it now. Talking about how good he will sound on it blah blah. Err Skepta WAKE UP they have taken YOUR single a possible hit away from you!!!

    I despair sometimes I really do….

  3. I guess Eminem will blow the track up and sell a lot with it, if he indeed uses it.

    I hope Skepta got paid good because he probably will get more money selling it to Eminem if the paperwork is good and he negotiates well than if he released it himself.

    Hey it is the music business I guess….

  4. I don’t know is Skepta produced it, I know he does produce. What they’re gonna do is probably keep the hook and Eminem will right verses which is good for Skepta, either way it might be a financial win depending on how he negotiates

  5. @Karl Nova “…depending on how he negotiates” <-That's the thing. His negotiating stance is hampered by the fact that the track had already been given to Iovine / Eminem before he was even notified.

  6. Skepta should have kept this tune for himself. Eninem gets it and Skepta will get no credit, you watch.

  7. Sounds like he had some input producing it, i dont think he done everything but can hear elements of his production style. Beats melody sounds a bit like the Hello remix too.
    That chorus is heavy 😉

    signing the song to them is a tough decision. skepta loses out more than anyone who was involved in the song as he probly wont get any royalties or involvement, they will probly ditch his side of the production.

    I have a feeling they will redo the beat differently and maybe keep the piano and that super chorus. I dont think he’ll get much credit too. All he can hope for is a nice paycheck with more than the usual zeros.

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