Rapper 50 Cent announced on Twitter today that he wants to feed a 1 billion people in Africa.

In response to his tweet fellow blogger London Diva said this

@50cent showing his ignorance yet again. He wants to feed 1billion people in Africa, their population is just over 1billion. Who said the whole of Africa was hungry?

I’m surprised Hip Hop “intellectual” Talib Kweli (who enthusiastically applauded Fiddy on his pledge to feed Africa) failed to point this out to him.

Anyway I wish Fiddy the best of luck in his quest to become the black Bob Geldof.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. It depends how he intends on doing it. He could give money to “charities” in relation to food and stake claim to his numbers that way…………………..and he will be left alone or he could tackle the problem head on first hand, oversee his own project, be involved personally, deliver the food or supplies himself with his own crew.

    Via this route firstly he would receive the familiar midnight phonecall with the person on the other end telling him that he is ruffling feathers and that it would be in his own personal interest to stop this project and focus back in on his music.

    If he didn’t stop there, then he would be threatened with being dropped from his label. If he didn’t stop there then he would be dropped and blacklisted from the music industry and if he still continued to pursue it he would be found in a back alley with a bullet in the back of his head.

    Lets face it, in light of the possible consequences, this claim cannot be for real. These rappers are so full of delusions of grandeur. Do you know how many multi national corporations are benefiting from Africans who are starving, for this fool to bring in his black face and disrupt up their racket????? I don’t think so!

  2. charity is like band aid. it only covers up the problem . Dambisa Moya always talks about how aid does nothing for Africa – it stagnates growth as does not encourage industry and jobs etc etc. Lets hear for a change from a celeb they are creating jobs in Africa where 90% of the money is re-invested in Africa. If the Chinese can create jobs even if for their own selfish gains ….. jobs have a longer standing impact on ones future then aid.

  3. Why not construct a dam?

    A dam would ensure a thriving fishing industry..and a source of food..and jobs creation.

    Plus the water from the dam can be used for crop irrigation.. Crops rather agriculture would certainly guarantee employment creation. The farmers would be able to feed themselves and even grow cash crops like tobacco,cotton etc for export.

    Aid breeds dependency.ood..and jobs creation.

    Plus the water from the dam can be used for crop irrigation.. Crops rather agriculture would certainly guarantee employment creation. The farmers would be able to feed themselves and even grow cash crops like tobacco,cotton etc for export.

    Aid breeds dependency.

  4. Africa has always been one country to most Americans forever, nothing new.

    Not sure with him whether anything he does is for real or a publicity thing. If his heart is in the right place, cool but I don’t see him bopping round East Africa at the moment trying to help those in need in the reliant countries ..

  5. Gary a.k.a Gza

    You can’t build a damn where the soil is dry . Plus to construct a good dam you need at least 300 millions of dollars ,and of course you have to expropriate hundreds of thousands of poor people in the process. I don’t think most nations have enough cash to rehouse unhappy people not even the north african ones .
    Ghana still hasn’t paid off their own Akisombo damn which is now valued at 1,2 billions of dollars.No word of it during their campaign trails.They cover the interest and shut up. Maybe they should ask Patrice Motsepe ot pay it off lol!. This is the sillest thing the Kwame Nkruma admistration came up with. They could foresee the problems but they just didn’t care.

  6. thats the most stupid thing i heard in ages. He obviously didn’t spend more than a few seconds thinking about this and how it would be implemented or benefit. Or maybe his chain of thought was more on the twitter praise he’d generate and internet publicity instead of how it could actually materialise. His motives are crystal clear as just 5min of thought would reveal it would take far more than a billion pounds to acheive, and would solve absolutely nothing, probly have a negative drawback,

    if america as a whole cant even help their own efficiently in a hurricane flood crisis how can one man with unpredictable rap money feed a whole continent, who the hell do you think you are. Thats like obama saying his gonna stop the worlds economy crisis.

  7. I hear what everyone is saying but he was just having a thoughtful moment which he decided to Tweet – I’m sure we’ve all thought about helping in some way and how many of us, actually have. Yes, he’s ignorant, money doesn’t give you sense, but he’s in a position to do something financially and I wish him luck with executing something that will benefit somewhere in Africa. Stop being so harsh on ol’ Fiddy!

  8. Way to go 50…..Make sure you have a watchdog group in place to make things go quicker than the 5 years you have in place to feed all of these people. Things just might go alot faster than the person who actually told you that it was going to take that long. It’s going to take a knot out of you pocket with the buyers who are going to take payouts under the table just for raising the price of food, the “mininum wage” for the workers, the watch group cost, the policing for the destination points as well of the site from the looters, hijackers and the thieves who steal from the young, handicapp, and elderly. Why don’t you wait until gas pricess go down.

    Ophra started a school there only to have the predators to start molesting the young. Ja Z was said to have started a program that would start proving irrigation and water to Africa. What happened to the water.

    Have you ever thought about trying to start a diamond or gold digging company there. That something they know how to do for free. You would be able to feed them through there hard earn labor and invest and profit at the same time. How much gold have you or diamonds have you bought in the last year? Just think a camp would draw other vendors there to try to get some of their money. A camp would turn into a town and eventually to a city. Guess who would be the Mayor….50 cents. Do you think this venture would have a lot of “beef” between they other companies?

    You could probaly go in with some of you “big tyme” buddies and get something going on here by creating a University. You could then get money from the both Governments. The U.S. from financial aid, and the continent of Africa that sends students from Africa to the U.S. to study

  9. You guys are all so rude! Of course he’s not the most educated person. He didnt go to college to become a rapper. But he has money and if he wants to help in a way that he can why shouldn’t he? What are all of you doing to help others? Talking shit online?

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