The forthcoming UK film Suicide Kids starring Robert Sheehan, Ashley Walters and N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos is dead! 

Okay perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration – there has just been a name change.

Suicide Kids was supposed to be released on June 10th and for the past 5 months leading up to that date the makers released a countless stream of mini promo videos featuring a bunch of known faces and randoms each listing their three reasons to live. However the official full length trailer was suspiciously missing in action.

But no need to threat folks because the director Arjun Rose recently announced via Facebook that the film’s title has been changed to Demons Never Die (click HERE to watch),  and he also posted the message below.

Thanks so much for coming over from Suicide Kids – you won’t be disappointed! New name, new music, new release date. It’s going to be EPIC! We’ve got some amazing things lined up for you all so stay tuned!

The Team UK  industry “in crowd” just love to band around the word “EPIC”. 

Anyway I am guessing that part of the reason for the name change is because there is already a film out there (made in 2009) with the same title. I spotted this months back.

According to Arjun Demons Never Die will be released on October 28th, just in time for Halloween.

I look forward to seeing this film and writing/posting my review. Let’s hope it lives up to the months of social online media hype.

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  1. The reason why No trailer films not very good.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if its being complete re-cut.

  2. Just saw the trailer, it doesn’t really seem that orignal, just another UK film that wants to be gritty, I’ve watched a UK drama with Amil Ameen which was similar or was it a film, I’ve watched so many UK films and dramas like this I forget because they all roll into one, it bores the hell out of me now. The best one I ever watched was a drama on the BBC called Storm Damage, hopefully this will be as good or better than that.

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