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On the 26th June the first episode of the highly anticipated British-Nigerian sitcom Meet The Adebanjo’s debuted online at midnight.

First let me say that the team behind this sitcom have worked extremely hard to get to this point so congratulations to them.

Now on to my thoughts…..

In the first episode viewers were introduced to the mother (Gladys), bumbling tight-fisted father (Bayo), pre-teen son (Toby) who wants to be a ‘player’ and thinks he’s a bit of a ‘ladies man’, annoying and vain daughter (Sade), and larger than life aunt (Auntie Funke).

It’s Gladys and Bayo’s wedding anniversary but an excited Gladys who is expecting big things from her husband on this special day is left disappointed after it becomes clear that Bayo is not the most romantic man on earth.

While this is going on daughter Sade attempts to help Auntie Funke lose weight so she can fit in to her party dress and son Toby, when he is not on the phone sweet talking a succession of different girls, he can be seen advising his father on how to surprise his mother on their wedding anniversary.

I’ve been told that the first episode went down extremely well at the official screening last week Wednesday at The Ritzy in Brixton. Those in attendance thought it was hilarious. But I personally didn’t find it particularly funny. The only character that bordered on being mildly amusing was Auntie Funke.

Sitcoms that use the old-fashioned TV sitcom format (e.g. filmed in front of a live studio audience/laugh track) for me always tend to start off quite slow,  but the scripts/jokes  gradually improve by the third episode.

It is still very early days for Meet The Adebanjo’s and there will be more episodes to come so I will definitely be tuning in again. It still has  potential.

To watch the first episode of Meet The Adebanjo’s visit:

Click on ‘Watch Episode’ (on the left-hand side of the screen)

Password – afrobrit

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. Thanks for the review I’m going to check it out, Im always a bit skeptical about BBC sitcoms and when I heard it was about a Nigerian family I cringed. I wonder if the people laughing at the Ritzy in Brixton were Nigerians or Jamacians as Nigerians always seem to be the butt of peoples jokes which annoys the hell out of me, hopefully this will be different.

  2. A major TV network hasn’t picked the show up. Three episodes will be shown online and the others will be available on box-set.

    The show is made by British-Nigerians, and I’m guessing there was a mix of people at the screening, perhaps predominantly from Nigerian backgrounds.

  3. I watched the episode Saturday afternoon here in the US. And i really enjoyed it! I Iaughed and i could relate to the funny story line. From the so called player brother to the aunt… It reminded me of my family in so many ways. Can’t wait to see the next episode …And i’m not Nigerian so i think it was funny. I wish this show luck…. i was surprised that i found it funny and that i could relate to it. Love the aunt…she reminds me of my aunt trying to loose weight….funny!

  4. It was weak sauce, that old hat style of comedy is so played out, I can imagine people feel nostalgic for shows like this but I found it dull, predictable and boring. Acting was also very poor – Sade is particular; a permanent screwface is not acting sweetheart!

  5. Because I know the story behind this show about them working hard and I’ve seen some of these actors in other theatrical productions it’s hard for me to say this but I wasn’t feeling this. It made me cringe.

    I really want to like this and I want it to succeed. Maybe it’s just not for me. I hope it’s a hit with those it connects with.

  6. I havent watched the show, I am hoping its not another black comedy sitcom litered with “fufu and rice” jokes. Its a bit played out

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