Oh dear oh dear…….

While discussing the planets and outer space with a guest (does anyone know her name) on the BBC One Show this evening, the guest tells hosts Chris Evans  and Alex Jones  that “there’s plenty out there for us to see but unfortunately not tonight”. Motor mouth Chris then replies “It’s terrible tonight. I can barely see you to be honest” [at mark 0.13].

Watch footage below.


So wrong. So awkward.

I suggest the One Show team checks their complaints email account first thing Monday morning. Something tells me that box is going to be full.


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  1. I know I couldn’t believe it!!! And he had already said “so your Caribbean but you’ve got a welsh name?” and she was like no…. I’m Nigerian!
    I think it shows he’s very ignorant, especially after the joke he made about Africans during the world cup something along the lines of “give an African £2 and what do they buy, a vuvuzala?”
    I just can’t believe what I’m hearing!!

  2. I don’t understand, why do black people still expect white people to be respectable toward them? They have built up their empire on our backs, they still see us as slaves and uneducated scum. Yes, people like Christ Evans are racist on purpose, that is his nature. We taught them how to be “civilised” and well mannered. Lets just call out Chris Evans for what he is, a racist wanker!

    Another thing I notice especially in this day is all these other nations are starting to do a 180 and be more open about their hatred towards us now that they see we are amalgamating ourselves with the European system of corruption and attempting to “live as do the Romans”.

    Yet again, why are black people trying so hard to be accepted by people who hate us perpetually?The answer, self hatred. We don’t need their acceptance. We are our own people and we don’t have to take this kind of nonsense from Edom just because we are under his system.

  3. I heard his comment and instantly logged a complaint with the bbc.He was clearly being racist “i can barely see you” he must of been insinuating her complexion was so dark he could not see her in the nightsky. He should be made to apologise publiciy to dr maggie then given the boot!! and think before he opens that gobby mouth of his.

  4. I complained too. He shouldn’t be allowed to get away with comments like that! He should lose his job the BBC don’t need racist people representing them. To just give him a warning would be equally as disrespectful.

  5. Wow! This is shameful! But I’m even more amazed at how some are so cavalier about this. It s insulting and offensive and there is no way i can find humor in this. Why are we as Black people so ok with being made fun of. Or OK with the fact that others obviously have no respect for us. But to think it is so cleaver to say it on national TV and get away with it… Man that’s deep! And he will get away with it because some of us Black folks think it’s OK and funny!

  6. Who is laughing?? From what I’ve seen so far nobody is laughing at what he said and complaints have been lodged to the BBC. Come tomorrow I’m hoping that he will be forced to address the incident.

  7. I dont think he was being racist. Why is it racist saying he cant see someone with dark skin when its dark. He was just stating a fact. I dont think he meant anything by it. I dont know what the world coming to anymore when everyone has to watch what they say incase its thought to be racist or offensive. Even I cringed when he said it but then I actually thought about it and it wasnt that bad. I mean Chris would of been more easy to see with his pale skin and firey red hair than his guest in the dark.

  8. @ Chris

    Is your comment supposed to be some kind of joke? He couldn’t see a dark skinned woman in a lit up studio???? Nuff said!

  9. @ chris……. just because of what you said i bothered to watch the clip ……………
    you just said he was stating a fact…… did you watch the clip? she is in a well lit studio and she is not that dark!!!
    that was out of order!!!

  10. WOW. I trying to say what I think of Chris Evans without swearing, what if it was the other way round and an all white background and a black person said to the white person I can hardly see you, the woman isn’t even that dark look at her hair, her hair is black, her skin is brown, see how she laughed afterwards, to cover her embarassment, that’s what black people working in white enviroments face on a day to day basis from white people’s subtle racist jokes, bunch of cowards can’t say what they really think.

    F*** them C**** and F*** Chris Evans (sorry I tried) lol I’m lodging a complaint too, it’s 2011 and still this rubbish and what’s worse is we accept it like it’s OK. So people with dark skin think there is something wrong, look how beautiful her skin is look how pale and messed up his is, he goes red when it’s hot, he goes red when it’s cold. You know I look at white people everyday and think to myself what is so good about looking white, especially as pale as Chris Evans, they really played a trick on black people, in Africa before slavery we used to proud of being black and see it as a blessing from God because we were protected from the rays of the sun, now white people are telling us our skin is a curse as they dying from skin cancer for being in the sun too long……. we need to start waking up, black really is beautiful

  11. Verbs2011 :
    …We don’t need their acceptance. We are our own people and we don’t have to take this kind of nonsense…

    Real Talk® right there.

    The sooner we as a collective people realize this, both here in the States and over there in the UK, (and everywhere else on Earth, for that matter) the better off we’ll be.

  12. If you haven’t already complained then please do. It hasn’t even been publicised by the media yet like it’s just ok!!

  13. I agree, have complained to the BBC about Chris Evans racist remark to the beautiful and brilliant Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock . I am also surprised how little attention it has received in the media so far (none as far as I can make out). If anyone else feels strongly about this please complain to the BBC.

  14. rhiane24 :If you haven’t already complained then please do. It hasn’t even been publicised by the media yet like it’s just ok!!

    Where can you complain, do you have a link?

  15. @Mary,

    I’ve e been suprised too, even the Daily Mail who likes this type pf story (so the posters can say how Black people see racism everywhere and like playing the race card), I haven’t read anything, nada!

  16. @nubiahbella
    I have posted a comment on the Daily Mail’s News Board, but no-one has commented on it yet.

  17. I might be going a bit over the top with this, but it’s the principle of the matter, and it’s apparent that racism is so ingrained people do it subconsciously.
    I emailed the mirror, the guardian (?) and the sun and also complained to the BBC and Ofcom.
    So far I have had a reply from the sun this morning who asked me to send them a link to the YouTube video.
    It’s been 4 days now and it hasn’t been in the media……
    It’s obviously not news or of interest!! Tut

  18. rhiane24 :I might be going a bit over the top with this, but it’s the principle of the matter, and it’s apparent that racism is so ingrained people do it subconsciously.I emailed the mirror, the guardian (?) and the sun and also complained to the BBC and Ofcom.So far I have had a reply from the sun this morning who asked me to send them a link to the YouTube video.It’s been 4 days now and it hasn’t been in the media……It’s obviously not news or of interest!! Tut

    I complained too, I like ur spirit

  19. And just in case you thought this was restricted to whites, allow AfroAdvocate to show you what the people of the far East also think of us so called Negroes:

  20. From Chris Evan’s viewpoint, she was against a black studio background and he had a spot-light in his eyes. It was a crass joke, typical of the man, but it wasn’t racist. Grow up, for goodness sake.

  21. TonyM :From Chris Evan’s viewpoint, she was against a black studio background and he had a spot-light in his eyes. It was a crass joke, typical of the man, but it wasn’t racist. Grow up, for goodness sake.

    Tony M, look at the background it’s jet black look at her she has brown skin how can he not see her???????? that is no different to an all white background and me saying to a white person I could hardly see you, if she was really dark skinned then you may have a point but the fact is she isn’t mayb u need to grow up

  22. could this not have had absolutely nothing to do with her appearance? more to do with his poor eyesight?

    the way people automatically assume that he is making a racist comment is strange.

    if a white man was reporting on a day of heavy snowfall for the BBC, and someone said ‘i can barely see you, to be honest’, would we get the same flood of complaints calling racism? is either comment really OFFENSIVE anyway?

    BESIDES in this case – he DOES wear glasses and he DOES have a self deprecating style of humor.

    as in – how am i going to see all of these amazing things you’re talking about when i can barely see you.

    maybe, just maybe, it was an innocent comment on himself rather than a vicious attack on this woman’s complexion.

    we will not move past these issues if people are hypersensitive to them. this reaction seems more telling of the repressed prejudice within those who complained.


  23. “They have built up their empire on our backs…” Really? Exactly what have blacks done to build any empire? Blacks destroy everything they touch. Every neighborhood, city and country that was once fully white that is now black is a discrace. Look àt Rhodesia now Zimbabwe. Look at South Africa under black control; its a bloody and I do mean BLOODY nightmare. Blacks are despised all over the planet for a reason which has nothing to do with skin color.

  24. Andrew (or should i say Hitler) you’ve been indoctrinated by racist and imperialist propaganda. You are an ignorant fool. Maybe you should read some history books that are that were not written by White supremacists…..
    People like you make me laugh, your so brainwashed.
    All races have added to the state of the world, it’s just unfortunate that certain races such as yours have introduced hatred, racism and disgusting people.
    Everything wrong with the world racism, poverty, and oppression is down to your race, and I’m stating that as fact rather than fiction.
    We are now enduring the consequences of superialist ideologies transmitted by people such as yourself.

  25. andrew :
    “They have built up their empire on our backs…” Really? Exactly what have blacks done to build any empire? Blacks destroy everything they touch. Every neighborhood, city and country that was once fully white that is now black is a discrace. Look àt Rhodesia now Zimbabwe. Look at South Africa under black control; its a bloody and I do mean BLOODY nightmare. Blacks are despised all over the planet for a reason which has nothing to do with skin color.

    Wow. Someone has been completely brainwashed.

  26. Rhiane, history books are not written by white supremicists, they are written by the same people who have manufactured every war since at least the late 1700’s. Let’s look at an example, the so called U.S.slave trade. The blacks who were brought from Africa were purchased, which means they were sold, by their own and they were slaves before they left there. In Africa, as a slave, if you didn’t work you weren’t whipped or beaten you were slaughtered and possibly eaten. That is not my opinion, its happening today. In the U.S. these people had better treatment, clothes instead of nakedness, they were housed,fed, were given exposure to the Christian word and so forth.In other words they were still slaves but received an upgrade in their conditions. Also they were eventually freed and were given rights under the law; voting, property rights and so forth. Compare that to Blacks in Africa today. The idea that the people in Africa lived a life of peace and rose petals before the evil White man ruined it is a lie. The African slave trade existed for thousands of years before any whitey set foot there. It was a place of horror and human butchery then as now.I thought that after the White government was kicked out of South Africa, there was supposed to be a new era of peace and love? Now its one of the epicenters of rape and murder; children included. Why did violent crime and degradation zoom to new levels after the Whites were removed? Where are all of the liberal celebrities? Why aren’t they singing songs about the terrible conditions there? Why does the liberal news media not report what’s happening? Hypocracy. Back to my opening statement:so called White Supremacists don’t write the history books.I am not closed minded or brainwashed but those who rely on the liberal media, movies, TV, documentaries, etc are not being given the truth. The truth is that the White race is not what you are taught we are. We are simply tired of being used as scapegoats for the shortcomings of other races.If you have Black pride, everyone claps. If you have White pride, everyone calls you a monster. Its nonsense. I have written no lies here.

  27. @ Andrew:

    When you say,

    “…Africa, as a slave, if you didn’t work you weren’t whipped or beaten you were slaughtered and possibly eaten…”

    I can tell you for a FACT that this is the very misinformation and brainwashing we’re talking about.

    This is a false statement. The vast majority of ownership in Africa was benign-most people were sort of indentured servants, generally POWs.

    And when you say,

    “…I thought that after the White government was kicked out of South Africa, there was supposed to be a new era of peace and love?…”

    The subsequent chaos is a DIRECT result of the demolishing of the native infrastructure. Let’s put it in layman’s terms…let’s say, for a moment, that you are a woman who has been repeatedly raped for 10 years. Let’s imagine that said rapist has let you go w/o any therapy, training or other help. The next man that tries to sleep w/you is going to have a very hard time getting past the mess that the last dude made. I’m simplifying, but that is the case w/Africa as a whole. It USED to be the epicenter of all culture and wealth on the planet. It has since been raped almost dry. Some would say this “rape” has taken place over the course of millennia. I would think it would take a while for Africans, as a whole, to get their proverbial sh–t together, no?

    I do agree w/you that Black people need to STOP blaming others for their own shortcomings. However, one cannot set aside the fact that some (many would say most…not me, but some *cough-Verbs-cough* would say this) of the problems plaguing Our People are a direct result of decades-nay, CENTURIES of debasement @ the hands of White people.

  28. PS: I’m not as well versed in European history as I am in American history, but I can say most definitively, unequivocally, indubitably that America was built on the backs of slaves. African, Chinese and Native American ones.

    For a FACT.

  29. @ Andrew

    Oh man, think that you can come up here with your rhetorical European foolishness and it will pass? Not on my watch sir. The history of the so called white man is one shrouded in skull duggery, murder, rape, pillage, squaller, disease, poverty etc. It is common knowledge and a true part of history that before the so called European man set foot in Africa and the Americas, that he was a man that lived as a true original tramp in disease, squaller and poverty, he had nothing.

    The European man had no idea of the term “bath”, he stunk worse than a pile of excrement and eventually when he managed to venture down from the mountain tops, he regrettably brought his filthy and disgusting habits and lifestyle with him. So if you think that the so called European man has always lived in pristine conditions and glory, think again.

    Before you came into our countries, we were doing just fine, we had no need for contact with you, you had nothing for us, we had our own resources, we were living in peace. We had no need for your “christian word” aka the Roman Catholic “church” which is really a mirror of the Ancient Mystery Religions of Babylon, we knew who our God was. You see, the problem with most white people is they are so egotistical that they do not believe that anybody can and has lived successfully outside of their system and intervention. This is called having “Delusions Of Grandeur” sir. There are people who can live without the crud and excrement that you attempt to exalt as mother’s milk.

    The so called white man works to the same patterning everytime he invades a land. Destroy the culture, destroy the elders who had knowledge of a different and better past, indoctrinate the youth, destroy the history books and any remnant of the past and install his system called “democracy”. From that point on he begins to rewrite the history of that country or land in “his” image. This is what the so called White man calls Point Zero.

    More erroneous information put out by the so called European man is that Africans sold themselves. You assume that all black people come from Africa. The so called Negroes that were sold into slavery actually originate from the Middle East, who ran into Africa 2000 years ago escaping the Roman persecution and the sacking of Jerusalem in 70AD. Even the JewISH slave masters and sellers of slaves made a distinction between “Negroes” and “Africans”. Africans together with the Arabs sold so called Negroes to the Europeans into slavery. Get the facts straight mac.

    Lets just get one thing straight, slavery never ended as your parasitic royal political elite simply removed the physical chains and put in place economic ones in their stead. Charles Gaulton Darwin even stated that he and his cohorts were in the process of developing ” a new form of slavery”. So, your people never ended anything sir, it simply continued under a different form. The reason why the countries your people have destroyed can’t pick themselves up after “whitey” has left is because “whitey” has put mechanisms in place to where those countries CANNOT pick themselves up.

    The European system is an abomination unto all other nations. So naturally anybody else who attempts to pick up this system and “live as do the Romans” will be burnt and that country will collapse into disorder.

    I have written about this before, now that you Europeans have destroyed the whole world, now you want people to cut you some slack and now you want to play the victim. Not at all, you have committed crimes without number and you will be held accountable, in fact your system is beginning to break down as we speak. You cannot build a system on rape, robbery and murder and expect it to stand forever. The truth that you mentioned is simple, that the so called European man has not done anything for my people, nothing.

  30. Rome 500 B.C.: Aqueducts, roads, baths, walls, theaters, temples, carpentry, water-driven saw mill, hydraulic mining, arches, cities, palaces, ships, The Roman alphabet, senate, mathematics, metallurgy, structured business commerce, medicine, literature, philosophy, art, law and order, planned city, poetry, etc.

    Sub-Saharan Africa(black Africans) Today: rope, club, bowls, dancing around fire with bone through nose, lip plates, neck stretch rings(we need those) hair braiding, hunting monkeys with blow-dart while nude, cannibalism…

  31. For starters, none of the above originated with Europeans. These things were a long time with the so called Negro long before the so called Europeans even set eyes on them. Even if the list you supplied for Rome was true…………what happened in 192AD eh Roooooooooooome? You trying to talk about clubs which originated with your people when you were pulling your women around by the hair up in those Caucasus Mountains. Here, let me refresh you memory:

    You want to talk about Sub Saharan Africa and attach the typical ignorant unfounded stereotypes to dark skin people, nobody is running around with bones in their noses in my country. You need to put down National Geographic. You think that represents the whole of Sub Saharan Africa? I just though I would rattle off some of your calamitous so called “achievements” and the mysterious behaviour of your people:

    Who are the people who pull down their trousers, grab both butt cheeks and spread them, showing their anuses to passers by……………………………Europeans!

    Who are the people who get punch drunk and who enjoy vomiting on street corners as a ritual………………………Europeans.

    Who are the people who are trying to go back to the old habits, who have recently run advertisments where they claim that chewing gum can replace brushing your teeth and wipes can replace having a bath…………………………Europeans.

    Who are the people, who were until recently throwing their urine and faeces out of their windows onto the streets below…………….Europeans.

    Who were the people who poorly designed a bridge in London that when people walked over it, it rocked from side to side? When the designer was asked what was going on, he stated that “people were not walking over the bridge correctly”……………………………………Europeans.

    What people caused the Gulf of Mexico oil spill………………………………..Europeans.

    What people are so stupid that they treat cancer with radiation yet when a nuclear plant goes into meltdown, people try to get as far from the radiation as possible………………….Europeans.

    What people put fluoride which is a toxic waste metal in their toothpaste and drinking water claiming that it “fights cavities”? By the way, fluoride is also used in rat poison………………Europeans.

    Who is the nation bringing in the drugs and the guns onto the streets of any country…….Europeans.

    Who is the nation that has carried out the worst plundering, rape, robbery, pillaging and murder of any other nation in the history of the world………Europeans.

    Who is the nation that sells Mcdonalds french fries which are actually made from plastic, which is why they won’t go bad no matter how long you store them in a jar……..Europeans(try it for yourself as an experiment).

    Who is the nation that pasteurises milk, knowing that raw milk has a far superior nutritional value and that the good bacteria in raw milk automatically keep the bad in check, but yet has lied to the public and told them that boiling milk is necessary in “killing germs” thus rendering what was once a wholesome all round nutritional liquid into sludge which is now toxic to the body……Europeans.

    Who is the nation that makes shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, deodorant, washing up liquids, lotions, creams, soaps etc out of the WASTE BY PRODUCT of oil refinement………Europeans.

    Who is the nation that infected 400 so called Negroes with Syphilis between 1932 and 1972 but yet told them that they were receiving “free health care”…….Europeans.

    Who is the nation that gave black people in Africa HIV in the form of a small pox vaccine via the World Health Organisation in the 1970s….Europeans.

    Who is the nation that brought diseased blankets to Native American people when they conquered the New World………Europeans.

    Who is the nation buggering children under the guise of of a “church” system……..Europeans.

    Who at present is running the largest wars on this planet, all of them instigated through lies and propaganda……..Europeans.

    Which nation has plundered the whole world into a deep economic crisis……..Europeans.

    What nation goes into disaster stricken countries and instead of bringing them help and aid, gives them contraceptives, birth control pills, condoms and sets up and funds abortion clinics in the name of “family planning” which is really Eugenics……..Europeans.

    What nation goes into third countries, buys up land by the 1000s of acres, takes charge of the water systems of that land and then charges the locals a fortune to access their own water which comes out of the ground for free…….Europeans.

    What nation is current bombing Pakistanis, Iraqis and Afghans with spy drones that are operated remotely from America by people as young as 18 years of age, using X box Controllers……….Europeans.

    There are a 1000 more where they came from. Muppets, you couldn’t run a bath yet alone yourselves. Still want to continue sir?

  32. Some of what you wrote is trivial but for most of what you wrote above,replace “Europeans” with Jews. More accurately, Rothschilds. The Jew is not White. They have infiltrated for a long time. British monarchy, Catholic and Evangelical and other churces, media publications, international business, banking, politics, milatary power, porn, etc. We have a common enemy.

  33. @ Andrew

    Nothing I wrote here was trivial, these are the everyday actions of your people. Remember your statement about Sub Saharan Africa? Allow me to refresh your memory again:

    “Sub-Saharan Africa(black Africans) Today: rope, club, bowls, dancing around fire with bone through nose, lip plates, neck stretch rings(we need those) hair braiding, hunting monkeys with blow-dart while nude, cannibalism…”

    So, in light of what you posted, I simply responded showing the backward action of your people today aswell…………and I’m waiting for you to rattle off more stuff about Africa and so called Negroes so I can can increase that list provided 10 fold.

    On the issue of the so called Jews, you’ve got that right, the real Jews are not white, the real Jews are in fact black. Those people in the land of Israel claiming to be Jews today are imposters who converted to Judaism in the 8th century under their Khagan leader to maintain sovereignty of their empire. Those Jews in Israel today come out of Europe so regrettably they are still your brothers. However, you are right about their financial, economic, political and influencial clout on this planet.

    You want to know what happened to the Romans?:

  34. Let’s get to the bottom line.
    There are differences between the races that go beyond physical appearance. Each race has its own needs and agendas. The mentioned enemy has one too; that is total power. You may or may not know this but the Jews see themselves as having DNA from God and all of the other races, yours and mine, are nothing but living trash and that we are put here to serve their desires. In order to achieve this they must keep everyone constantly fighting and bickering. So how is this done? By forcing the races to live together, causing endless strife, racial tension, etc. In other words, multiculturalism. We are taught that it is evil to segregate the races and that we must live together and intermix. This is wrong. Intermixing can never lead to peace ; the Jews know this and while we all bicker, the puppet masters laugh and fill the coffers with gold and power. It is natural and normal for the different races to seek out their own kind and feel uncomfortable with “strangers”. I am a White Nationalist; what do I want? I, of course want the best for my race and believe it or not, the best for the other races as well. However, this can never happen as long as we allow ourselves to believe the lie that desegregation is good for us. It is unnatural, like walking upstream against the current. In order to truly have peace between the races, there must be separation of the races. There is a gulf between each group race which can never be closed.

    There are those who say that interbreeding is the way to peace; this idea is propagated by the Jews. But, these same people will also pronounce how proud they are of their race and that they celebrate the differences of the other races. If interbreeding continues, eventually the earth will be covered with one big homogenized group of people and that racial diversity, that is so hailed, will be gone forever. So, which is it? Anyone who loves their particular race and who seeks peace, should be devoutly in favor of racial segregation, forever. In order to achieve this goal, two things must occur. First, complete segregation. Second, everyone, White, Black, Asian, Latino, Arabs, etc must eject the Jew/Zionist from all aspects of their lives and ignore them and give them no power. Barring this, we will be always fighting and arguing amongst ourselves.

    Furthermore, touching on the Zionist Rothschilds. They are part of the Illuminati; the most powerful family of that group. These people do not practice Judaism, they are satanists and they are serious. The power that they have is immense and far reaching. So powerful in fact that there are currently only 5 countries which do not have a Rothschild owned and controlled central bank. Those countries are: Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea and Libya. We are currently in Libya. Soon it will be controlled by them. Where will they strike next? What false flag operation will they perform to rationalize an invasion? Iran.

    Again, my point being that the silliness of us or anyone arguing about which race enslaved who and what group invented which thing and the video clip that started this thread, is really pointless. If we all remain distracted by offending silly words and spend our time watching prime time television and lusting after that fancy new mobile phone, then we, all of us are slowly being cooked in the melting pot. And when we finally realize that we are burning, we are already burnt and the Jews/Zionists have us for dinner. It`s okay to disagree and to go our separate ways and we should, before we can`t.

  35. andrew :That photo you linked to, not sure if serious. Too thin Verby too thin.

    Andrew you a punk who seriously needs to learn history, when you go at black people you don’t realise that every person walking this earth comes from Africa, you really are a dum dum, let me give you an example when you talk about Romans, greeks, don’t you realise they came to Africa to get their knowledge, on how to build houses, run businesses, education, everything you think is great about Britain and Europe come from Africa when the Egyptain empire which was full black I may add was at it’s height, You guys still go to Africa and look at the pyramids and scratch your head wondering how black people built them, when houses are blowing down in the UK, them pyramids still stand and before you say it was arab, pick up a history book it was all black. you guys were still in the dark ages. I know because I done European history, the reason why Europe has taken over now was because of the new world and 300 years of slavery which is 300 years of free labour, you dumb punk

  36. @ Andrew

    That photo is serious, that is what happened to the Romans, they went into Khazaria from where the modern day so called Jews came out from. However remember, as much as you want to distance yourself from them, they are still Europeans like yourselves so they are still your brothers regardless of their behaviour and beliefs.

    Remember, you came in here firing your machine guns first and you picked me out of the crowd for the statement I made at the beginning, so I simply brought out my cannons, defended myself, then launched an offensive.

    Remember sir, you came and invaded the land of Africa and the Americas and look, you are still invading lands today. I agree with you on this forced multiculturalism, it doesn’t work, however all people are doing is simply going to the places where the wealth has been accumulated the most and trying to claw something back and raise themselves up to a better standard of living.

    Remember, you reap what you sow sir. This is your recompense for your crimes of the past and the present. As you invaded the lands of others in the past and are STILL INVADING the lands of others TODAY, so is your land being invaded by other nations.

    What you are really saying is that if interbreeding continues, there will be none of YOUR kind left. Well, that is why your people roll into Africa and South America and hand out contraceptives, condoms, birth control pills and set up abortion clinics. See, you try and tell us not to have children and put in mechanisms to where you attempt to control our population numbers, however this is not the same case for yourselves. If you want to be left alone, do the same unto others.

    Again, we are aware of the Zionists, the Rothschilds, the royals, the illuminati and their love for Satan but just remember, the so called European man is currently in control of this planet, so any movements for real change will have to come from your camp first as your people currently hold the power.

    It is not foolishness at all to talk about the slavery of my people as your people are still raping our lands and benefiting heavily from the resources that you are carrying out of our lands TODAY. So where I agree that the Zionist are the root cause of the turmoil on this planet, I do not see however your people objecting in great numbers to this set up as you as Europeans are the chief benefactors from this system that has been put in place.

    I agree with you on the television part, that weapon is the most influential source of manipulation, programming and indoctrination on this planet. Yes, people do need to stop feeding into it, lusting after what its shows them is the next so called “in thing” to have and thinking that the programmes are there for their entertainment. There is a reason why they are called “programmes”. So it is agreed that people need to wake up and do it now.

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