I am a huge Holby City fan and this was a really good episode. I just thought the characters were in competition with each other, hence the constant arguing.  I had no idea there was more to it. Hahaha!

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The BBC has defended broadcasting a kiss between two male Holby City characters.

Complaints were received from “some viewers” who thought that the scene in the BBC One hospital drama between Dan Hamilton (Adam Astill) and Antoine Malick (Jimmy Akingbola) was “inappropriate”.

The storyline saw tension between Dan and Malick result in a physical fight, which led to the surgeon kissing his openly gay colleague.

Responding to the complaints, the BBC stated: “Holby City aims to reflect real life in the setting of a medical drama and this means telling stories about characters from many different backgrounds, faiths, religions and sexualities. Continue Reading….


Holby City, Tuesday nights, BBC 1, 8pm

I look forward to seeing how this relationship develops.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. Absolutely disgusting, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk. I was so glad that the video was running slower than the audio on my computer so my eyes were saved from viewing that abominable rot, though I still heard the slurping and kissing to which I almost vomited. And you women wonder why you cannot find any decent men? When they watch filth like that and get converted, what else is to be expected?

    To be honest, from the time that they both had their shirts off and were standing across the changing room face to face bare chested, I knew something dodgy was coming and that the viewer was being lined up for “something different”. Remember, companies who produce fragrances have been exposing you to bare chested men for many years now. The homo erotic image of the man in his pants/boxer shorts only has been used for years as the ice breaker to move the public towards accepting homosexuals/lesbians and their agenda.

    They also threw in the interracial aspect of this aswell. Of course the sodomite community will be jumping for joy at another barrier they have yet again busted through. Apparently it is all the rage at the moment within the gay community to have some black meat by your side………..and guess who the main people are who sag their trousers? These homosexuals are having a field day and loving it when most of these young boys that sag till they drag walk past them.

    This episode of Holby City was simply a test to see if the public were ready for the next stage of the envelope to be pushed. Remember Broke Back Mountain? Well, expect that type of “action” to hit the small screen very soon. Men should be up in arms at this abominable filth that is being shown but you women should most definitely be upset, especially those of you who have been experiencing great difficulties in finding a decent man……..this is the reason why. Understand ladies that the homosexual man hates you and to spite you he wishes to convert ALL MEN if he can.

    You can stand there and accept what you have seen because it involves men, however do not complain when the very few good men that are left are taken and converted by the homosexuals, the homosexual is not your friend.

    As for the black man that decided to debase himself and accept that role, I hope he receives his full cup of judgement God speed. I went into a Whole Foods shop not so long ago and was served by a sodomite of Indian decent. No eye contact and when he went to give me my change he practically dropped the money into my hand. He knew from my spirit that I wasn’t tolerate of his lifestyle. Yet again, the homosexual agenda is just that, an agenda and when the homosexual has fully played his part in this world system, he will also be discarded to the curb like everyone else. Remember they showed us that in V For Vendetta with Evey visiting that television producer’s house and finding all kinds of undesirable homo erotic pictures on the wall in his basement. When caught he then goes on to tell Evey that if the authorities knew about his sexual preferences, he would be dealt with very severely. The homosexual is simply being used and he needs to wake up to this fact.

    This is one of the reasons why I no longer watch television. Homosexuals slurping down each other, homosexuals adopting children, lesbians licking down other lesbians, no thanks. It is amazing how the homosexual has now stepped out of the closet with pride and boldness and has forced the heterosexual to step into one. Heterosexuals are the majority yet nobody is saying anything about this force induced homosexual agenda, a great shame.

  2. And to make matters worse, the guy is a Nigerian. Since when have Nigerians been down with this kind of nonsense? A utter disgrace, whoring yourself for a price out to the bread and circus “entertainment” acts of Rome.

  3. Me too Janice I am looking forward to see how the relationship develops.

    At first the show didn’t strike me as being really interesting but now I hooked up!

  4. @Verbs2011 – Your dumb ass views at first made me laugh but then sad because people like you encourage hatred and discrimination. People like you make this world a more fucked up place than it already is.

  5. @Dime

    Laugh away then. This world was a better place when homosexuals were in their closets and knew that their behaviour was wrong and unnatural. A pity, the world isn’t laughing with you, this world is suffering under this forced induced homosexual agenda on the public. I’ve asked this question before and I’ll ask it again:

    Show me one positive that the actual homosexual lifestyle brings to a society. Hatred and discrimination are based upon natural factors beyond our control, ie being a different sex or a different nationality to the people who are discriminating or “hating” on you, not upon some unnatural reprobate lifestyle that you decide to pick up and live by.

    Come with a decent argument and not with retarded rhetoric and vain profanity. Stop ranting like a lummox, clown.

  6. Wow at certain negative comments! At the end of the day, the programme is just showing an angle of real life in their show. I like the way it came out of nowhere but it all made sense. I will enjoy watching this relationship as well as the characters unfold! And full credit to both actors for committing fully into their roles. For some actors, it can be difficult to do a scene like that! Fair play! Thanks Janice! Ignorance is not a good quality to have…

  7. @verbs, your comments sometimes hit the mark, but this time round, I’m afraid to say that you are way out of line on this one. If someone is attracted to the same sex I would rather they be open about it, than spend there lives lying and trying to conform to something that society says that they should be.
    You don’t choose to be gay, you either are or your not.
    It always surprises me when black people feel that issues (which are world issues) don’t happen within our community. Why do you believe that homosexuality does not exist with the Nigerian community or any other black community for that fact? Wake up! Comments like that remind of a time when black people used to say “AIDS, that’s a white peoples disease! (Please!!! KMT!!)
    Its comments like that that force gay men into the closet, causing them to do foolishness like starting relationships with women, having children, and lying to their families and communities (Down Low Lifestyle), which to my mind is not how anyone should be leading their lives. I have a lot more respect for openly gay people than I do for the cowardly in the closet gay men and women (although I understand why they feel its a secret they have to keep)
    To tell people your sexually attracted to the same sex, even though you will be met by the awful attitudes of people such as yourself, is incredibly brave. Coming out to a society to tell them something that can potentially cause them to lose there lives, be ousted by society, discriminated against, and generally just have a shitty life, takes a lot of courage. Why you would “choose” to be gay with all manner of negativity stacked against you? Makes no amount of sense.
    Please do not use the gay men as the reason women cant find a man, as there are a hell of a lot more reasons as to why this is not happening. I have yet to hear from the majority of women that there main reasons for not finding a man, is because he is gay!
    Whilst you believe that women are somewhat sympathetic to the gay community, please do not confuse sympathy with empathy.

  8. Again, so one man kissed another, BIG DEAL!
    As long as you don’t want him, what the hell do you care?
    We have bigger issues within our community.
    A man kissing a next man is way down my list of priorities to be quite honest.

  9. considering the BME community is said to be only about 10/15% of the UK population they do make up about at least 50/60% of gay characters. interesting.

    didnt see the clip. but at the end of the day gay folk have to embrace the complaints the same way heterosexuals did when back in the day it was straight folks kissing on telly that caused uproar.

  10. @ Miss Lala

    One man and one woman together is the NATURAL order of life, that has nothing to do with society setting any standards. A woman for a man was the way that the Most High ordained it from the beginning. We wouldn’t have reached the 7 billion world population we have today in the world if homosexuality was deemed the norm. The biological explanation for the homosexual lifestyle is also a dead one. I have already debated with homosexuals and their supporters and asked them for the evidence for the gay gene theory, all they could supply me with is a load of “maybe, possibly, we reckon, we summise, could be, hope so”, in other words they have nothing, nada, zippo. Not that I didn’t know this from the beginning but I wanted to expound on this gay gene hypothesis to the fullest, I wanted to give them a chance to supply the evidence they had for the theory, they clearly demonstrated to me that they had none. If you can find any evidence that supports a biological explanation for homosexuality, then I would like to see it.

    The comment about him being Nigerian and playing that part was in reference to the fact they we as Nigerians are not renowned for associating ourselves with the homosexual lifestyle. Of course there are gay people in Nigeria and within the black community, this is a fact but the so called Negro in Nigeria is more known for shunning this kind of behaviour rather than embracing it.

    Aids is a white man’s disease as in origin, obviously the virus is not discriminatory according to race but until the World Health Organisation went through Africa with their small pox vaccinations laced with HIV, Africa and the so called Negroes therein were HIV/AIDS FREE.

    The problem Miss Lala is that gay people do not leave it at just “coming out of the closet”. They now proselytise their lifestyle with force and wish to convert everyone they come into contact with. So it is all well and good you showing them a sympathetic hand but why are they trying to push their lifestyle in the direction of people who want nothing to do with it, why are they pushing this lifestyle on children as young as 5 and why are they pushing the lifestyle as if it is normal and there isn’t a darkside to it? I’ve been through the stats already on here, average age for a heterosexual male is 70 plus, average age for a homosexual male 39-42 years of age. What part of dying at the age of 42 from living the homosexual lifestyle is normal?

    Why would you give any room to a cause which is against you as a woman? Homosexuality is a leading cause of women not being able to find GOOD DECENT MEN. A woman can find a man easily but how much more difficult is it to find a MAN of good worth? I never said you as women could find men, please read my sentence again.

    Your attitude towards homosexuals and their lifestyle doesn’t surprise me as most women tend to only look at the emotion side to it, the persecution, the so called “hatred”, the so called bravery. Why don’t women ever talk about the fact that living the homosexual lifestyle, you are 9 times more likely to catch an STD? Or what about the fact that as a homosexual you more greatly expose yourself to the possibility of anal to where your rectum will have to be removed and a plastic bag place there in its stead. Or what abou the risk of random anal bleeding, ripping and leakages to where you can no longer “hold it”. Is that normal to you? All the risks of the heterosexual are increased 10 fold when you look over the homosexual fence.

    No, you women who support this lifestyle only look upon the outward appearance of the lifestyle and fail to check out the real facts, others of which are even more disturbing that the ones I just mentioned above. No, homosexuality is just an excuse to be promiscuous and indulge one’s self wit the same sex. My people never got bitten by police dogs, sprayed with fire hoses and killed so that sodomites could claim that they now had “rights” through our movement to gain some sort of freedom.

    The homosexual will jump on the bandwagon of every other group and cyphon off benefits that they can use for themselvese but how can I benefit from the ground they make? I can’t because they only look out and after themselves. No other groups can benefit from any successive movements made by the homosexual movement. It is a selfish lifestyle.

  11. @Verbs You seem overly pre-occupied with the bedroom activities of gay men, Why?
    You think its just gay men sticking things up each others rectums?
    If they want to do whatever to there back passage, that#s there business. As long as its not yours, why do you care so much?
    Hetrosexuals can be just as freaky with there sexual practices as homosexuals.
    Why do you associate these practises with the possibility that gay men/women could be exposing this to children?
    Do you think gay men and women haul children into there bedrooms as there “getting it on”?
    What grown adults get up to behind closed doors is none of mine or your business. The sexual practises of others does not concern me.
    The only time I need to be concerned is when I’ve made the choice of sleeping with my chosen partner, during which time there are pre-cautions that I can take to make sure he and I are free from infection.
    Once again, I have yet to hear from any woman on this planet that the reason they cant find a man is because the majority of men are now batting for the other team. Its a very weak argument being that the majority of the gay male population is a small one. I don’t know who told you that the leading cause of women not being able to find a man is due to homosexuality. I would be happy if you could provide proof of this, as this is news to me and many other women.
    As for trying to convert people, unless your already that way inclined, you cant be converted. Being gay isn’t a disease, you either are or your not. If your not, then you know that you could be in a room full of gay people and there is no chance that you probably wont leave that room limped wristed or singing YMCA! If that is a fear of yours, maybe you need to ask yourself why?
    As for women being sympathic (as you put it), there are many hetrosexual males who also don’t give a shit about the practices of a gay man/woman. Its not just a woman thing, its a “I don’t business thing”.
    In regards to homosexuality being shunned in Nigeria and other black communities, yes your right, it is shunned, which only means that there is probably a high number of “Down Low” brothers running around and pretending to live this so-called clean existence and lying to keep their secrets under wraps due to fear and the possibility of being ousted from their communities. I for one would rather know the truth.
    As for asking about the “gay gene”, I cant provide a scientific answer for that, what I can say is, people know what they like, sometimes things aren’t explainable, they just are. We all know there is a lot of shit that science cannot explain. Human feelings and emotions are one of the many science hasn’t got a full handle on.
    No one makes a choice on there sexuality. Do you remember sitting down and saying to yourself “Hmmm, I wonder if I should choose to like men or women?” You just liked what you liked (like every other being on this planet), there is no logical or scientific explanation as to why we choose what we choose. You were just drawn to females, but I bet you cant give me a scientific explanation as to why your probably drawn to a particular female. Maybe you like women with long hair, big boobs, about 5ft 6in in height, big eyes blah blah blah, is there a scientific explanation as to why you may like that, probably not!
    So why do you think that gay men and women should be able to explain away why they like what they like. Its called life!

  12. @ Miss Lala

    What, did you honestly believe that there was more to the homosexual lifestyle than men pumping other men’s rectums? The promiscuity among homosexuals is far worse than with heterosexuals, hence why the disease risk among homosexuals is much much higher that their heterosexual counterparts. If heterosexuals want to practice anal sex then that is their business and they do so at their own risk, however even heterosexuals being “freaky” as you put it to the max still in no wise compares to the 10 fold exposure to diseases under the same conditions via the homosexual route, why, because a man with a woman is still the natural order of life regardless of what freakisms they indulge in.

    You obviously never read my previous post properly, they are not just coming out of the closet, nor are they keeping their bedroom antics to themselves behind closed doors are they? They are now forcing their lifestyle onto the general public, this episode of Holby City and Eastenders are just 2 of many examples of them pushing their religion by force into the public domain. That is why I care and am concerned. They are teaching homosexuality in schools across the western hemisphere as we speak today. Is that enough expose to children for you? I also know this for a fact because my goddaughter told me what she was taught in sex education classes.

    If you do not believe that men are already bedding young boys then I suggest you look up the group called NAMBLA, then watch The Kinsey Syndrome on youtube, and while you are at it youtube Chicken Hawk, Men Who Love Boys, a video put out by NAMBLA themselves. Then come back to me and tell me that children are safe. In fact I have found the links for you:

    There are places in San Fransico where a man will get wolf whistled at as he walks down the street, by other men just like builders would whistle at an attractive female walking past their sight. That crap will soon rear its ugly head here. I do not want to be whistled at by other men. If you think that the homosexual agenda has ended with them coming out of the closet, you better knuckle up and think again. Again, the agenda doesn’t end where you think it stops, it continues onward whether you choose to believe in it or not.

    Read the sentence I made again, I said that homosexuality is ONE OF THE LEADING CAUSES, not the leading cause. Of course women are not going to notice this seeing as they are friends with the very same homosexuals who are their enemies. Many women think it is cool to be friends with homosexuals not knowing that the homosexual man is simply observing the woman’s techniques at flurting with and picking up men so he can go away and use them himself.

    I know of 2 women who were straight but due to them complaining that the men they dealt with were a constant let down, they turned to lesbianism as the last bastion of hope. My close friend’s ex wife is one of them, again first hand knowledge I’m dealing with here. Again, you are trying to push the gay gene theory with absolutely no proof. If the homosexuals and their supporters couldn’t provide me with any evidence to hold up this hypothesis, what on earth do think you can bring to the table to support it?
    Homosexuality is simply a way that people CHOOSE to go down, there is no “you either are or you aren’t” nonsense. More and more women are taking this route because they have been pre-programmed with television programmes like Eastenders, Holby City, The L Word etc, that if men let you down, licking vaginas and putting on strap ons is the next best thing.

    And by the way, what the heck is that all about, talk about confusion. The lesbian is supposed to hate the man yet she will strap on a male member to pleasure her partner. If they hate men so much then pleasure your “partner” using other method. Not very easy to do, why, because in their subconscious they know that the male member is the natural way to pleasure a woman.

    I never said that it was just a woman thing to support homosexuals and their agenda, however, women are the main supporters of the lifestyle. I have had debates about this topic on Madnews before and it always majority woman who jump to the defence of the homosexual. At the time I even pointed it out and told them that they were supporting a lifestyle which was against them and that they should not be swung on this topic simply by the emotional rhetoric that the homosexual puts out in order to gain sympathy and support

    Yes, of course you cannot provide a scientific answer for the gay gene theory because there is no science behind it, it is pure, unfiltered, high grade BS. The homosexual advocates couldn’t provide me with any scientific evidence either, so you aren’t the first to admit that there isn’t any. So since you admit that there is no biological science behind the theory, then it must be a CHOICE, there is no other explanation. The lifestyle is explainable. What, because you have been forced to confess that there is no science to back a biological origin for homosexuality, that we must now leave it to the “unexplainable”????

    I’m surprised that you actually went there with the gay gene theory as homosexuals and their advocates have admitted that there was no such thing years ago. So by default the only other explanation is it being a lifestyle choice.

    I gravitated towards women when I hit adolescence because that is the design of boys, and with girls it is the opposite. Again, men gravitating towards women is the natural order of life. If we use the people on this planet living closer to a more nature based lifestyle, so called primitive tribes, homosexuality is totally unheard of. No, people in the so called developed world are heavily influenced to accept things that once upon a time they would have rejected via pre-programming, and that one eyed devil called the Tell-Lie-Vision in your house is the main tool used to do it.

    So again, I am not surprised at your acceptance of the homosexual culture and religion today, you were uploaded with the necessary data that would cause you to accept the lifestyle at this time, years ago. Why do you think that they are called television PROGRAMMES, hmm? And you think the programmes are there to entertain you and for your pleasure? YOU are the subject being programmed and uploaded with updates and new information everytime you switch that machine on.

  13. There is nothing noble about a man prancing around in pink nail varnish refering to himself as a “princess”.

    Who here would encourage their teenage son to ‘walk on the wild side’ and have his “exhaust pipe” penetrated by another man??

    Would you happily smile and be filled with a sense pride if you saw another man fondling your dad’s butt and penis??

    Or witness your mother pinned to the wall by a dyke?

    Let’s not defend the indefensible here. Homosexuality is wrong on all levels. It’s immoral and goes against God’s word. It is something that we,black people,should discourage.

    God gave woman a vagina,an ass and a pair breasts (two of the greatest inventions EVER) so that man could enjoy,endlessly. I believe breasts are the main reason i, Gary Robert Nesta Marley Mugabe III, have hands. Infact,if loving breasts is wrong then i NEVER want to be right.

  14. @ Miss Lala I totally agree with you, I have seen family destroy because the male is afraid to go public with his sexual orientation. As you mention they become family man but because they’re not happy with who they are, they make the other people involve in their life unhappy, (wife & children). I believe that most of these program want people to see the bigger picture, people should be true to them self instead of been angry at others for been the reason they cannot express them self freely.

  15. Wow! I’m so amazed at the level of hate that i have read. I look at it this way..whatever people do in their bedrooms have nothing to do with me. I’m neither concerned or interested….weather it be a man and a man…or a man and a woman. I have too many other things to worry about than that. As i may have stated a while ago…my lil brother is gay. And i love him with all that i am…he is my best friend. And i will do anything to protect him. For me it’s like this …if you mess with him you mess with me. I could careless that he is gay….he’s my brother. And the love i have for him trumps that 100%! My brother being gay is only part of who he is…not him in totality. My brother told me he was gay when we were in high school.. I never told any of my family member’s because it was not my secret to tell. What i have come to learn from him is love is love no matter who it is with. I may never fully understand it….but i love my brother so I’m cool! It;s like how Blacks where hated and still are because of our skin. It’s just the same thing! If anything we should be up in arms about how Black people as a whole are still having to fight hard for everything we get… When others get it so easily! I’m not going to get in a discussion about homosexuality because some may not like it.It is your right and i respect that. But i do think the level o hatred is too deep for me to comment on. Verbs is my man….he be on point on a lot of things. But this one i cannot and will not jump in on…because i see it very differently. Also i don’t protest too much about something I’m not into. I will discuss other issues that affects our community that will make a difference..this will not. Because homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. And yes it is a sin…but so his hate…lying..stealing and the list goes on. So let us Black folks find something else to sink our opinions into. Because no matter what is said…no ones mind will be changed..

  16. @Verbs, your footage shows me examples of peadophelia, not examples of a gay lifestyle. Why are you confusing the two? Peodophiles like to abuse under aged boys and girls. I don’t associate the two, but clearly you are of the group that believes if your gay, you like to sleep with kids.
    As for men whistling at other men, you think Chicago is the only place in the world where that happens? haaaaaaaaaa! What world do you live in?

    Homosexuals have been on this planet since the dawn of time. Its not a new phenomenon (or “fashionable” as you put it). If I likes someone, it’s got sod all to do with there sexual preference, why do you think women are that fickle minded? If it were the case that the listed programmes you gave “programmed” us to turn lesbian, there would be a hell of a lot more of us switching than you think. You may be interested to know that women do not base there life choices on 40min TV shows on lesbianism. Once again, there have been lesbians on this earth long before the invention of TV!

    As for your friends that cross over, maybe that was something that was in them. Maybe, who knows, who cares. If there happy and it doesn’t directly effect you, why are you so offended?

    As for this “gay gene” theory, clearly you didn’t read what I wrote, at no point did I say I could give you an explanation as to why people are attracted to the same sex. I asked you to give a reason as to why people like what they like. The only answer you could give me was “that the natural order of things”. Really, that’s the best you can do??? If that was the “Natural order” of things, then there would be no such thing as a gay man or woman.

    There are a million things in this world that go against nature and are totally unexplainable. That isn’t to say that there may come a time where science might be able to explain human behaviour, but until that time, it isn’t for you or me to say how an individual should be running there lives, or who they should or shouldn’t be sleeping with. Judgement is for the most high,, not Verbs! If your house is totally free from sin, then maybe you can go down that route.
    You forget that there was a time when science said that the world was flat, that black people were monkeys with no souls, that Bigfoot is real etc.

    @Gary Gay men and women live on this earth and have done for a long time. Why you feel that you would be under some sort of sexual attack from them, are your own fears. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t be there type. If a gay man came onto my Dad, I would say “he has taste”, my Dad is a very good looking man, hence why I look the way I do. (lol)

    If your happy that God created breast and vagina, I am happy for you. But understand that not every pair of breast and vagina have been created for your male hands.
    @moreno Blood is thicker than water. Clearly your brother is lucky he has someone who is as supportive as you. As you said, we have bigger issues to worry about within our community.

  17. @Miss Lala

    What you were shown was an example of adults exposing their lifestyles to young children, this is what you wanted to see an example of before. In case you haven’t noticed, men and boys are of the same sex so you were given examples of homosexuality and pedophilia. Just because the boys are young, that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are still BOYS and thus the same sex as the men taking advantage of them making it homosexual activity. If you think that homosexuality and pedophilia are far apart then think again, both behaviours are deviant.

    Yes, I can use male and female relations as being the natural order of life because I do not see a male lion going around trying to pump other male lions, nor do I see other animals within the animal kingdom going for the same sex.

    You would be surprised what uploads a 40 minute programme can embed into a person’s subconscious but this is typical for many women, as long as their emotions are tickled, they care not for the technical content of what they are watching nor the agenda behind why they are being shown particular things. The point is with the influence of television, these reprobate behaviours have been accepted as normal through predictive programming.

    It doesn’t matter how long homosexuality has been on this planet, the lifestyle is still an abomination. Longevity of existence does not equate to it being right. This business about what they do does not affect others WAS the case until they began to force their lifestyle onto the general public. Again, they are no longer keeping their business to themselves so you can drop the “what they do is their business and doesn’t affect you” line because this no longer is the case. It was never about equality and wanted to be accepted with the homosexuals, they just used that ploy to gain sympathy and get their foot in the door. Their real agenda is domination and total corruption of all humanity. They are now beginning to show this with their forced induced programmes starting with the education system. These wicked satanic bums even got local authorities to fine parents who wanted to withdraw their children from being taught their lifestyle:

    Well, if you cannot give a scientific explanation for the gay gene theory then stop attempting to use science as an excuse for the lifestyle. You cannot give me a scientific explanation because the homosexuals do not have one themselves. They have been forced to admit a long time ago that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, nothing more, nothing less.

    The Most High whom you referred to ordained life to a male and female capacity. Genesis 1:27 reads:

    1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; MALE and FEMALE created he them.

    Since you brought the Most High into the equation, let us see what his son had to say on this issue. Matthew 19:4-6 reads:

    19:4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which MADE THEM AT THE BEGINNING MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE,

    19:5 And said, For this cause shall a MAN(MALE) leave FATHER(MALE) and MOTHER(FEMALE), and shall cleave to his WIFE(FEMALE): and they twain shall be one flesh?

    19:6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. WHAT THEREFORE GOD HAVE JOINED TOGETHER, LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER.

    Homosexuality attempts to do just that, pull apart the order that the Most High has put in place. So according to the Most High and Christ, the natural order is male and female together. The Most High has already judged the homosexual, unless he repents, he will in no wise enter the kingdom of the Most High(1 Cor 6:9) which is the next kingdom to take dominion on this planet. There is NO CONFUSION with the Most High, there is only confusion within a world that has corrupted itself and decided to kick its moral standards to the kerb.

    As Christ called people to repentance, his followers are to do the same and stand against all forms of evil including homosexuality. The Most High certain DID NOT command his followers to keep silent and allow homosexuals to run rampant, proselytise to the whole world and persecute those who do not wish to accept the lifestyle and its ways, I don’t know where you got that idea from, that we are just supposed to leave it till Christ returns. What scripture is that? Ephesians 6:13 reads:

    6:13 Wherefore take unto you the WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD, that ye may be able to WITHSTAND in the EVIL DAY, and having done all, to STAND.

    6:14 STAND therefore, having your loins girt about with TRUTH, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

    I don’t see anything written there about sitting down and waiting for the Most High to take care of things. Armour is for a battle, homosexuality is one of many evils that is warring against humanity itself, therefore I STAND against it as I am instructed to do by the Most High.

    The question you need to answer is what will you say to the Most High on the day of judgement when he asks you why you still continued to support an abominable lifestyle despite the fact that throughout his word, he clearly and categorically speaks against it?

    Yes, I am free from sin, Christ shed his blood to cleanse me from my sins remember? At least with Moreno, even though his brother is homosexual and he has to stick by family no matter what, he was still honest enough to admit that homosexuality is a sin. What is it with many women always attempting to justify evil and wickedness?

    @ Moreno

    Nobody here is saying that you have to abandon blood because of a particular lifestyle that your brother has taken up which is sinful in the eyes of the Most High. At least you were forthcoming and honest in still stating that homosexuality is a sin and I give you maximum respect for that bro.

  18. Firstly, please dont quote the bible, as we all know that the bible is written by “man”. There are a ton of things written in that book which go against the very grain of Christianity, like your insistance on judging another person for there lifestyle. You should perhaps spend more time worrying about what you yourself will be judge on as oppose to someone else.
    If you are free of sin as you say, then so is a gay man or woman. According to you, homosexuality is a sin, and Christ died for our sins, but only if your sin happens not to be sleeping with the same sex. Please find me the passage in the bible where Christ made this exception? I thought there were only ten commandments, but clearly in your bible there are more.

    Once again, I never brought up science or the “gay gene” theory. That was you. I just said that you could not provide an explanation as to why people gravitate towards what they like. You blamed T.V, which makes no sense, as gay relationships have been going on way before the invention of T.V. You still provide no explanation as to why some people are attracted to the same sex, you just keep throwing bible verses to me, which explains nothing. You didnt even offer a scienetific stand point as to why people are attracted to the same sex. Once again, you go back to T.V and the bible! Perhaps you could provide me with a pie chart or another amazing YouTube documentary!

    Your right I see peodophelia as a disgusting deviant behaviour, but I do not classify peodophelia with homosexuality. Its just as depraved and disgusting for a grown ass man likes to sleep with underage girls, yet your focus seems to be on the fact that peadophiles only like to have sex with young boys. Again, your displaying the fact that your mind focuses purley on the sexual act, so maybe you should ask yourself, why?

    Just so you know, no one I know is a “lion”. I think the human race has evovled way past jungle like animals!

    Anytime you develop ovaries and sprout breast, maybe you can tell every woman in this world how they think and what form of programming will brainwash them into thinking that the gay lifestyle is the very reason we cant find a man or that this is the reason why we “sympathise” with such an abomination (as you call it), c’mon you can do better than that!

    We’ve all watched many a programme in our lifetimes, but if we so easily influenced then this world would have ended a long time ago. I would probably be running around with a glove made out of knives (i’ve watched Nightmare on Elm Street that many times) or maybe I would be walking around talking in a fake US accent and dropping like its HOT, I’ve seen that many music videos. My mind is that fickle and i’m that simple, that’s the kinda stuff I do once I have watched a series of T.V shows.

    The difference between you and Moreno is that when he speaks about his brother his words arent littered with hate. As much as he may not agree with his brothers lifestyle choice, he has enough respect for him to leave him alone to live his life. Again,let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

  19. wow. I haven’t read all the comments, but to me BBC done this for one reason and one reason only to show they don’t discrimate even though they do, here they can tick two boxes they gay and the black boxes all in one go, it’s the same as when they hate the gay black comedian Stephen K Amos which was a huge mistake not because he’s gay and black but because his show wasn’t funny.

    I personally don’t wanna see that and switched the T.V over when I saw that coming, but you can’t hide from the fact that there are gays in the black community wheter you like it or not.

  20. @ Miss Lala

    Please, spare me with your European founded rhetoric on the origin and reliability of the bible, I’ve heard all the common European arguments against the bible all before, “its written by man, it has contradictions, its just a story book, there are other accounts of the same that pre date the bible” to name a few, the usual nonsense that comes out from their camp. This is the common foolishness that is put out by so called “wise scholars”.

    I used to believe all that nonsense until I found out that I and my people are in the bible and that the bible talks about our condition as a nation and that we are the chosen people of the Most High. Then I understood why the European man has put out heavy rhetoric and distortion to turn me and my people away from the bible and for the most part it has worked, turning the people away from and against their own history book. You cannot tell a slave that he comes from royal stock, that the children of Israel and the prophets of the bible are his forefathers and that he has a rich inheritance coming under Christ.

    The Most High has already set a judgement for the homosexual, me just repeating the message is NOT JUDGING that person, it is simply warning and reminding them about the Most High’s punishment for that particular activity. That is what a follower of the Most High is supposed to do, sound the trumpet and warn people of about what is coming down the pike.

    I made a statement before and your actions here have truly founded it in stone. I said before that whenever it is time for the homosexual to be held accountable for his actions, he and his advocates will all of a sudden cry “discrimination, hate, bigotry, intolerance” etc and will attempt to divert the attention away from themselves. You as an advocate of homosexuality did just that when you stated that we have other issues to deal with in the community. It seems that any other issue can be focused on except for the homosexual one. If we dealt with all the other issues, when we would come back to this one, people would still find an excuse to drop the subject. Why do homosexuals get an exemption everytime the topic of their lifestyle is raised?

    According to the word of The Most High, homosexuality is a sin, the bible is know for speaking out against homosexuality. I am not bringing my opinion to the table here. So, no it is not according to ME! The difference between me and the homosexual is I have taken up the sacrifice of Christ and begun to change my life accordingly with his commandments. The homosexual hasn’t done that, that is why he is still a homosexual. Only in this twisted world can one think that the Most High is going to accept homosexuals after he has clearly established a male and female patterning in the world. The Most High is not like the world, just because the world is bending over backwards for the sodomite, what, do you think that the Most High is following suit?

    This shows how much you know about the scriptures. There are over 600 commandments in the old testament alone, it is just that this foolish world only chooses to focus on the 10 most well known commandments.

    We know what fuels the homosexual mindset, a reprobate mind and a lust to be promiscuous. There is no science behind why a person is attracted to the same sex, that is what has been explained to you all along, it is simply a choice. The homosexual has had years to prove his lifestyle from a scientific perspective. Today is Monday 20th June 2011 and he has yet to bring any science forward that supports why he does what he does. I never brought forward any scriptures until you mentioned the Most High and letting him be the judge. From that point onward I simply took you to what he and Christ had to say on this particular topic.

    Pedophilia is right on the heels of homosexuality. Again, you asked for an example of adults pushing their lifestyle on younger people and I showed it to you. I can show you examples from the heterosexual side aswell but we are dealing with homosexuality here, not heterosexuality. There is nothing more to homosexuality than the act. Homosexuals simply act out their lusts and desires. They fall in lust, not in love.

    I’m not saying that people are animals, however the animals in nature give us an idea of the order for life that has been structured on this planet. Even with tribes, homosexuality is unheard of, and these are people. It is only through the heavy influence of European western culture, do all forms of reprobate behaviour all of a sudden become acceptable. Homosexuality is an lifestyle that has been promoted and put out there and some people have CHOSEN to take it up.

    Well, it is mostly women who sympathise with reprobate behaviours. The last time I had the same discussion on Madnews about this topic, guess which sex it was that jumped to the defence of the homosexuals in their droves? Women! So I know this from first hand experience, this is how many women work, only look at the lifestyle from a surface perspective but don’t bother to check into the real facts of what they are supporting.

    You already have been uploaded and influenced, how many times have you rattled off a phrase that has come from a movie or television? It happens all the time, your fashion, your language, your aspirations, your beliefs etc have all been given to you by the culture creators. Swearing and using foul language was given to you by Hollywood, there are hardly any people anymore who do not swear, and you say that people haven’t been influenced that greatly by the television. Just because you haven’t been influenced to do something extreme, that in no wise means that you haven’t been influenced. This is the whole point, the television influences.

    What words of hate, what because I went into the stats in relation to their lifestyle, because I have called out the lifestyle as foul and reprobate. I do not walk with this world’s forever changing standards. Since I’m supposed to be following Christ and the Most High and they have spoken out against the lifestyle, wouldn’t I be a hypocrite if I spoken in favour of it?

    It is typical of people to quote that scripture about the casting of the first stone but if you’d have checked the context, you would have noticed that the pharisees firstly didn’t bring the man who was involved in the act with the woman and Christ knew that they were doing the same thing because of their habits of divorcing their wives over the smallest thing. Christ stated that the only grounds for a divorce was under the grounds of promiscuity(fornication). You should read Matthew 19 before you start quoting things you have no idea about. It always seems to be those people that have never read the bible or at least never delved into it deeply that always have the most to say against it.

  21. As i sit here and read all the comments….it came to me that people will be people. No one will every be the way you want then to be in totality. There will always be things you won’t like about anyone you meet. But what i have learned in all of this…meaning with my brother and reading these comments is…that some of us need to have love in our hearts. And what i mean by this is….no one is perfect! People are flawed and we have to learn to live and let be. I don’t care if someone is straight or gay. I don’t care if they are Black or purple! Yes i’m totally into BLACK people… but there comes a point in life when you have to take the God complex out of your heart and mind. Meaning he is the only one that can judge and will do the judging. I think like this…if he didn’t want this to be…it just wouldn’t be. We have a creator that is always in control of his creation and his creatures. And yes sin is sin…but i think we all do it. And we are all at his mercy at all times. I think when we hate something so much there is a deeper issue here. Yes we can all quote scriptures to back up anything we want to say. But it all comes down to having the revelation of what you have read. The understanding that he made it so… there is a purpose for it. I nor anyone else has the right to judge another person for whom they are. Yeah you may not agree with what some may do. But hey it’s their life and they have to live it the way they see fit. I was just thinking…what if i were gay! How would people treat me because i don’t do what is traditional. Would people who once said they loved me ….turn on me. Would i be called names and made to feel less than because if who i was. I mean think about it…put yourself in others shoes and see if you would like reading all he hate. And no matter what anyone may say….. some have very strong hateful feelings against people who they deem not to be normal. But are you normal? Do you really understand and know what god is really all about. Yeah he did say things about homosexuals in the bible. But lets not forget he said things about lairs,cheater,haters and people that judge when they don’t have the right to do so. You give people the information that you have…but don’t beat them over the head with it. Because if by chance you are right….they will never hear you. And that’s where wisdom comes in to play. You have to have wisdom if your going to deal with other people. I’m so sure there are things about you that others don’t like. But i’m sure they overlook it because they can still see something good in you. So with that being said look for the good in others and not look for what you don’t like or agree with. Oh i had my brother read these comments and he was like wow..what the fuck! He said in some comments all he could feel was the hate. But he did say this…if you;re not doing it why do some care so much. He said that him sleeping with his boyfriend has nothing to do with anyone other than them! In closing if i were gay i would never come out to anyone. And what harm would i be doing….well a lot because i would be living a lie!!!!!!!!! And with that i would be hurting my woman…my kids and my entire family. But the thing is…i’m a strong minded guy that never cared what others thought of me. I was raised to be strong and fight for what i believe in. And i must say i admire my lil brother…he has turned into such a good dude…and he happens to be gay….so what! I love him and i will fight for him with my life. And anyone that is against him…is against me. I think some of us will never try to understand until it affects you….directly!!!!!!!!!!! With someone you love with all of your heart….like your child,brother,sister…the list goes on………………………………………….I’m not nor have i ever been against anyone who is gay!!!! I accept anyone who is cool and keeps it real with me. And that is because i’m secure within whom i am….and no one can make me do anything that i’m not into.. I was thinking about adding some spanish sayings here…but i would have to explain them in english….lol!

  22. @moreno, well said!
    I take it your a man and not an emotionally programmed woman, who is sympathetic to the gay cause like myself lol
    Or maybe you read the wrong bible and studied the 600 commandments in the wrong order lol
    I cant take @verbs seriously, he sees what he wants to see and clearly believes he is the oracle of life.
    Yet he still has yet to answer the question of why people are attracted to what they like. I’m still waiting for him to get past “its the media and television” DEAD answer.
    European founded rhetoric! Give me a break, your championing a book that Europeans used to to put my people (black people) in bondage. Your one of the main people that come on this blog talking about those same “Europeans”, but yet your using this book to validate your argument on homosexuality. Come on!

  23. verbs the bible is no line of defence especially not a last one. whether you believe in it fully, partially or believe pages have been torn out, its your personal faith, keep it personal. We have all had this convo before with Lati in the firing line. The same points are raised again and again and nothing will gain. I personally felt you lost control then, and lost some respect for you at that time and wished you handled things differently as in general you are loved and raise good points. Dont fall into the same trap!

  24. @ Moreno

    I hear what you are saying bro but we have to stop jumping onto the judging bandwagon everytime a hot topic get raised, namely homosexuality. Again, this post is in reference to homosexuality, so this is the topic to be dealt with here. I have to ask the question again, why is it that whenever the topic of homosexuality is raised, that all of a sudden the subject must be changed. Everything else can be talked about and every other flaw in mankind can be hashed out………….except when it comes to homosexuality.

    The homosexual does not have an automatic exemption right from being held accountable and being scrutinised for his actions and their impact on a community, society and the family unit. He has to answer for his actions just like everyone else when his feet are held to the fire. He cannot continue to use the convenient media handed down phrases to throw at people who want answers to their questions in relation to his lifestyle and the impact it has on the general public.

    I’ll repeat the point that I stated to Miss Lala, if I am a follower of the Most High then I have to emulate him and carry out the instructions that he gave me. Now, he has already written about how he is going to deal with homosexuals when he returns and it is not nice. I would be out of order and a hypocrite not to warn homosexuals aswell as other groups to change their ways in light of the wrath that is coming to this planet.

    Again, you cannot use other sins to excuse the sin of homosexuality. You are right, the Most high is the judge and he is going to deal with all sin including homosexuality, so why are we trying to exclude it now if it is going to be dealt with just like the others? Me repeating the message of the Most High in regards to this topic is not judging, remember, he declared his position on this topic before we were born.

    My bottom line is this. No good comes out of homosexuality, only destruction and contamination. Now, you have put your emotions aside and admitted that homosexuality is a sin, acknowledging it as a bad thing. So, I hear you on the love for a brother, sister, mother, father etc is deep, but by you confessing that homosexuality is a sin, you are really stating that the lifestyle which your brother is involved in is no good. Again, I respect you for dividing the line between the love for your brother and the acknowledgement that homosexuality is a sin, not many people can do this.

  25. @ Miss Lala

    When did I say I am the oracle of life? No, the problem you had is you jumped into a topic with emotional rhetoric, little facts and got burnt. The other problem you have is you underestimate the power of television and you still believe that the television has been given to you for your entertainment, that is why you cannot connect with the media and television being a leading influence to people taking up the homosexual lifestyle.

    In places where there is no television or where people watch very little of it and have little to no influence of the western culture, homosexuality is almost unheard of. An average tribesman would give you a funny look if you explained to him what was going on in the west.

    Europeans used the bible to put the so called Negro into bondage right? Perhaps you can bring forward the scriptures they used that SUPPORTED what they done to us as a people. That is a redundant argument if ever I heard one. Do you think that Christ or the bible support the prosperity preachers who are rinsing out money from the people using his name? Just because somebody uses the name of Christ or the bible, it doesn’t mean that Christ or the bible support their actions, I thought that would have been obvious.

    I never brought the bible into it until you mentioned the Most High and him being the judge, so I had to show you what the judge had to say on how he views this matter. I didn’t need to go into the bible to tear down homosexuality, all I need is their stats, facts and the fruits relating to the lifestyle.

    You’ve got the floor, please bring me the scriptures that the so called Europeans used that SUPPORTED the slavery of our people.

  26. @ Real NV

    You have to remember NV that just because something may not be as relevant to you as the next man, it doesn’t automatically ordain that the thing be thrown out. The message in the bible relating the coming judgement is not a personal one, it is aimed to all people. Now, some choose not to listen to the message, that is no problem. This however does not now mean that the message is not relevant.

    I never lost control at all, Miss Lala first raised the issue of the Most High and judgement, all I simply done was show her the judge’s words. You cannot restrict the contents that can be brought to a debate based upon your own convictions. The bible states that homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle and thus far the book has proven itself correct at least on that premise, we only need to look into the world to verify this.

    I can meet debaters on all fronts in relation to this topic regardless of what angle they are coming from, however we cannot let our personal convictions dictate what data is to be included or excluded from a debate.

  27. @Verbs: Ermmm, no! please believe that your blind ideals have not left me “burnt”, just very ammused by your archaic way of thinking and your denial that homosexuality has been very much a part of society since day one.
    The only person showing any emotion is yourself. Your the one that has displayed complete “disgust” at homosexual lifestyle (isnt “disgust” an emotion?)
    You lose yourself in by thought of of a homosexual act (why is your focus on that?), when my whole argument has been “why do you care so much, if it doesn’t effect you directly?” As long as you don’t want to lay down with another man, why do you find a grown man getting intimate with another (that isn’t you!) any of your business?

    Once again, you quote the bible. If you look at my previous posts, I never quoted or spoke about the bible, I spoke about the “Most High”. Then you decided to flick through your bible and throw quotes at me, quotes which hold no water or mean very little to me as the bible is a man made contradictory book. Any book with that many contradictions in it, can only be written by man.

    Again, if you check black history, you will know that the bible was used as tool to colonalise the world over, including many countries in Africa. It assisted in aiding the slave trade, and contributed to brain washing whole African nations (yes, brainwashing existed before the invention of T.V and media). The effects of The Bible and all its residue still resinate in todays society, with people fighting and killing each other over foolishness. But if you want to quote from that, go right ahead.

  28. @verbs
    “just because something may not be as relevant to you as the next man, it doesn’t automatically ordain that the thing be thrown out”

    Its not relevant at all!, its as relevant as saying “my dad said so, and his always right, so there!”
    This carries no weight especially if I think your dad is a compulsive liar.
    The bible cant be used as fact just because “god said so here. Jesus said so there” when they had no input in any word put together in it.

    “The message in the bible relating the coming judgement is not a personal one, it is aimed to all people.”

    Its not, its for Christian god fearing people who believe in it, which none of whom understand and dream up what they think it means with imagination, making it personal (unless someone else pushed there imaginative views onto them i.e. pastor or book.)

    “You cannot restrict the contents that can be brought to a debate based upon your own convictions. The bible states that homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle and thus far the book has proven itself correct at least on that premise”

    Janice hasn’t given me moderator privileges, I’m just pulling you up on something before it goes somewhere else, religious views only leave people breaking it down which Miss Lala has just demonstrated which you will probly find excuses for but should really look into to prove it right or wrong,
    Any Joe knows the lifestyle is not the way of nature and I’d rather give an example of nature than a confirmation from a non credible book. just because it can confirm in certain parts, demonstrations of common sense and simple logic, this in no way proves the bible is an authentic source for information among diverse intellects. If we all belonged to your church you’d have a point.

  29. Gays are people and like all people,they do have rights..Like them,i also have rights so please DO NOT take away my right to dislike what is wrong in my view. Do NOT practise what you can’t preach. I’m not brandishing gays as thieves but imagine a thief telling you that he has a right to steal.

    I keep asking this question that no one wants to answer.

    Who here would encourage their son to take it up his backside????????!

    Programmed people!ve rights so please DO NOT take away my right to dislike what is wrong in my view. Do NOT practise what you can’t preach. I’m not brandishing gays as thieves but imagine a thief telling you that he has a right to steal.

    I keep asking this question that no one wants to answer.

    Who here would encourage their son to take it up his backside????????!

    Programmed people!

  30. @gary, no ones encouraging anyone to do anything.

    But its not for you tell a grown person how to live they way they want to. I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you. People do what they do and that’s there business. Again, if it doesn’t effect you directly, why are you bothered?

  31. @ Miss Lala

    I see that you have a serious problem with selective reading. Once upon a time here in the UK homosexuality was outlawed, so no, it hasn’t been a part of society from day one. It has existed in society but it hasn’t been given a free reign until recently.

    No, it is normal for things that are not part of nature to be frowned upon, that is a natural reaction to something which is not natural. How many times do I have to keep repeating the same thing over and over again? Is English your first language? As I have stated numerous times before, the homosexual is now FORCING HIS LIFESTYLE ONTO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, mainly via the education system and the media. This is why I have a problem with the lifestyle. THEY DO NOT KEEP THEIR LIFESTYLE TO THEMSELVES ANYMORE. I hope that this point has been made clear and sinks in.

    Well, where does the Most High speak from? The Bible, I merely showed you what he had to say on the matter. Give me a break with this man made, contradictions in the bible nonsense, I heard it all before, investigated the so called contradictions which all turn out to be(excuse my French) bollocks. Come better than that, use your own reasoning and thinking skills. Just from the fact that you are using the same rhetorical statements against the bible that people commonly use, it is immediate to me that you haven’t got a clue what you are talking about and that you are simply hoping that the rhetoric you’re using will carry you far and won’t be examined.

    If you knew anything about the slave trade, you should have known that it was Jew(ISH) people who owned 75% of the slave ships and the majority of the ports that our forefathers were docked, bought and sold on. Of course, when Spielberg (JewISH) made his film Amistad, he neglected to highlight this fact for convenience sake, obviously this factoid would have put him and his people in the spotlight. Allow me to show you some pictures of the real people that enslaved you, who are currently pretending to be you and who have been living in your land of origin(not your land of settlement) for the past 63 years:

    I suggest you read the books The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volumes 1 and 2 in which the authors using Jewish sourced information show how it was actually the Jewish financiers that funded and ran the slave trade and that the JewISH people were the ones who put out the “christian slavery” rhetoric so as to keep the heat off themselves. On the christian propaganda front, I recommend the books To Eliminate The Opiate Volumes 1 and 2.

    I checked all the scriptures mentioned in that video you posted in my bible and they all say SERVANT not SLAVE, so these scriptures never supported their actions. Of course the quotes were conveniently taken from the newer bible versions which have deliberately sort to remove and distort scriptures. Gail Riplinger expounds on this issue in her book called New Age Bible Versions and in a 2 hour video under the same name:

    I also recommend that you pick up the book called Jew Selling Blacks, Slave Sale Advertising By American Jews where you can see the actual advertisements put out there by JewISH slave traders. Here is a link to the book on Amazon:

    So called JewISH people sold our people into slavery and everytime you come with the “Christian
    slavery” line, you are simply parroting the common statements put out there by them.

  32. @ Real NV

    Again, the bible is simply not relevant TO YOU. The problem you have is you believe that your convictions on the bible are somehow an authority over this debate.

    Again, I never asked people to take the whole bible as creditable in this debate. I simply pointed out that on the topic of homosexuality, the parts of the bible that speak out about it being a destructive lifestyle are thus vindicated.

    As for your conviction that the bible is only relevant for “Christian God fearing people who believe in it”, you are correct, as in it only being for the few. The coming judgements however are for everybody, including yourself. The Most High doesn’t require your belief in his word first in order to bring down judgements upon this planet.

    I’ve never understood that mentality, where because a person does not believe in something, they believe somehow that their non belief gives them immunity and protection from the effects of what they do not believe in. Now who has the imaginative mind?

    What, just because I mentioned a few scriptures you think I cannot hold my own from a secular perspective?
    It is obvious that you would rather give examples from a secular perspective because your beliefs are from a secular standpoint. Well, that is the way YOU deal with things, your opinion of what should be included and excluded from this debate is not the be all and end all as there are people reading these post who are of the opposite stance to you.

    As for the bible not being creditable, we can debate that topic another time when something in relation to that is posted.

  33. @Verbs please keep your books to yourself, as much as you like to believe that were all brainwashed, these books and your so called knowledge seem to be brainwashing you. Unless there are men physically pushing themselves up on you, why do you feel this lifestyle is being pushed upon you. Its spoken about to those that want to hear, if your not interested, turn of your t.v and keep it moving.
    If you check the above posts, the only person quoting from the bible was you. The same bible your calling “Eurpoean Rhetoric”. Again, the words don’t effect me, so save the quotes for someone who’s interested in hearing your interpretations of them. Its boring and a DEAD argument!
    While were on the subject of reading material, you should read
    “Sweat Tea: Black Gay Men of the South”
    “Brother To Brother: New writings by Black Gay Men
    “In the life: A Black Gay Anthology”

    You like to read so much, I hope these books take you to a happier place

  34. @gary
    I cosign Miss Lala, I dont know anyone who promotes anything sexual let alone what your saying to their child, warn them of the dangers yes. but not promote.

    “Again, the bible is simply not relevant TO YOU. The problem you have is you believe that your convictions on the bible are somehow an authority over this debate.” *** I pull you up on it because you take it somewhere else when your buttons are pushed, I never used to say anything about it before, only on the metrosexual blog post where I thought you crossed the line and felt I had to say something on it. If I see things going that way I will say something. Its all that rapture talk that always follows your bible quotes and disrespect. Moreno has stated his brother is gay yet I believe you’d probably still discuss in the same thread with someone else that god will burn them in hell on judgement day.

    “What, just because I mentioned a few scriptures you think I cannot hold my own from a secular perspective?” *** No, I think you can hold your own without the need to bible quote.

    “It is obvious that you would rather give examples from a secular perspective because your beliefs are from a secular standpoint.” *** I try to look at things as unbiased as I can to get a better understanding and not an emotional one.

    “As for the bible not being creditable, we can debate that topic another time when something in relation to that is posted.” *** If I remember from the black metrosexual blog post, you overlooked simple facts and done little if not any research on points that where made. Which only showed me when it comes to the bible you simply duck any evidence or common sense relating to its true purpose, along with your logic on that particular post. I truly believe talking with you about the bible will achieve nothing more than nothing and a never ending blog post.

    maybe a post on slavery or something but not focusing solely on religion, I dont have the patients or time for that!

  35. @verbs my brother ..I will never abandon my family no matter what. I just think when we start pointing fingers and pointing out someone’s sin there are four fingers pointed back at you. What I’m saying here is that no one can judge other than THE MOST HIGH! I have no issue with you not liking homosexuals. It is your right and you can do what you will with it. I just don’t like the tone… It’s very in your face and now deal with it. I think as I said before if you are who you really are. And you have the most high in you…you would come across differently so that others will hear you. The most high hung around with the sinners because he knew they needed saving. He didn’t go around the so called righteous people…because there were none.
    I don’t think I’m jumping to the judging bandwagon! I am just stating what I read from you. It sounds like you are judging. I think it is great that we can have these kinds of conversations. It is always a good thing to know what someone else feels about an issue. But it is also good to hear how passionate people are as well. Hot topics are the best to me…it makes you think. And it also reveals who you are inside…because we can all be under a delusion at times. Sometimes we all can tend to forget that we are human as well. And we can also forget that we have flaws as well. Because when it is all said and done…we all are sinners. We came into the world that way…so no one was ever exempt from it. I think this conversation should continue…because maybe we can all learn from this. This is not about hating you because what you say…but this is a debate as well. Everyone doesn’t believe in what you saying. And they may not believe in what I’m saying as well. But we all have the right to express how we feel about what you are saying. Also homosexuals as well as fornicator, liars, judgers, stealers, enviers I mean the list goes on…are not exempt from being held accountable. That is why he is grace and mercy because he knows he created a creation full of sin. Even though we are taking about homosexuals…it still applies to all as well. Because no one is better than any other because it is all sin. And I don’t like talking about peoples lifestyle per say. I’m more into issue that deal with helping our community progress. I like talking about injustices that we face on a daily basis.
    You said that he said how he will deal with homosexuals when he returns! Where did he go? I always thought he was still here just not in a physical body per say. I never look at the creator that would make a creation and leave it. If he is gone then we would not exist…. He is here but you have to find him in you. But when we talk about the creator you have to know him as he really is and actually exist. Do you know you are made in the likeness and image of him? Do you know that everything in the universe is three fold? Everything not something’s… which represents the Father the word or Son and the Holy Spirit. Did you know that every vessel in the tabernacle that would build in the wilderness of siani (don’t know how to spell it) correlates to your physical body? And that the most high has a name? Ok enough of that ..don’t know why I went there. I have no issue with homosexuality being a sin… But everything else is as well. We cannot just pick and choose what a sin is.. It is all sin if you’re not right! If you don’t have his spirit in you! So I guess that is why I’m saying we are all sinners and we will all be dealt with. Not just the homosexuals…everyone. But I don’t worry about others sins…I just care about mine. I have no power to change anyone because it is not my job. The one who made will fix whatever is the issue…if it is in his purpose..
    I love reading all the comments that everyone made.. But what I like most is that you can feel the love people have for one another. Whether they are right or wrong they have the right to express how they feel. And I like people who are compassionate about other people. None of us should be judging anyone even though we do it in many forms. But just being able to say hey it’s all right is cool to me. Because no matter what you may believe it is alright because he is in control. Nothing is out of whack so it’s all good. So keep it coming my brother.. And anyone who has something to add as well. And when I have something to add I will jump in. But when it is all said and done…you will never be able to change anyone’s mind about how they feel about this issue. Oh and yeah I am emotional about this because it affects someone I love very much. But hey man I’m filled with passion for my people and the betterment of us. And in closing if you really understood the most high you wouldn’t have an issue with this. Because you would know where it all comes from. But brother you’re cool with me because I like people who will state what they feel and not run from it. Even when no one else agrees with you.
    @Ms Lala….dang ma…didn’t know you were so fine!! I saw you on YouTube!! I think you were on a panel on Bang Radio…. Not hitting on! Just stating a fact!! And we all know Janice is hot as well… so I’m guessing all the sister on this site is on their game!!! Peace everyone and keep it coming Oh I’m sure some of this will not make sense I’m not rereading it…just typing and there ya!

  36. @ Miss Lala

    If you can point out something positive or benefits that the homosexual lifestyle itself brings to a community or a society then I will recuse myself immediately……though I do not think you will be able to as I have asked homosexuals this question before and I have yet to receive a response.

    Yes, I will come out and say that YOU are brainwashed when it comes to this subject of homosexuality. Why you would open your arms and embrace a lifestyle which is against you as a woman? You actually should sit down one day and think about how you actually got to the stage where you now believe it is ok for 2 men to lock lips and grease up on each other, and for 2 women to lick each others vaginas.

    However, like I said before, because women are beings who are driven by emotions first, all you see is the surface, 2 people who lust after each other which you misinterpret as love. That is why you defend and appeal for the lifestyle with emotional bullet points and leave out the facts. If you are going to defend the lifestyle then at least look into the statistics and facts that surround homosexuality first in order to receive a balanced view.

  37. @ Real NV

    Your point is noted about staying relevant because I have noticed that I have been lead off topic before in previous debates, not necessarily to do with the bible, but on other subjects. Not all of what you have said has fallen on deaf ears.

  38. @ Moreno

    Lets be honest bro, you already know in your mind the Most High’s position on this subject. Throwing in other sins to ease the heat off the topic of homosexuality you know will not change anything. If we are going to deal with other sins then we have to deal with homosexuality in the same manner. We cannot bring up other sins and give homosexuality an exemption card. Just as you and I would hold people who commit other sins accountable, the homosexual must in like manner be held accountable.

    Now, I do not totally blame the homosexual as today we live in a world where this lifestyle is deemed and taught as a normal practice. This is the major reason why many people believe that the lifestyle is a normal part of life. I have stated before that this is an agenda and this homosexual movement was founded and still is funded by the Rockerfeller Foundation, the same NGO that founded and funded the so called Women’s Liberation Movement.

    Homosexuality is one of the agendas being pushed to destroy the very fabric of society, the family unit, and for the most part it has worked. So we have to come at this lifestyle from all angles, who started the movement, who is funding it, where are they going, what do they hope to achieve, what is the homosexual’s role in the agenda, does he know the full reasoning behind the movement, etc?

    It has taken the so called Negro more than than 130 years to get to where we are today and our condition today is still far from satisfactory. Yet it has only taken the homosexual just over 30 years to gain the ground that he has achieved, and while our conditions are getting worse, his is improving. How was the homosexual able to gain so much ground in so little time and why are all these big sponsors funding the movement? All I am saying is that there is something more to this that needs to be looked at.

  39. @verbs. Once again my decisions on people are not based on there lifestyle choices, there made on how that individual person is. Clearly someone as narrow minded as yourself likes to create boxes for whole groups of people. You like to get on you high horse telling people who you don’t know how they think about others, or how you believe they should think about entire groups. This is odd coming from someone who likes to talk about how as a race of black people we are constantly judged and placed under one umbrella as being “all the same” by society (white society)
    Your just as bad as they are, in fact your worse, as your a hypocrite about it.
    Again, I don’t see gay men as a problem to my life or my dating life. I’ve done just fine with them being on this earth and just so you know I have NEVER competed with them to find a man. If that’s your struggle, I really don’t have any words of advice that I could give you. Just refer to the reading material I gave you, hopefully they can help you more than I can!
    Maybe you already read the books, as you keep banging on about facts and statistic, did you find them in the books that I recommended? If you did, I hope you had a good read!
    Your very “emotional” and “passionate” about this subject, being as I’m the “woman”, am I not the one who’s supposed to be the emotional one?

  40. @verbs your right, this was this song that brainwashed me LMAO!!!

    @verbs “Roll your window down and scream hayyyyyyyy!”

  41. @Miss Lala

    Well, the homosexual agenda is bigger than an individual. Secondly, there is no comparison between blacks and homosexuals, a nationality/heritage/bloodline vs a lifestyle???? I had no control over who my parents were and what nationality I would be. The homosexual however makes a “choice” to follow that path as you have finally acknowledged in the first paragraph of your last reply where you referred to not making decisions on people based upon their “lifestyle choices” but upon who they are as individuals.

    As I suspected, you can’t even bring forward something positive or a benefit that comes out of the homosexual lifestyle itself, your arguments for the lifestyle are based only on emotional pleas. My case still stands, there is NOTHING POSITIVE that comes out of the homosexual lifestyle, nothing.

    You came with the emotion, I came with the facts, stats and the observations in accordance with nature. Also, just because something hasn’t personally landed on your doorstep yet, it doesn’t mean that it is non existent. You will soon find out where the homosexual is really going.

    You talked about me getting on a high horse however I’m not an authority here, I am just bringing an opinion and information to the table just like everyone else who comments on these blogs. I am entitled to my opinion. Nobody is obligated to agree with my opinion and I have no problems with people bringing information forward that clashes with my opinion, this is how people grow in knowledge, wisdom and how swords are sharpened.

    However, I have a problem when people try bring emotional rhetoric and pleas to the table in support of something and attempt to hold that up as the facts. This is what you are guilty of Miss Lala.

  42. @verbs, once again you keep talking about “emotion”, as I already said to you, the only person displaying “emotion” is you. The rest of us really couldn’t give a toss about the bedroom antics of the next person, but you seem overly pre-occupied with how and what people do behind closed doors, displaying utter disgust, which (correct me if I’m wrong) “emotion” (man up, it’s not that serious!)
    As already stated, homosexuality hasn’t “landed directly on my doorstep”, but I’m fully aware that it exists, I just don’t care! I’m not making this a problem or a factor in my life, because it isn’t. The world has been functioning with homosexual behaviour since forever, we haven’t come to a crashing halt, as you and I know that they make up the smallest part of the population. Hetrosexuals will continue to have sex and create lots of little “verbs”, so stop having a panic attack.
    In regards to what homosexuals bring to society, the last time I checked they paid there taxes and work within this community like everyone else. I also like the fact that my house price has been raised since a large chunk of them moved into my area, bringing with them gorgeous boutiques, coffee houses, restaurants etc, but hey I just like pretty things. I guess I let my “emotion” get the better of me.
    Once again, I don’t believe that you choose your sexual preference. At which point did you “choose” to be hetrosexual. No one can say when they had the defining moment, so why should it be any different for homosexuals? You still have yet to answer that question. Please go back to your books to see if there is an answer.

  43. If at any time you start to have feelings and “emotions” for men after watching this clip, please press pause! Or you just “Relax”

  44. @Miss Lala

    I am relaxed already. Your last response simply proves my point, that the homosexual lifestyle itself brings nothing positive to a community or society. Paying taxes, coffee houses, restaurants, boutiques, increased house prices and employment have absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality, those things are simply part of a societal infrastructure. Me purchasing a coffee or buying a bagel from a shop even if the shop is run by homosexuals, still has nothing to do with the lifestyle itself, this is part of business. The profession of a cop or a fireman has nothing to do with the homosexual lifestyle itself either.

    The defining moment is simple, as soon as you as a man decide to kiss another man or as a woman decide to kiss another woman, that is the defining moment and the moment that you choose to embark on the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle and mission, in other words as soon as you decide to act out the feelings and ideas of homosexuality, this is not rocket science.

    I now rest my case as you have proven it from your inability to answer the question. Don’t fret though, as your homosexual buddies and fellow advocates couldn’t answer the question either. I had a feeling that you would make an attempt to link professions and everyday things in society to homosexuality, you are not the first homosexual advocate to attempt to do this and you won’t be the last.

  45. @Verbs, the fact of the matter is homosexuals contribute to this society just like everyone else. I have no issues with anyone’s sexual behaviour, as long as there off a legal age to do what they want to do, then they can do what they want.
    You make out like the world will come to a screeching halt due to there bedroom activities, but as already stated, if that was going to happen, it would have done so years ago.
    You have no case at all, none of your points have any validity, as you have tried to make out that society is in the problems its in due to homosexuals, that thinking within itself is beyond dumb. The books you read should be put down, its seems to me that you read till you turn fool! (If your off Jamaican descent you would have heard that saying before!)
    As for the defining moment (as you put it) you have yet to explain to me why is that people gravitate towards what they are sexually attracted to? You keep saying its a choice, but none of us were ever given a choice at any part in our lives to be attracted to either a male or female. At what age did someone sit you down and say “Hey Verbs, its time for you to choose, do you wanna sleep with men or women?” Its no different for gay men and women, hetrosexuals do not have the monopoly on choice!

  46. The point is none of the contributions you mentioned above have anything to do with the homosexual lifestyle itself, the “contributions” are outside of the homosexual realm, so my point still stands. I know you have no issues with homosexuals and their practices, you have made that abundantly clear.

    However just remember, when the homosexual forced induced program lands on your doorstep in the form of homosexuals booing and hissing at you and your boyfriend on the street, homosexuals steaming you because they see you as a threat to their interests, men, lesbians calling you names such as “baby maker” and “breeder” aswell as rushing you on road because you are with a man and not them, then just remember who told you first. These things are to come.

    This homosexual can isn’t even open to the fullest yet. You do not want it open more than it already is. I already explained a number a posts back that the influence of media is a heavy part of the equation that leads people to make that choice. Men and women have a default position already designed within themselves to be attracted to the opposite sex. Simply watching television can begin a process to alter your perception and change that default position.

    Their are also other factors that come into play like whether both parents were in the home, was the child abused when he or she was young( sexual abuse is a common foundation for people turning to the homosexual lifestyle), neglect, just to mention a few.

    Of course none of my points were valid in your eyes, you came from an emotional perspective, I came with the hardcore truth about the lifestyle. Had I had come forward on your tip, you would have been jumping up and down with excitement, giving me the thumbs up.

  47. @verbs you accept what you want to be forced onto. That your choice, I don’t feel forced, pressured to accept anything that is just a part of life. If you cant deal with something that is an actual reality, then I cant help you.
    Once again, emotions are on your part. You the disgusted one, I just don’t care. Just so you know, not all homosexuals come from broken homes, or were sexually abused, I think you find thats an act that can happen to anyone, from any walk of life. A blanket statement like that makes me further not take anything you say seriously, come better than that!
    Again, why you keep going to TV, its only been here for a minute compared to how long this world has been turning! That is a DEAD argument!

    OMG, I cant believe you said “Lesbians will shout out “baby maker” and “breeder”. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! As far as im aware lesbians have ovaries and the ability to have children, some actually do, so if im a “baby maker” and “breeder”, who the hell are they. What world do you live in? What lesbian have you ever seen “rushing” a straight woman? Do you know of any that hate straight women that much? You don’t sound like you know any gay people. Why you consider yourself the expert on their behaviour is beyond me LMAO!
    Have you been reading Enoch Powells “Rivers of Blood” speach, but adapted it for homosexuals? And you call me emotional! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  48. I’m pretty much done here now, all I see you doing now is attempting to make up for your short comings from earlier. Nothing that you have commented on in your last post is a difficulty for me to rebutt, however I would be a hypocrite to continue a debate with somebody who hasn’t brought any factual information forward yet. All I will say to you from here on out is prepare yourself.

  49. @Verbs, you just need to chill our and relax, nothing you have said has made any sense. The respect I had for you has gone clean out the window after your last statement of lesbians will shout out “baby maker” and “breeder” to straight women, I cant take you seriously after that. If that statement is based on your so called “facts” and books, you can keep them books, as they serve no purpose but to make you think in an idiotic way! Leave the books alone, as they are not helping you. Spend more time getting to know people as individuals, rather than making blanket judgements on people and what they get up to in their own personal lives. There’s plenty of nasty crap that hetrosexuals get up to everyday that is equally morally wrong, but your focus is on what two grown adults do behind closed doors. Its very sad! I’m done, when you get a better argument and stop fearing that lesbians will scream “baby breeder” in the street, then we can talk.

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