Last year millionaire Atlanta-based pastor Bishop Eddie Long was accused of engaging in sexual relations with young male members from within his congregation.  Click HERE to watch the news report.

To avoid the case going to trial the “good” Bishop Long settled a lawsuit brought by the young men for a reported $15 million last month. Click HERE to watch the news report.

The “good” Bishop Long has since lost members of his congregation and is now encouraging the members left to dig deeper in to their pockets. He is also opening satellite churches to help bring in more cash flow. Click HERE to read all about it.

And today Rhymes With Snitch reports that a woman approached the “good” Bishop during his sermon this past Sunday and handed him a huge amount of money, but some are highly suspicious of this move, and think it’s a “con designed to loosen up his dwindling congregation’s pockets”.

I can believe that!

Watch video footage below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Somebody should beat some sense in to the thick heads of the congregation members who still attend his church. For goodness sake people OPEN YOUR EYES!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

If you want to fleece people out of their earnings (especially black people) just borrow a Bible, set up a church above a shop or in a flat on some council estate and they will come.  Prey on the vulnerable, weak and naive and within a year watch the millions roll in.

The whole situation just makes my blood boil.

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  1. “I see err’body bringing dat to the alter!” WOW!

    Dude is working the crowd, greasing them up, getting them nice and supple so he can PUMP EVERY LAST CENT OUTTA THEM

  2. Exactly, and money is not the only thing he’s looking to “pump”. I’m surprised that she didn’t pull out a tub of vaseline aswell for the “bishop”. People like being followers, it is too hard today for most people to be individuals and think and reason for themselves, it is easier to leave you brain at the door and join a group. Groups don’t think, they just all carry out the same actions. This is one of the main reasons why people still go to his church, bish Long does their thinking and reasoning for them. There is a sucker born every minute and deceivers lining up to take advantage of them.

  3. Well all i can say is these people will never wake up. Only because they worship the man…and until that changes….they will stay in this kind of darkness. I visited this church 3 weeks ago while in Atlanta visiting family and friends. And man these people worship the ground this man walks on. It’s really sad to see so many of our brothers and sisters so blind. And if you dare say something about him…off with your! Most churches here in the states are the same way… It’s about the man and not GOD!!! All i can do is shake my head…. And he still walks around like he is the best thing around. This did not humble him at all.. And i will say he is guilty!!!!!! These mega churches are all about money and nothing else ……

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