Stalker Susanne Ibru

Susanne Ibru who stalked Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand and his family has been jailed for 10 weeks and put on a restraining order for 10 years.

Via Mirror Football

Susanne Ibru, 38, appeared at Crewe Magistrates’ Court after being convicted of harassment of the Manchester United and England star last month.

The defendant was living in Peckham, south London, when she made three 400-mile round trips to Ferdinand’s home in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, on February 21 last year, then again on June 16 and 18, her trial heard.

The 32-year-old footballer told the court that Ibru left him fearing for his family’s safety by turning up at his home and demanding to speak to him.

Sentencing Ibru, District Judge Nicholas Sanders said he was “concerned” by the defendant’s behaviour since she had been in custody.

He said: “The pre-sentence report describes you as living in a fantasy world, unable to interpret social situations and boundaries. You display a predatory and manipulative lifestyle and try to deliberately mislead interviewers.”

On hearing the sentence, Ibru said: “I will be appealing against that.” As she was led to the cells, she added: “I stick two fingers up at you.” Continue Reading….

Rio Ferdinand

This is just sad. Susanne clearly has psycological issues. I hope she receives some form of help soon.

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  1. Yes it is very sad… and for a punk who don’t even like her kind. But mostly she seems to no have a grip on reality.I hope she get some much needed help… And then find a man that would want her for her..

  2. First and foremost, this is NOT Gary.. I just hacked into his account… I’m a famous athlete and would like to add my two cents.

    I have one word to describe this: RESULT!!! It’s been a long fight and THANK HEAVENS we have won.

    What exactly makes you think that we,black footballers,would date your kind,black women??? Stay away from us! We’ve been trying to send you signals FOR YEARS but it seems you just don’t want to listen. Tiger Woods slept with a multitude of women and were any of them black?? NO! Wasn’t that the clearest signal???

    I swear to God i wouldn’t touch a black woman with a barge pole. Dating one would knock a few zeros off my value in the transfer market. Talk to me and i will get your ass jailed. You get that,harlots?! Argh,i’ll end blood pressure will rise because of this.

    You know what..I had a good match today. I scored two goals and i’m in celebratory mood. I certainly won’t allow a black woman to ruin my day.. Let me enjoy with my NON BLACK woman.

    Good day


  3. How sad that people who are meant to be seen as role models are still stuck up in an ignorant, racially discriminating state of mind…going by Jermaine’s comments… I pray your eyes open before its too late! To the women, I have no comments, we all get what we deserve…

  4. @ Gary aka Gza i’ve got two questions for u..
    1) wat makes u think a black woman will even look at ur dry skin let alone stalking u?
    2)who made u an athlete? nd if u are who cares i seriously think there is still some untold story. “I swear to God i wouldn’t touch a black woman with a barge pole. Dating one would knock a few zeros off my value in the transfer market” this statement should be d other way round my advice to u is to go and look at urself one more time in the mirror. by the way i am a famous model.

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