Singer Jason Derulo agreed to strip off for Cosmo Magazine to help raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Via Trini Trent

Every year a host of famous male celebrities agree to pose naked for this campaign but I wonder if the majority of men out there actually take the message on board, or do they find the campaign a bit of a turn off?

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  1. The lotion agenda at work again disguised as a so called “campaign”. Wouldn’t you find the same type of pictures in homosexual magazines?

  2. i think the picture is tastefully done…don’t have an issue with it. Now i wouldn’t do it but people do things for various reasons. Plus he may have done it to receive more attention. The ladies will love it…well some will…

  3. Err…why does he look…erm…what’s the word…sad? Sorry, disappointed… Why does he look disappointed?

  4. It’s for an important cause so good on Jason Derulo for getting his kit off. You don’t know maybe the cause is something very dear to his heart or maybe he just wants to spread awareness. The shocking thing about testicular cancer is that it is more often than not curable as long as it is caught in time. As for Jason’s Derulo’s facial expression – well he always looks sad.

  5. This whole “raise awareness” so called “cause” is a red herring. This picture is straight homo erotic. That is the real objective for him posing naked and he doesn’t even know it. They use a similar style of homo erotic images for men’s fragrances, having men almost naked or at least with their chests exposed.

    If Cosmo magazine really wanted to “raise awareness” on testicular cancer then they would have told men to avoid eating and drinking foods and liquids out of plastic containers, all cans and paper cartons as the commonly used plastics(including those used for bottled water) contain a substance called BPA(Bisphenol A) which is a synthetic female estrogen mimicking hormone(yes a hormone in your plastics) which causes early puberty in girls, abnormal breast enlargement(hence why women’s bust sizes have increased) and later cancer in the later stages of the BPA’s redundancy.

    In men it causes man boobs, excess fat that cannot be gotten rid of especially around the belly, chest and thigh areas, cancer(including the testicular cancer that they claim to be “raising awareness” of) aswell as other ailments and DNA structural changes in the body.

    Drinks companies use BPA to line the inside of all of their cans. BPA is also used to line the inside of food cans such as baked beans, tuna, corned beef, soups etc. The question has to be asked, why would food and drinks companies be using synthetic female estrogen in plastics aswell as using it to line food and drink containers?

    If Cosmo magazine really wanted to raise awareness about testicular cancer then they would have informed their readers that a lack of Vitamin D can lead to cancer and that people need to get out in the sun more and that people with darker skin need to expose themselves to a more intensive sunlight(southern hemisphere) to keep their vitamin D levels at an optimum level. Since this Jason Derulo is a so called Negro, they should have informed any so called blacks reading the magazine article that 90% of so called blacks are vitamin D deficient and don’t get enough sunlight exposure.

    Cosmo magazine should have also in their “goal” to raise awareness told the readers to stop using fluoride toothpaste as fluoride is a toxic waste by product of aluminium production. The toxic waste product is too expensive to dispose of so corporations have decided to dispose of this toxin in your toothpaste and drinking water supply.

    Cosmo magazine should have also in their goal to “raise awareness” told their readers to not use any commercial soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, deodorants, washing up liquids, lotions etc as these are all made from the waste by product of oil.

    So I hear what you are saying Ondo Lady, the cause is important, but what can be learnt from looking at a man posing naked as opposed to raw data that really deals with the real causes of testicular cancer that Cosmo magazine for some reason do not want to tell their readers about?

  6. In a recent interview, Jason said that he was hesitant about doing the shoot at first, but when the editors explained why, he said he was more interested. This campaign is to get ladies reading the magazine to look at the picture and then read the article that informs people about Testicular Cancer. He later said that this photo shoot was incredibly nerve racking and awkward, so the sheer publicity factor was not his goal.

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