Smiley Culture died during a police raid inside his Surrey home.

Via The Guardian

A meeting between top Metropolitan police officers and members of the public descended into chaos and tears, as family and friends of the dead pop star Smiley Culture accused senior police chiefs of being “murderers”.

A former senior adviser to the former London mayor Ken Livingstone also warned that the black community in Brixton was at “boiling point” after the 48-year-old pop star’s “bizarre” death in police custody two weeks ago.

The musician, who had success in the 1980s with the singles Police Officer and Cockney Translation, died after officers came to search his house. According to a pathologist’s report, Culture, whose real name was David Emmanuel, died from a single stab wound to the heart.

At the time of his death, reports suggested that Emmanuel had stabbed himself while going to make a cup of tea in the kitchen of his Surrey home.

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Metropolitan police authority, at city hall, became passionate and raucous after Tim Godwin, acting commissioner for the Met, tried to move proceedings on from Emmanuel’s death.

Emmanuel’s close friend, Asher Senator, cried “murderers” and “you’re killing us”. He was pulled away from the gallery by associates after becoming distraught. The meeting was adjourned as other members of the crowd began chanting “no justice, no peace” and more than a dozen people walked out in protest.

MPA member Cindy Butts was reduced to tears. “It has been 30 years since the Brixton riots and so much has changed but we have so much [still] to do,” she said. Continue Reading….

Smiley Culture March For Human Rights And Justice For All.
Saturday 16th April 2011
Assemble at 12 noon
Southbank Club, 124-130 Wandsworth Road, SW8 2DL
Proceeding to New Scotland Yard, Victoria, London SW1

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  1. Nothing has changed, the so called white man has always remained the same, cold, blood thirsty and antilife. All he has done is allowed you to climb up a little in his system as a token gesture and conditioned you to accept measly handouts and view them as if they were gold, a car, a house filled with cheap electronics all made in China and a Tescos, Asda or Walmart down the street to buy your GMO food from. The race riots are coming, this man will soon revert back to his caveman, slasher, bloodthirsty former self. As I stated before, we are only tolerated in this country and the so called European man’s toleration for us is wearing thin.

    He grows tired of hiding his hatred and perpetual disdain for the so called Negro behind politics, paperwork, bureaucracy and subliminal messaging. As one of my brethren appropriately stated:

    “The so called European man can be very friendly, but he certainly IS NOT your friend”.

    We so called black people have to wake up from the trance that the so called European man has put us in by his “offering” and us accepting his temporary dainty treats. It is time we took off the blinkers and filters and just called out this man for what he is, a deceiver, a liar and a murderer who will stop at nothing to reach his goal and tread down all who stand in his way with no sympathy, compassion or mercy. The Most High was spot on not to give Edom the blessing and to give it to us(Jacob). I am tired of the injustice and the nonsense from this nation of people, it never ends.

    What about all the cases of this nature that go unreported? Yes, I have a chip on my shoulder Edom, and YOU put it there.

  2. As for demanding answers from the Po Po, the friends and family of Smiley will get the same response as the family of Jean Charles De Menezes, the Brazilian who was capped 8 times in the head in Stockwell underground station in 2005 by armed police…………………………Nada!

  3. This is so sad. The excuses are just so pathetic and it is unbelievable that anyone with sense would come up with such excuses and get away with it at the same time.

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