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The family of UK reggae star Smiley Culture aka David Emmanuel, who died Tuesday 15th March in suspicious circumstances during a raid on his home by the Metropolitan Police Serious Crime Squad, is holding a press conference at the Karibu Education Centre 7 Gresham Rd Brixton SW9 7PH now.

In attendance and speaking on behalf of the Emmanuel family will be Merlin Emmanuel. A long time friend and associate of Smiley’s, Asher Senator will speak along with other members of his immediate family.
Lee Jasper Chair of the London Race and Criminal Justice Consortium is chairing the press conference.

For more information contact Lee on 07984 181797
Lee Jasper.

Rest In Peace.

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  1. Isn’t the IPCC basically the police investigating the police??? If that’s the case, how do we expect to really know the truth??? In fact, throughout the history of cases of unexplained deaths of our black brothers whilst in the company of the police (and it’s always our black brothers…unless someone wishes to correct me, it’s never our black sisters…), have we ever had a successfull outcome, and by successful, I mean, have the IPCC ever admitted they caused the death of our loved ones whilst in custody or whilst attempting to arrest them?????….someone please enlighten me! Look at the Stephen Lawrence situation….alleged racists investigating alleged racists….is it any wonder we still have not seen justice as far as the Lawrence case is concerned!!! what did the McPhearson report prove?….INSTITUTIONALISED RACISM!!

  2. I’m so angry. When is this madness going to stop.
    Where is TeamUK to show there disgusts and support for the family
    All the Grime MCs, UK Hip Hop MC. This man paved the way for you, and all you can do is argue about who’s the friggin best MC according to “THAT” blasted music channel.
    2011 and this shit is still going on. If you are a rapper or a music artist this is the time for you to show your support. This could be anyone of us at anytime.
    Were scared to make any noise about it, as everyone is so fearful. What you fearful about? This could be anyone of us at anytime, we need to get this to stop.

  3. I knew Smiley just to say ‘hi’ to and yes, all the years I’ve met him, he’s always been ‘Smiley’! As a Brixtonian, I often came into contact with him and sad to say, the last time I was in his presence was when Saxon sound system held a ‘clash’ at the Brixton Town Hall in December 2009! Fantastic man, so understated, and so full of life!!! Smiley, missing you already!

  4. Come on people, lets be reasonable now, quite often, when the police come to arrest me (not!), they allow me time to cook the Sunday roast (not!), do some clothes washing (not!), mow the garden and put up the fence (not!) and if we have time, they even allow me to do some decorating and canerow my little brothers hair (not!), so why is it so hard to believe that they would allow Smiley to go and ‘make a cup of tea’ and ‘stab himself’ in the process????!! I tell you why…cos it’s NOT true! NOT true! NOT true! NOT true! Who are they trying to fool!! Not you or I, only themselves cos over the years, they’ve ran out of excusing for killing us, so this is the best they could come up with!!! The last time I checked PG Tips did not come free with a ‘how-to-kill-yourself instruction!!! NO COVER UP!!!

  5. Miss LaLa as Merlin said there would be no TeamUK without Smiley but these guys are all about themselves. No support for the ACLT, no support here, all they do is is jive dance for pittance and continue to line the pockets of the racist record labels who hold their emancipation papers.

    I hope the rest of the UK stands behind the Emmanuel family and supports the campaign. Blogs like this are important for getting this news out there. Thank You Janice xx

  6. ’13 Dead, Nothing Said’ – New Cross Fire 30 years ago! ‘Smiley Dead, something has to be said’ March 2011!! No cover up, I’m pissed off! We need to stop sleeping and wake up and see what they are trying to do to us bit by bit. Years ago they used chains to enslave our minds, now they use the IPCC to keep us down! Wake up people! And as for you Voice newspaper, yes, focus on real news and do some proper news reporting; who gives a fuck what Kanye, Naz, Nikki Minaj, jay Z etc are all doing, cos they’re doing fine cos they not being killed off! Voice newspaper, you’re either with us or against us but please stay with us on this one.

  7. @ Mellisadelic – too true “all they do is is jive dance for pittance and continue to line the pockets of the racist record labels who hold their emancipation papers” – yes, I want to hear their voices too and yes, thank you Janice for this opportunity to Blog about it!!

  8. I sincerely hope the IPCC/Met police are reading this. I am insensed and embroiled over the recent murder of one ours – Smiley Culture. My theory is this, when those sodomites went to arrest Smiley, there was one thing on their evil minds….and that was to cause serious harm. why? becuase the devil and dogs cannot rest knowing that a Black man has acquried personal wealth while they (police – devils) have nothing to show for their years or work trying to rid the streets of our black youths/men. This is what the slime buckets call pay back. As for those f*****g house N****s who are raking up Smiley’s background, go an shove your f****ing head down ur slave master dirty pit toilet! You lot are a black hinderance and the reason why Black people are slow in progressing en mass because you lot love kiss out white man a**se! I am sick and tired having to read/listen to the media citing another black man has died at the hands of some murdering Met police hit squad. The only time this motherfu***ing racist acts will stop is the day black people are less fragmented and unite collectively and spiritually to fight against this racist and unjust system. Only then will satan’s footsoldiers start to tremble and back the f**k off. The only tool that the dominent culture is suppressing us with is psychology. wake up Black people…Black nationalism, Black power, black revolution!!!

  9. RIP SMILEY. JAH know the truth of what happen. They will have to face HIM one day.

  10. If they managed to get away with Charles de Menez’s death who was killed in broad day light when the people were watching, they will get away with this no doubt. They cannot afford to tell the truth for one person, that will mean that you will demand the truth for almost everyone else that is known to have died at their hands. I don’t knw how many there are, but it will be like opening a can of worms. This like any other is going to be swept under the carpet. British folks have manged so well to control their racism whilst portraying a clean image.

    They say high crime rate is non representaive of a typical english village(white village), well, there you have it.


  11. @Dera so true Dera, so true; it would be a can of worms they cannot afford to open. IPCC in my view stands for INDEPENDANT POLICE COVERUP COMMITTEE!!!

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