Kate Winslet and director Roman Polanski at film launch last night

I don’t understand why film director/writer Roman Polanski (77) is still being honoured. Is this man not a paedophile?

And I have nothing to say to the Ms Winslet, apart from working and hanging out with a man who drugged and then raped a 13 year old girl Kate… Really???
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For those of you who are not so familiar with Roman Polanski he directed/wrote the film classic Rosemary’s Baby, and this…..

On 11 March 1977, Polanski, then 43 years old, was arrested for the sexual assault of 13-year-old Samantha Geimer during a photo shoot for French Vogue magazine. Soon after he was indicted on six counts of criminal behavior, including rape. At his arraignment Polanski pled not guilty to all charges.

Geimer’s attorney next arranged a plea bargain, which Polanski accepted, where five of the six charges would be dismissed. As a result, Polanski pled guilty to the charge of “Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a minor,” and was ordered to undergo 90-days of psychiatric evaluation at Chino State Prison.

On release from prison after 42 days, Polanski expected that at final sentencing he would be put on probation. However, the judge had apparently changed his mind in the interim and now “suggested” to Polanski’s attorney, Douglas Dalton, that more jail time and possible deportation were in order. Polanski was also told by his attorney that despite the fact that the prosecuting attorneys recommended probation, “the judge could no longer be trusted . . .” and the judge’s representations were “worthless.”

Upon learning of the judge’s plans Polanski fled to France on February 1, 1978, just hours before sentencing by the judge. As a French citizen, he has been protected from extradition and has lived mostly in France since then.

On 26 September 2009, Polanski was arrested while in Switzerland at the request of U.S. authorities. He was kept under house arrest at his home in Gstaad while awaiting decision of appeals fighting extradition to the U.S.

On July 12, 2010, however, the Swiss rejected the U.S. request and instead declared him a “free man” and released him from custody, although all six of the original charges still remain pending in the U.S.

The victim, Samantha Geimer, during a TV interview on March 10, 2011, blames the media, reporters, the court, and the judge for causing “way more damage to [her] and her family than anything Roman Polanski has ever done.” She adds that the media were “really cruel,” stating that the judge was clearly using her and a noted celebrity for his own personal gain from the media exposure.

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  1. Birds of a feather I say, most of these celebs have some dark room fetishes and deviant behaviours they take part in behind closed doors. All part of the ritual of continuing to pledge their allegiance to the dark one himself who put them up there as so called stars, Lucifer. Polanski (JewISH) certainly is a very dodgy fellow when it comes to children. I believe that he even once said that he just couldn’t help his lust for young boys, he just has to indulge himself.

  2. Not by chance the devil that currently occupies the body of Nicki Minaj is called Roman and she purposely named it after Roman Polanski:

  3. I don’t understand this, I used to rate Kate but now I am looking at her with new eyes. Roman Polanski is pure and utter scum, he needs to be in jail to pay for his henious crimes of abusing your women.

  4. The victim who is now 47 gave a interview last week basically making excuses for him. It was bizarre. It makes me wonder if she was paid to say that. Also I found an article about British actress Emma Thompson who in 09 signed a petition which was against him being extradited to the States to face punishment. She later removed her name from the petition and admitted that she had been pressured in to signing it by friends.

  5. I’m astonished by this photo – Kate Winslet cosying up to paedophile. Her own daughter will be 11 years old this year – just two years younger than his victim was when he assaulted her. What on earth is wrong with the woman? Next thing she’ll be hugging Glary Glitter.

  6. How can these people excuse his behaviour? Say if Roman committed his crime last week instead of 30 years ago. Would they still be ok with it?

    I also always wondered why Bill Wyman was never led to court in handcuffs, a blanket over his head and a baying mob outside.

  7. Its just straight nasty.
    As a 40+ year old man, you have no business being in the business of a 13 year old child, thats the bottom line.
    Would Kate feel happy to leave her children around this man?

  8. If a thirteen year old kid had been drugged, plied with alcohol and raped by a catholic priest, whether decades ago or not, fools like Kate Winslet would certainly not be flocking around to offer support. The only reason Polanski has evaded the law and escaped justice is money, influence and airbrushed idiots like Winslet willing to turn a blind eye.

  9. Actually, he plied the girl with alcohol, drugged her, raped and s0d0mized her. He went to town on her. She was 13. He then sent her home still drugged and crying. I think he was more shocked at the family pressing charges, possibly assuming they wouldn’t dare to. The judge backtracked because his leniency became headline news as the charges were and still are extremely serious and criminal. I can easily believe that this girl has suffered year in and out as RP has dodged the law, but she’s been dragged through public notoriety as ‘that girl’. There was also a civil trial, which she won but RP has refused to pay the court ordered settlement. He didn’t just rape this child, he fundamentally damaged her as a person and the quality of her life by his actions.

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