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  1. I asked the same question, but in fairness, she is mixed race, although not in the conventional way. Pride is the magazine for the woman of colour, so I suppose she kinda fits into that. I personally think they are begging it a bit with her. Next we’ll see Kim Kardashian gracing the cover.

  2. Yes why is she on this cover….see here we go!!! Yes she is mixed race…but she is not Black… We always seem to put others on our covers…but how often do you see a beautiful Black woman on a major so called magazine???? You know what i’m saying… Some things should just stay ours… We are always willing to let others into our world…but they don’t do the same for us. In my opinion we are the cause for some things not going good for us. Most don’t give a shit about us….but we are always reaching out to them……why people …!

  3. Oh yeah Joanna Steele you’re right she will be next. Oh because she do…Black men… not a good enough reason to me. She is not a Black woman….WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!……enough said.

  4. Joanna Steele :
    Pride is the magazine for the woman of colour, so I suppose she kinda fits into that.

    Let’s not give Pride a bly here. They are a magazine dedicated to Black women. Not Filipino, Hawaiian and Russian mixed women. So I’m not buying she fits into the woman of colour tag that Pride portray.

  5. No doubt she was ordered to be put on the front cover by the higher ups of the magazine who are probably no doubt JewISH. Black people are soon finding out that they really own nothing that they can claim for their own.


    Exactamente hombre, why are we always reaching out to people who despise us and cannot wait to burn our outstretched hands? Will the black man every learn that he will never be accepted by other nations no matter how hard he tries?

  6. Verbs2011 Man it is really hard for us as people to realize the state of the world. Some of us spend so much time trying to fit in that…we lose who we are. The truly sad part about this is being in denial about what is going on. Or rather willfully ignorant! This is what happens when you give others power over you. When you look to others instead of doing for yourself. By the owner putting her on the cover to me is a slap in the face to all Black women. She is not Black and because she use to date a Black man does not give her a pass in my book. If the magazine is for and about Black women…then keep it that way. Each time Pride Mag. comes out Black people look to see what Black person is on the cover… Not others!!! We don’t get it and we won’t ever get it. Until we learn self love and self respect! I’m not about total exclusion but I think what is for us should remain just that way….FOR US!! Verbs2011…i dig what you say…and i respect the fact that you’re not afraid to say it. As well as others on this site… I have to admit i have learned alot about the culture in the UK just from being on this site. And it really didn’t amaze me…because Black people over there go threw the same struggles as we Black people over here in the USA… And much love to Janice…you have some really great topic…keep up the good work… I like a sister who puts it out there… it says alot about who you are….

  7. @Janice

    Yes, a black man at the front but JewISH financing behind the scenes.


    I’m hearing on all of what you said. Been rolling with Madnews since the Myspace days. It’s always exciting to see what Janice brings to the table. I’ve been in some serious verbal wars on here aswell however this is what makes us different, we are all supposed to see thing from different angles as individuals, something that this coming NWO doesn’t want, individuality is their enemy.

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