Dr Albert Odulele

Via Channel 4

Dr Albert Odulele, who runs Glory House International, admitted indecently assaulting a boy aged 14 and sexually assaulting a 21-year-old man – both former members of his congregation.

He entered the guilty pleas at Bexley Magistrates’ Court in south-east London and was committed for sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court on a date yet to be set.

Magistrates granted him conditional bail at the brief hearing.

Odulele, who describes himself as a ‘teacher, preacher and evangelical preacher’, is a major figure in the world of evangelical Christianity. Click HERE to read more…

[Thanks Karl Nova]

Dr Odulele allegedly told police that he had been battling with his sexuality for years.

This is just sad. I feel sorry for the victims and the 3000 strong congregation who put their faith and trust in this man.

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  1. This is a huge reason as to why many people do not get involved with “church”. Charlatens like this blacken the the reputations of churches. They are seen hypocritical organisations, mainly because many in the church know that crap like this happens, but they want to hide the fact as they feel that its a reflection on the church. What they fail to realise is that they become as bad as the person that is using the church to do there evil antics, if they decide to just sweep it under the carpet, then they themselves are no better.

  2. This is sad. He is married and I believe has kids

    I’ve seen a facebook page set up by folks who I can only discribe as his “fans” all I can think about is what of the victims? What about the 14 year old attacked and abused?

    God have mercy this is so sad and to imagine there could be more going on, more victims abused and more instances like this covered up.

  3. The Institutional Replicant Church Beast System strikes again. Why so surprised? The majority of these so called “churches” are trojan horses, pretending to be part of the true church Christ established but really are in place to fleece whatever congregation it can gather to it. People need to recognise when they are in a church which is part of the institutional beast system as they will more time follow the same pattern:

    Fast Songs
    Slow Songs
    Pass The Bucket(With Song)
    Sermon(A few scriptures mentioned here and there but the main talk is pure rhetoric that feigns itself to be of some worth).
    Altar Call(With Slow Song)
    Fast Outro Song

    If your church operates in a similar fashion to the above pattern then you are in a church that is part of the institutional church beast system. My suggestion to you is to get out. To be honest, in order to get the truth you must leave the church. Very few of these churches actually hold any value.

  4. Bloody idiot! If he was struggling with his sexuality, he had no business preaching to other Christians. Thank goodness for the British legal system. This case would have never seen the light of day in Nigeria. Perhaps now the rather judgemental and lippy Pentecostal lot will stop judging Catholic priests so harshly. They are all the same!

  5. @Marvel

    I would have to agree with your statement 100% as it was the Roman Catholic Church that set up all these other so called “denominations”, from Anglican to Pentecostal, from Baptist to Seventh Day Adventist, from Jehovah’s Witness to Charismatic. They all front as being different and unique but they all sit under the same Great Whore, the Roman Catholic Church. The Elites within the Catholic Chruch laugh when one faction squabbles with another, both sides not knowing that although the paths may look different, they are both travelling in the same direction to destruction.

  6. Well,this is not surprising. 2011 will be a very interesting year for black people. Prepare to be embarrassed and shocked. Sit tight sweetie,you aint seen nothing yet.

    Black people in general are turning into queermosexuals. Our music videos promote lesbianism so homosexuality “is the future”. Thank God i’m from Zimbabwe and my Mugabe won’t allow such shittery.

    Anyway, The egotistical “pastors” (black) in our churches only preach ‘prosperity gospel’ plus such churches usually offer ‘services’ that range from dating agencies to business/investment opportunities.

    Money is always the heartbeat of their sermons. The message they try to hammer into your brain is, “The more money you give,the more blessings you receive”. They pressure you into donating shed loads of money “to the church”,expect you to pay tithes and scare you into buying all their must have shitty “pastor’s self help books”, DVDs ,CDst, -shirts etc etc.

    I heard and saw ,with my own ears and eyes,one WELL KNOWN UK based black pastor say,”If you donate $100 you receive one hundred blessings.If you donate $1 000,you receive one thousand blessings so the more dollars you give,the more blessings you’ll receive. Praise be to God”. Lord have mercy!! I felt like throwing a brick at my TV. Basically, he meant the more moola you give,the more God loves you.

  7. Well thank God I go to a decent Church. I hope and pray nothing like this ish is going on there. The church I attend does not skirt around the issues and does not follow prosperity doctrine.

    It is folk like this man that give Christianity and Churches a bad name. They use the church to hide behind but God is not to be mocked!!!

    I have no problem with churches making money as many will re-invest that in the community and abroad. My church has a regular soup kitchen and pays for a school in Africa which is overseen by a pastor there, money is also put aside to care for many orphans and many other projects, which all can help facilitate if they wish

    bad churches are simply just that bad

    This guy needs help and I feel for the victims and pray that this man has not caused them to turn away from God.

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