Vybz Kartel - Before and After

It’s black history month in America and a leading New York club DJ has announced that he will not be playing any music by Vybz Kartel during this period, because of the Reggae star’s skin bleaching antics.

Irie Jam radio host/program director Dubb Master Chris recently told the Star newspaper,

“Black history month is a big deal and we as a people should take every opportunity to celebrate our heritage. I feel if I continue to play Vybz Kartel, an artist who is now very much known for bleaching his skin, it simply sends the wrong message to my young impressionable listeners.

I strongly believe bleaching is wrong, wrong, wrong! It’s a disgrace. It’s a slap in the face of our heritage, our ancestors and our god. This definitely sends the wrong message to children, I think it leads them to believe that some how, if they are dark complexion something is wrong with that. It erodes the concept that Black is beautiful.

Please understand that I have a lot of love and respect for Kartel’s music. I respect his enormous talent and his individuality. He is one of the great lyricists of our time however, at times I am disappointed in the direction he decides to take his audience even though that is his prerogative”

“Without a doubt kids are following his lead. Entertainers need to understand that the words they use are powerful. They influence their listeners, especially the younger ones. Artists have the power to start trends good or bad…remember that.

He called on other radio jocks who program reggae songs to “take a good look at the values they are reinforcing by playing an artist such as Kartel especially in these times.” He noted that the temporary ban on Kartel’s music specifically applies to radio play. The ban he said was a personal decision but noted that he had the full support of the Irie Jam Radio management and other jocks at the station.

Dubb Master Chris

Oh dear…. poor Kartel. I bet he’s sorry he jumped in to that vat of Domestos now.

I find it hilarious that this DJ has decided to ban Vybz’s records throughout February only because it’s black history month.  But come 1 March it’s business as usual!

If Vybz’s antics have outraged this Dubb Master Chris that much, then why doesn’t he ban his music permanently?

I’m sorry but I just can’t take his stance on this situation seriously.

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  1. question is – is vybz Kartel bothered. this dj is just one and as vybz kartel is on of the top dj’s in jamaica right now I do wonder how his audience will feel.

    you may not lay his music but he is making money elsewehere.

    plus this is foolishness by this radio dj. does he play any michael jackson or tribute song to mj? has he banned all the men and women who bleach from any dances he holds, has he banned all artists who bleach. i hink this rado host is looking for attention. funnily enough vybez kartel song dancehall hero talks about people using his name just to get props lol


  2. What about those black artists who insist on featuring only light skinned girls in their videos. i think even that is worse than Kartel bleaching himself. Unless you are a light skinned female you are not worth featuring in some BLACK people’s videos?

  3. I think this is a start and for change to happen we have to start somewhere! who knows someone else may follow and have a stronger stance. The thing im wondering about now though is will he play any of the “king of pop” Micheal Jackson’s music? remember he was once BLACK!:-D

  4. In that case he’s going to ban a lot of Black Artists as a lot of them get lighter and lighter when they reach the stardom.

    Sure a bit more subtle than kartel but still.

  5. I think what he is doing is fine!!!!!!! I wish others would do the same as well. But i would like them to ban the music for more than a month. Firstly he looks a mess… Secondly does he really think being lighter will make him look more attractive….i think not! He looked better darker…but when you don’t like yourslelf this is thing some will do. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL….why in the hell is that so hard for so many Blacks to accept. And i would ban Michael Jackson as well….he was no better. What it comes down to is that if we as Black people don’t take a stand…bullshit like this will become the norm…. And as for the lighter skin females in videos….well if you keep watching and buying the music it will continue. You have the power to change things. But no one wants to take the time to do anything. All of the skin bleaching is foolishness. Janet Jackson is a mess….she did the same thing. But the real deal is…no matter how much you bleach your skin you will never…never…never ever be white!!!!!! And you will still be called the N word……now what!! This just some sick bull that Black people do. To not have love for who you are and how you were made is shameful!! After Micheal Jackson became a White man…i never listened to his music again. I thought him becoming white was sick…and i don’t if anyone says he had Vidaligo(how ever you spell No he did not,…he just wanted to look like a with dude. Because even if he did have the decease why did he make his nose keener….cleft in his chin….perm his hair…

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