New animated CBeebies series Rastamouse made it’s debut on BBC 1 several days ago and so far the reviews have been quite positive. It’s definitely going to be a huge hit with the kids.

TV/radio personality Reggie Yates is the voice behind Rastamouse, and I plan on sending him an old “how to speak Jamaican Patois” book, that I brought back from Jamaica as a child in the 80s (lol).

“Yeh mon, Yeh mon!”

I’m only joking Reggie. Do you son, do you! 😀

Rastamouse is adapted from a series of children’s books written by Genevieve Webster and Rastafarian Michael De Souza.

Check out Rastamouse below.

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  1. It looks good. You can’t expect Reggie to put on a hardcore JA accent. All kind of kids have to understand what Rastamouse is saying.

  2. Things like this is what black people should be supporting instead of shouting racism and being stereotyped. If some white folks are not open minded enough and don’t want to see this on their screens, black people should support this. the reason there is all this sensitivity around such things, is because racism is a taboo subject in Britain. No one wants to talk about it because of this fear and gap that has been created. White people don’t know what we want or what to say, because many don’t bother and don’t want to know. Then as soon as anything is created for blacks, either it is a misrepresentation, or black people are sensitive about it thinking that the white folks are taking the piss, which they do sometimes tbh. British media is notorious for taking the piss out of other cultures and keeping a clean image of theirs.

    Maybe if they got black creative minds in many of these things they create to represent black britain and we end up complaining about, there wouldn’t be much complaining. Or if they they allowed black creatives to do things and then they put them up for viewing, we still would have less bitching from Black Britain.

    I wonder if a black peson would be employed to write up a script for mid summer murders.

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