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Miami, Florida rapper Trina will be honored in Kingston, Jamaica during the 7th Annual Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) this coming March.

EME Awards Founder and Chairman Richard “Richie B” Burgess said Trina will be the 2011 “International Friend of Reggae Honoree”  honored for her collaborations with various Jamaican acts like Queen Lady Saw, Sean Kingston, Barbee and others.

“Some of the icons of our rich musical heritage as well as the hottest newcomers around will receive the recognition they so rightfully deserve, for providing us with wonderful musical gems throughout their careers”, Burgess said in a statement.
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Richard “Richie B” Burgess you are a JOKE! Honouring Trina (of all “artists”) because she collaborated with a few Reggae artists in the past?

“International Friend of Reggae Nominee” – What RUBBISH am I reading on this cold Monday afternoon?

Due to my close ties to Jamaica I feel nothing but embarrassment right now.

This award should be scrapped and the focus should just remain on homegrown talent.  But I know that this pointless “Friend of Reggae” award has been included to generate more interest in the event, hence why they are being handed out to well known US artists both good and bad.

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  1. Why has Jamaica become so beggy-beggy to every trash bang wallop, when she has so much pappyshow of it’s own? So much so I’m surprised Jamaica hasn’t sunk to the bottom of the caribbean. SMDH at the nonsense that is now Jamaica…..

  2. I am sorry but I couldn’t even read your article, the only thing I could see was Trina lace front.

  3. Im a Jamaican and how is this foolishness? the girl did a song with jamaican artist lady saw and it was successful. It also helped lady saw to be heard in florida , it was a cross over for both of them, which they also gained new fans from both sides which is good for both of them so how the hell is this foolishness?

    I must be a mad jamaican woman to not think otherwise.

    Trina is a big hip hop artist not major but big or else lady gaga would’nt have chosen to work with her in a studio in the first place. Some of you people who love to jump to conclusion makes me sick.

  4. Lady Saw already had a fan base worldwide. People were already hearing her music all over the world, including in Florida. Long before that collaboration with Trina.

    As for why this is foolishness… you know what Poppy I can’t even be bothered to explain why it’s foolishness. You simply won’t get it.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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