Jonathan Ross hosting The Comedy Awards this past weekend

‘What’s going on with Cheryl Cole’s complex relationship with the black community?

‘It’s like she’s playing the world’s longest game of slap, marry, deport.’

[TV personality Jonathan Ross ‘jokes’ about the ‘nation’s sweetheart” /FRAUD Cheryl Cole at the Comedy Awards which took place on Saturday.] 

Those of you who know all about Chezza Cole will understand this quote.

The Daily Mail who thinks the sunshine shines out of Saint Cheryl’s backside is now trying to blast Jonathan for the joke about her.  Idiots!

I love you Jonathan.

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  1. I was watching the show yesterday and when he said the now infamous quote, I saw many faces who didn’t find it funny, well …. I found it hilarious!!!!

    I was actually shocked that for once, someone dares bashing the ” nation sweetheart.

    I love how some readers on DM jumped on the conclusion that she couldn’t be racist coz she was married to a mixed race and Will I Am didn’t put Gamu through too. lol!

  2. I just submitted a comment about “Our Chezza” and her complex relationship with weak black “men”, the capitulation of the “black” voice in Great Britain v the very public don’t care what “Whitey” thinks Black American voice and how just because a lot of black people over here bow down and make noise at the wrong time. I also said that Chezza had better not put one fingernail wrong in the U.S because she will get run out and will be reminded at every turn by all races that she can’t dance or sing. Obviously, the Daily Mail did dash weh my comment. Mr. Ross, I salute you. I,m just a bit shame that a Black British comedian did not have the cheek, rage or nimbleness to bad her up and her stupid,Black “R@B” not selling that much again in the U.S hangers on dem. Yes I’m talking Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Will.i.am. Old Bruk Dem!

  3. I just read this on DM and thought I wonder if Janice has posted this yet. When I read it I LOL and so did hubby. The funniest part is that it is so true. lol

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