Vybz Kartel - Before and After

“This is my new image,” Kartel said in the interview. “You can expect the unexpected. I feel comfortable with black people lightening their skin. They want a different look. It’s tantamount to white people getting a sun tan.

[Reggae star Vybz Kartel talks about his ridiculous skin bleaching antics in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine]

Check out lost soul Vybz below.

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  1. Reminds me of a friend, when I saw her during the previous summer holiday – I had a heart attack. Oh girl went from black to yellow paw paw with the quickness. The only I didn’t scream was I previously informed and specifically told not to.
    Like I said then & I’ll say again now…low self-esteem is a bitch.

  2. If you black you stay in the back, if you brown you stick around, Vybz want to stick around, maybe he believe been a vampire can help.

    On another note bleaching is huge in Jamaica, him might be the only artist who actually admit to it, but I’m sure they’re a lot more. Often time dark skin black people believe they’re been pass over by lighter skin individuals so the solution they came up with is to bleach.

  3. Everytime i see someting like this i just shake my head. The last person i saw doing this was Sammy Sosa. He went from dark to light…and he was all so proud. He was all teeth in the pictures….but he looked a hot mess. Man i never ever understand why Black people refuse to accept themselves. Love who they are and love the beautiful skin they are in. Why do so many of use have this mantality that light is better. It’s the stupidest thing i have ever seen or heard. I could never be a fan of any Black person who hates themselves that much….. That slave man mantality is a MUTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. personally I believe he s a victim of white supermacy like most black people in the western world I disgree with skin bleack like any self loving Blackman,however..if we are goner burn a fire skin bleaching lets not go half way! lets burn fire people who try to look other than themselves period! i.e. blackwomen changing there natural hair and folks putting different colours lenses in their eyes. Bleaching I believe is far worse than thos I mentioned I know however to me its all in the same bag! if u bleach,wear contacts,weave hair,straighten your hair and beleive looking white as a black or lite black is beautiful your turly lost and have right speak about Kartel we need to check ourselves!

  5. I’ll only agree with you on the lenses. But you see, black people especially black women like being stylish hence the crazy hair styles.

    But do you know what it means to wake up and look in the mirror and want to change your DNA?? That’s the climax of deeeeeeep rooted problems.

  6. I actually agree with the point that Vybz Kartel says in that bleaching and tanning are one in the same, however they are both detrimental health and therefore should be avoided. A white guy at work takes injections to have brown skin. He always looked odd to me until someone told me about it.

    Bleaching is just not a problem in Jamaican communities, all communities have this going on. Asians do this with joy. My friend tells me of the adverts on Asian tv etc. Where I live most people who bleach go to the African and Asian shops for supplies.

    Being part of the Jamaican community I do see many people do this and they do get talked about both good and bad. There is a dancehall song that says something along the lines of “yuh bleaching suit ya”.

    I do not agree with skin bleaching or obsessive tanning. Say what you want about Kartels bleach out ghost face skin – he is on his way to being a dancehall music mogul. He has own alcohol, cake soap, music label/empire etc etc. he is doing big things pity he ruined his looks with bleaching.

    Oh yeah in that video he thinks people are fool. Cake soap washes your clothes and air con does not make you get lighter.

  7. If he’s not man enough to admit what he’s doing to his skin he shouldnt exepct people to have any resepct for him. While it’s his business what he does to his skin, he should shut up about it instead of lying about it. He’s quick to yap on about how much women he gets but cant find his manhood to answer a question with the truth. I couldnt care less about his empire since I dont judge a person on their monetary worth.

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