The BBC has turned children’s book series Rastamouse in to a cartoon series.

Rastamouse is a children’s book series, written by Genevieve Webster (an author and illustrator) and Michael De Souza (a Rastafarian swimming instructor). Rastamouse books are written in rhyme with a Jamaican accent.

Rastamouse is the main character. Other characters that play a big part in the books are Scratchy and Zoomer. There are three Rastamouse books available. These are Rastamouse and the Crucial Plan, Rastamouse Da Bag-a Bling and Rastamouse and the Double-Crossin’ Diva.

Radio /TV personality Reggie Yates will apparently be the voice of Rastamouse –NO COMMENT!!!!

CLICK HERE to visit the Rastamouse website.

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  1. We’ve been watching Rasta mouse for a while on Cbeebies, Lenny Henry was voicing it before! Not sure why they chose Reggie to do these ones.

    The kids love it.

  2. Just seeing the picture of the main character (Rastamouse), this sounds like great fun! Its also a great thing that a Rastaman his involved in the Iration of this character, a lot of the time Rastas are highly misrepresented on paper and on the screen, so with their backgrounds the authors are doing justice to the movement. Thanks for sharing this article, Ill be on the look-out for the cartoon!

  3. As a Caribbean its great to see a caribbean based children programme more are needed and should have already existed. I like the positive lessons presented though I do not like the fact that the voice of the main character would by someone who is not even of Caribbean background. How does Reggie Yates know how to do a Caribbean accent! He doesn’t! What happened to Curtis Walker, Felix Dexter, Robbie Nester and all the other Comedians and actors either from the Caribbean or of Caribbean parentage?! The accents sound terrible!

  4. just watched Rastamouse on tin ter net. Very funny very suiteable for my great nieces and nephews who are either Caribbean or Caribbean / white. When I first heard of the character I really couldn’t understand
    what the connection of a mouse would be to do with HIS MAJESTY or Rasta
    Fari as a cultural way of living (honesty I do have a problem with that but I also have a total fear of rodents !!!)I wonder if the authours would consider, a cuddely lion as the main charachter in thier follow up…

    Well done,

  5. The accents are absolutely terrible. Victor Romero Evans (Bellemy in No Problem)voice would be perfik – Did anyone see BABYLON the other night FANF—ingTASTIC? Accents in RastaMouse sound like words have been written by white writers and read by black readers who hae know knowledge/respect of the Jamaican Language. Listen 2011 is the 30 Year Anniversary of The Brixton Riots 1981 – It was the Best and Worst of Times in the history of US who lived it – People lost life in the fight to be heard! The accents must be changed.

    As for the campaign to Criminalise RastaMouse – When I heard about the MUMSFRETTING over RASTAMOUSE and that their 7 year olds going to primary school giving others instruction in building a spliff, and their worry if their children start calling everyone Rasta and therefore its Racialist (IDIOTS)!!!!!!!!Comeeeeen, Comeeeen RastaMouse is a crime fighter mice who actually does not crime fight with a spliff in his hand using words such as Rass Cloth or Blood Clot. I watched a programme and me and my daughter (7) love it and in my time I was/am a Black Nationalist who has grown up. Just change the voices pleasssssssssssssssse. Thanx UrbaneAfrican

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