To say that Chris Brown over shadows UK rapper Chipmunk on his own new single would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!

I really like Champion and I think that has a lot to do with Chris. He just takes over the track to such an extent that you actually forget it’s a collaboration and he is the “featured” artist.

Chris is on fire! Chipmunk… well not so much.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. I love this track it is a banger and the video is beautifully shot and yeah because chris sings the hook and spits a verse as well as just expresses himself better in the video he takes over the song but Chipmunk has some great bars on this and this will definitely raise his profile a lil’ bit. If Chris Brown hadn’t had the rihanna thing I don’t think this collabo would’ve happened.

    This is a hit.

  2. I like this song, Chris Brown rapping is a bonus I had to double take . To balance it out Chipmunk should have had another verse or sang the chorus too.

    Beautiful track

  3. Yes Chris brown did dominate this track, but I still say the best verse was the third verse from Chipmunk.

    Janice aka Miss Mad News, stop being so negative about everything. It makes you look like a hater.

  4. Chris is dominating this track and this video. Even his energy in the video and on his verse and chorus is more energentic and out there than Chipmunks. How you gonna have an artist feature on your track and have then straight takeover. I have nothing on my ipod with Chipmunk on it, but will d/l this track, but not because of him, solely cause Breezy made this track what it is.

  5. Are we forgetting this is the ‘man’ who battered his gf. Why’s he getting rated and featured???

  6. Because people deserve a 2nd chance……. if he does it again then maybe the boycotting should start

  7. I thought it was Chris Brown ft.! As i do really like this song, but it just sounded like a Chris Brown song. But i enjoyed it and will listen to it again. Now you know Chippy will be seen by so many people in the USA just because of this song. Well that depends on if it is released over here. But people love youtube…so good for him!

  8. This tune is nice enough. Hard to believe this is a Chipmunk tune when Chris takes it all over. Chip seems to be happy just being in the same space as Chris Brown.

  9. Good move by Chipmunk’s people. Regardless of Chris’ past girlfriend battering, and how he owns this track, Chipmunk’s people wont care, as this will raise his exposure in the US. Not bad track and video too.

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