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A “source” has told tabloid rag The Sun that Black Eyed Peas front man Will.iam has offered X-Factor reject Cher Lloyd a recording contract.

Will shared the stage with the over-rated Cher on Saturday night’s final of the show, where the pair performed Where Is The Love and I Got A Feeling. Will who is best buddies with the “nation’s sweetheart” /FRAUD Cheryl Cole obviously did this as a favour to her and seems to spend the majority of his time up her bottom.   The man is an idiot.

Anyway according to a “source”,

“He vowed to help her (Cher) grow and develop as a recording artist. Will also spoke to her family, promising them he’ll try to make her a star.”

Watch Will.iam and Cher’s performance together below.

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  1. The minute this story surfaced today I didn’t believe it. Simon Cowell is not gonna make the same mistake as he did with JLS and not sign them. He has offered the final 4 recording contracts (now that I believe), which will make him considerably more money instead of punting on just the winner to make him some cash.

    These finalists are still contracted right up until the X Factor tour…effectively they are OWNED by SyCo n dem. Ain’t no baby toothed Will.I.Am poaching what could be a huge money maker for Cowell. He’s not that stupid.

  2. For the life of me I can’t figure out what Will.I.Am is thinking. Out of all the unsigned talent in the UK he wants to sign 2010’s answer to Lady Sovereign. At least with Lady Sov u got the sense that she had some degree of her own talent. Cher is just a mimic, and a not very good one.

    @LondonDiva but after the tour, if there is a choice between SyCo and Will.I.Am you know who she would rather go with.

  3. Oddly enough I had to pause during’s bit. They sound very wrong & bring up so many questions – WTH is she wearing? Why is wearing a lego man? How the hell did she make it to the final? Why the hell did I press play? Why no autotune?

    Anyhoo, I see they sorted out the eyebrows & the tics., stick with trying to make Natalia Kills (originally, Verbalicious, then Verbz, then Verse, then Natalia Cappuccini) more marketable.

  4. She already had a contract. You cannot hype someone so much without having any intentions of making money off of them.

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