The "nations sweetheart" Chezza Cole

According to that tabloid rag The Sun convicted batterer of a nightclub toilet attendant Cheryl Cole has “turned to God”.

A “source” from the “nations sweetheart’s” PR team told the newspaper,

“Cheryl has awakened her spiritual side. She has been tapping into higher powers for answers and guidance.

“She’s been doing some deep thinking – especially after malaria. Christianity is closest to her, but she’s open to other religious influences.”

The  Sun also went on to add,

Cheryl, 27, had a semi-religious upbringing in Newcastle, where mum Joan, 50, was a church regular.

Close pal Derek Hough, 25, is a Mormon, while chum is deeply religious.

Last week Cheryl wore a Hindu charm to X Factor rehearsals.

[Thanks Verbs]

This story has given me my first big laugh of the day. When will the British media stop painting this fraud out to be some kind of a saint?

‘Cheryl wore a Hindu charm to X-Factor rehearsals’ – The woman probably didn’t even know the piece of jewellery held some special significance and simply wore it for “fashion purposes”.

‘Close pal Derek Hough, 25, is a Mormon, while chum is deeply religious.’ – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

The Chezza Cole machine senses that the public is slowly growing tired of her so they call up The Sun and concoct this rubbish together. It’s comical.

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  1. lol very good point I didn’t think of that, still wouldn’t be surprised if Cowell is gettin’ in there, although still not entirley sure he’s interested in women either, I don’t know any other man who is still friends with every ex he has ever had (look behind him on the X factor they all sit in a row behind him), and what about the women he get’s engaged too? you never see them again once he get’s ‘engaged’.

  2. This is timed just as X-Factor ends and probably all to do with her impending move to the States.

  3. Mr Cole, you’re well out of it – enjoy the release! This Geordie tart is on her way to greater vacuous fame thanks to the tabloids and ITV’s fixation with air-head celebrities. It’ll all end in tears, but not from that crocodilian opportunist, simon cowshit!

  4. No problem folk seeking the Lord, but she seems to be grappling at any string as all the religions she is seeking do not agree on the same principles. I wonder how long before they say she has a nervous breakdown

  5. Bitch please. She needs to sit her talentless, nonsense, fraudulent, fake ass down and do what she does best, fake it.

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