It looks like somebody took pity on Alicia Keys and the celebrities who took part in the farcical/struggling Digital Death Campaign  and  has donated $500,000 to the cause.


The much-publicized Digital Death campaign of Keep a Child Alive organization, spearheaded by Alicia Keys, has finally made $1 million in donations after a very slow start, thanks to a billionaire.

The campaign, which sees celebrities “digitally dead” from their social network sites in the hopes of raising a million dollars for the charity, was met with lukewarm response from the fans.The idea was for the stars – such as Keys, Lady Gaga, Elijah Wood, Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, and Serena Williams – to stop updating their Twitter and Facebook pages, therefore “dying” from their digital life, until they were able to collect $1 million from their followers.

But it seems the stars have overestimated their power over their millions of followers. The campaign was met with criticisms and was joked about on the blogosphere. Donations barely reached $200,000 by last week. So it seemed that the over-tweeting stars wouldn’t be able to come back from the dead for a while.

Not anymore, though. Pharmaceutical tycoon and billionaire Stewart Rahr took pity in the dead celebs and allowed them to update their Twitter and Facebook to their hearts content once more by donating $500,000. Continue Reading….

The biggest joke was that the likes of Usher, Kim Kardashian, even Alicia and hubby Swizz Beatz were back on Twitter within days of releasing their cringeworthy ” last tweets and testaments” videos.

Anyway a PHARMACEUTICAL tycoon donated a huge amount of money and ended up saving this campaign… Hmmmmm.. interesting…..

*side eye*

I just hope the money ends up going to the people who need it the most and it makes a difference in their lives.

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  1. This campaign fucked me off to no end, especially with this ending and I’ll state why:
    *The idea was totally wrong, and reeked of narcissism.
    *These celebs combined have millions of fans and between them they wouldn’t even dontate a dollar to have them tweet again. Their presence isn’t as serious as they think it is.
    *The celebs who sat there pretending to care, who couldn’t even help themselves in the name of friggin TWITTER to stay off it until the campaign had come to an end.
    *The donation only stroked these fools egos, who were probably more concerned about getting back on Twitter than raising the $1 million.
    *These fools who participated acting like it was a success. It wasn’t! There would have been a few more weeks of them gone, had this guy not have stepped in.

    I bet if there was a campaign to have the likes of Kim K gone for good people would be donating in their droves. I guarantee you it would be more of a success than this one.

    I would have done a Brangelina, donated, stayed out of a campaign like this and kept it moving.

    Now @lala is back talking about she’s got some powerful news to release on Thursday via Vibe Magazine. I didn’t even notice her clart was gone, and what kind of powerful news can the stay at home housewife/wannabe actress be releasing?

  2. It was on the radio this morning in the US apparently no one give a damn about the celeb tweet the public did not responded the way they expected.They got a lot of nerve to believe that people will pay so they can tweet crap, with so many celebrities gossip column out these days, and other type of media their trash is bound to come out anyway.

  3. This is some bullshit thank God the only person out of that lot I follow is Alicia Keys! And I thought it was $1 million each that is some bs!

    And last time I checked $200k $500k = $700k where is the other $300k???

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