Sisters Queen Ice Cream and Mafiella alongside the 1UP Empire are back with Hard In Paint/Checklist.

What can I say about Ice Cream and Mafiella… two of the hardest chicks in the game who both need prayer.

Via Brown Eyez

Your thoughts please. HIT OR MISS?

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  1. Queen Ice Cream? What a cockeye name for starters. Why not just Queen Ice or something more sensible. With a name like that I was expecting a white chick rapper.
    Just more UK rappers trying to imitate the US gangsta rappers, albeit with a British accent.

  2. Those sistas are thick!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! Not bad it does remind me of here in the USA. But i see nothing wrong with that because we all copy each other. I get that the culture is sort of different in the UK. But then again we are not all that different at all… We all want the same things and we all have some of the same struggles. So i don’t separate Black people…to me and i said me…we are all the same. I’m sure if i saw anyone of you on this site walking down the street we would look alike. And i don’t mean that all Black people look! I mean i wouldn’t know if you’re from the UK or not. Only way i would know that is..if you opened your mouth. So i embrace what the UK has to offer… it’s all good my people!! OK now back to those sistas…they are cool… Could use a bit of help…but not awful.. Now in no way can you compare them to Shardinay…LMBAO…

  3. More unnecessary thug talk. I dont see the point of this. What part am I supposed to be impressed with? I can see why certain men would like the visuals but again but I still dont get it. My dad’s badder than your chain’s bigger than your chain..AND?!
    I just dont get it.

  4. moreno Now in no way can you compare them to Shardinay…LMBAO…

    The mention of Shardinay was NOT for comparison purposes, but for BLOODY AWFUL purposes that Janice has subjected us to in 2010 (thanks Janice). Which is why Orie was on the list as well as this Ice Cream chick.

    The only thing they all have in common is:
    1. Being Black
    2. Being bloody awful

  5. @Moreno u r surely dumb. All black people are slightly the same in terms of heritage (Africa) and our skin colour that we brand as ‘black’. But African Americans and Black British people are obviously different in culture, appearance, accents and character. We all should know that by watching tv and listening to different types of music… duh! For example dotstar, wretch, and giggs all dem look proper Black British to me. I would notice that instantly if I met them. Like 50cent looks like a gangsta American. All black/African nationalities look different: like there’s loads of Nigerians and West Indians/Indies in the Uk, most of the South areas in America (Miami, Atlanta) contains many Hispanics and Jamaicans. So there’s also many mixed people.

  6. Black/African Americans are cooler, they are more creative and entertaining. They’ve got the best slangs, they sound fly, they are sassy… Also more successful except some of the guys living in the hood or ghetto (gangsters & hoodrats). Whereas, Black British people – some of them deny their own heritage and few of our rappers are lame aka Giggs even though ‘look what the cat dragged in’ was banging thanks to the beat. Not that many of us dare to start our own venture or even experiment within the business industry, blkbritish ppl always try vixen and music careers. Which doesn’t provide them with that much cash. Also some of y’all are not proud of your culture or creative like Nicki Minaj, Chris B… Gotta admit that Birmingham they’ve got loads of creative youngsters – most of them males – the gurls don’t even try hard enough to work together – create a web show or become a graphic designer…. become something!!!!

  7. @Shanice…….Well thank you so much for calling me dumb..LMBAO!!! It must have taken a lot of brain cells from you TO WRITE THAT. I can see why!!!!!!!!!! Don’t act like such a buffoon!!!! And take what I said for what it is. Now that I got that out of the way…you have your opinion and I have mine. Plus I have been to England many times and that is why I can say what I can say. I also have been to Germany, Amsterdam, France, Holland and Italy just to name a few. Now yeah we are all the same in terms of heritage (Africa). But when I said we are all the same I still stick by that. Yeah culture is different but does that make you any less Black. Of course the obvious of our accent…please give me a break. Last year when I was in London and Croydon and Brent and Brixton (where the wonderful Jamaicans are)I saw many Black people that looked like me. I saw many Black people that look like members of my family! And as far as appearance goes there is not much difference. You said character maybe…but then again you know nothing about everyone character. And you have to be kidding me if you think looking at TV is a true representation of African Americans… Please! It is TV and everything you see on TV is not the reality. I thought you were smarter than that… Well as I said before…but I won’t say it again! You know!!!!!!!!!!! So tell me what is the look of proper Black British? They look as if they could be American to me… They dress no different than Black people here in the USA. I really don’t know why I’m even responding to this crap. But I guess you woke something up in me for! I know all about Miami my dad’s grandparents came over in a freakn boat from Cuba!! I know all about the mix… so you can’t tell me about that. And I see you really have no real view of what we African Americans are really like. Well other than what you see on TV. Because all that you have mentioned is here as well. We all get along and we all call ourselves BLACK!!!! Now 50cent come on you can do better than that, when talking about African American! Yeah he represents his gangsta look! But Black people on a whole are not one dimensional! Yes we come in different skin tones and hues but Black all the same. And when I said same I was meaning Black people wanting the same things and having the same desires. Ok let me say this I don’t separate Black people…you can all you want. I have madd love for anyone who is Black even foolish ones like you!!!!!!! So I stick to what I said…we are all the same….no matter where we are from. Or what our culture is….still BEAUTIFUL BLACK PEOPLE. Hey you can come to Chicago I will host you and show you how Black here really live… And what we really look like..and you will not different at all. Look I get your point… and of course we are different. Hell I’m different from my brother..but still brothers and still BLACK. Oh I will say Mix because I know you guys have a thing with mix race. Black and Latino but to me = BLACK not into the mix thing.. And I want to say thank you for waking me up… was in a pissy mood these fools on the job had been trippin! And I was about to put this fool in his place. You gave me a good laugh… And we can agree to disagree …………………..peace!!!

  8. LOL @Tymusic are you malfunctioning? “…sexy..thugness” haha

    @moreno Am I missing something? I read your initial post and uh..I still cant see where the “dumb” part is! Minaj rolling around in 6 cans of paint and acting dumb isnt exactly what I call creative, Im gona have to pretend I didnt read that lol

  9. @SooperWOman…i didnt see it either. That is why i was like what did i say!! But i really enjoyed what she had to say. It gave me a minute to blow off some! But it’s all good people have thier own opinions…and that is what i like.

  10. @Tymusic uhm where is Ty? And what did you do to his brain and where is the body??? You can tbe serious mate?!

    This Ice Cream Truck girl = nails on a chalkboard

  11. I can’t believe that someone who is so outspoken about UK music can actually seriously post these nonesense girls as potential BBC Sounds of 2011!!?!

    And in the same breath say it comes from her passion for the music. janice what are you on? Like seriously??

  12. I think these girls are great..The music Uk Music scene is so small why not make space for these young talented girls? I have shown loads of people this music vid and many more from the girls and people love them…If your not into UK Grime this is probably not for you…If you dont like Giggs, its probably not for you either. These chicks are doing what most British uk male artists do and have put it out there for girls like themselves. The creativity is not as large here in the UK I will admit that but if we dont try or even pull together how will we make any kind of progress?
    People are too quick to judge and characterise for my liking…I Showed my father who is a musician and he loved them.
    I big them up all the way from South London…

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