Well the ‘highly anticipated’ MOBO Awards ended an hour ago, and they should never hold the event in Liverpool again.  The only time the audience showed any real enthusiasm was when premiership footballers ( I cannot remember his name) Tim Cahill and Tim Howard appeared on stage to present an award, and when Billy Ocean collected a lifetime achievement award. But other than that they were pretty mute.

US rapper Nelly performed his new single but surprisingly didn’t close the show (I thought he was supposed to be the headline act).

But anyway rapper Giggs who I was shocked to see and other UK acts (including Tinie Tempah,  Tinchy Stryder and Prof Green) closed the show.

As usual I caused offense via Twitter when I described the rest of the performance as ‘noise and a mess’.

I guess all future invitations to “A-list” industry events / 90s babies Grime conventions have now once again been revoked!

Ha ha ha!

But hey this is Mad News – Talkin reckless about the UK scene since 2008.


Anyway check out the list of winners below.

Full list of MOBO 2010 Winners:

Best Newcomer – Tinie Tempah

Best UK R&B / Soul Act – Plan B

Best UK Hip Hop / Grime Act – Professor Green

Best International Act – Eminem

Best Reggae Act – Gyptian

Best Album – JLS, ‘JLS’

Best Video in association with MTV Base – Tinie Tempah ft Labrinth – Frisky

Best UK Act in association with Lebara Mobile – JLS

Best Song in association with  PRS – NDubz FEAT. Mr Hudson – Playing with Fire

Best African Act – K’Naan

Best Jazz Act – Empirical

Best Gospel Act – Guvna B

Lifetime Achievement – Billy Ocean

BeMOBO – Merseyside Dance Initiative


Congratulations everyone!

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  1. Well nice to see that a lot of UK artist won awards…. The only winner i did not like was Em.. i don’t like him and he is not Black. Now that is just my don’t trip! And i know what MOBO stands for but…he tries too hard to be cool and down… Can’t wait until my friend emails me the show…so i can check it out myself.

  2. Giggs was by far the most surprising guest to see at the event. I’m sure the MET must of had a massive BF (Bitch Fit!) seeing him rock up on the stage and damaging the minds of the Liverpudlian audience members.
    His performance was bar far the best. Everything else was aight, nothing that I feel the need to blog about, so I’m glad you did. I just cant be asked!

  3. So I sat through the MOBO’s once again last night, constantly thinking “why am I doing this yet again” even missed the Apprentice for it (thank god for Sky +!!) I think I was sucked in by the Mad News build up on twitter, etc but anyway… this for me was the worst one yet (I think this each year probably because I can’t remember the one the year before), there were some ‘highlights’ (I say highlights Im juding against the rest of the show though!!) as were as follows:

    The Good

    – The final performace, bar Tinchy (do not rate him at all) and bar that bit at the start of it with Taio Cruz on video, not even he could be bothererd to show up!
    – Although I don’t like either act that JLS and Travis (whats with all the Travie) McCoy bit was alright
    – Tim Cahill and Tim Howard getting roundly booed, yes Liverpool are terrible right now and yes Everton beat us, but good to see those two clowns getting it all the same! YNWA
    – Alesha Dixon’s top and the guy who controls the arena’s A/C because it was obviously cold in there
    – Tini Tempah’s many Nike Blazer changes (good choice of trainers)

    and now the Bad

    – Reggis Yates – most hosts at awards ceromonies normally don’t work when trying to be funny but this really didn’t work for him, he’s not natuarally funny, and his attempts at being controversial didn’t work, neither did that pointless skit at the start or his obvious input in the Coming to America bits.
    – A lot of ‘guest’ presenters who we didn’t even know who they were
    – Nelly miming, how ‘rappers’ can mime is unbelievable
    – N Dubz going on about ‘real music’ etc but yet Im sure dude was pretending to play the piano
    – My favourite Kanya King’s (aka Santa Claus)speech, how badly does that woman talk??
    -Not much atmospehere in the crowd but I guess it would be the same whatever arena you used as they are just too big for that event
    – The point of Gamu being there and the many references to her

    I know MOBO probably does loads of good charity work and work in the community but is an awards ceremony each year still necessary, or can it be changed to make it more creadible?? (Oh and not hating in my points abopve just having a bit of fun!! well mostly!!lol)

  4. The final performance sounded okay at the start but went down hill towards the end when some of them just sounded like they were shouting.

    The footballers – It s a sad day when sportsmen get more of a reaction then the actual music acts .

  5. Just watched bits of it on BBC iplayer. I see how they put Gyptian right at the back in the corner in front of the Security…not impressed. When K’naan was excepting his award I couldn’t help but notice the big stain on the wall in the background. Anyway alesha was a good presenter, she’s got a good personality!

  6. One
    – The final performace, bar Tinchy (do not rate him at all) and bar that bit at the start of it with Taio Cruz on video, not even he could be bothererd to show up!

    Taio Cruz is hob nobbing in the US. Unfortunately he’s doing well over there. I was in Texas last month and VEX to see his album in Best Buy. Pure kiss teet!

    I saw a tweet from Nick Cannon saying he was hanging out with him (Taio) and some other big US names that night. Can’t remember who exactly so don’t wanna quote em.

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