This will go down as being the WORST XXL Magazine front cover EVER!

Why is 50 Cent’s face covered like he’s out in the dessert, and why is Soulja Boy gripping his private parts?

I’m confused and appalled.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Your thoughts please….

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  1. 50 looks like a hench ninja, wtf! and Soulja Boy looks like he came last in a Lil Wayne look alike competition

  2. Why is 50 hiding his face? Has 50 got something in his left hand behind Soulja? Why is he holding Soulja down? Why is Soulja half naked?

  3. Maybe the boy’s junk’s about to fall off? Maybe fiddy missed the memo about it not being held in the dessert? Maybe they’re practicing their prison shower poses? Maybe fiddy’s ashamed? Maybe it’s his stunt/booty double? Why does the boy look like the poster child for anti-graffiti? Why do these kids wallpaper their bodies the minute they get to the legal age? Wouldn’t DC charge the boy for copyright infringement?

    *Once you get wrinkly, those tats look like shit.
    *Once you decide to do laser surgery, it’s gonna hurt like hell.

  4. This shit is absolutely GAY no real man stands behind another man posing while his pants are down as if he’s sporting Soulja boy around the prison yard telling the Essas this is my Bitch.

  5. Defining the image:
    This image looks like 50 Cent in prison, displaying his new nervous and awkward girlfriend, Soulja Boy, to the yard. This is a prime example of strength, 50 Cent, promoting femininity, Soulja Boy, to an admiring audience. The only problem is that both characters are men. Why does Soulja Boy feel the need to grab his erect crotch, with his pants half way down with 50 Cents arm around him? I thought XXL was a music magazine. Where is the music? Who are they marketing to?

    Peace, ZR01

  6. If you believe that racism and white supremacy exists, and that it has impacted all non-white people on this planet so-called Earth in a destructive way, and you are a person who has not forgotten the history of Black people and their treatment on these shores under the system of chattel slavery, Jim Crow, lynch parties (read No Sanctuary ) etc… then you should be appalled with this XXL Magazine November, 2010 front cover image of Mr. 50 Cent and Soulja Boy.

    I normally would not waste my energy commenting on a sick product birthed from a diseased system, and maybe these words will help others, who just see an image and a trendy fashion statement, to stop and think about how these types of images move culture and society.

    I am a Black Man living in the U.S. For me, an image denotes a role, roles dictate behaviors. There are varieties of people, cultures and groups who live based upon their histories, environments, leadership etc… but from the primitive to the modern, in my perspective, I can usually determine through dress, role, and behavior who are the women, and who are the men. In some circles this idea may not be PC, and maybe a touch over simplified, but it’s how I understand life to be. I know roles and behaviors are important in maintaining a sense of order, tradition, and survival.

    I support all peoples right to carry themselves however they deem necessary, but it must be grounded and have a solid foundation. The male/female roles throughout the animal kingdom (humans included) have generally been defined, and each sex has its role, generally. These roles (male/female) that dictate behaviors are the foundation that I am speaking of.

    Fundamentally men and women are physiologically built to play certain roles to ensure their survival as a unit. The male is the protector who protects the female/family from the dangers of the outside environment, while the female nurtures and nourishes the husband and family, in support of the strength that is needed to survive as a group in all environments. A man represents physical and mental strength, a woman represents emotional and nurturing strength, generally.

    I am one who knows that cultures (a person or groups ways and actions) have been developed in a variety of differing ways based upon where a people are from. A black Ethiopian has a vastly differing culture than a United States of America Black Man. The fundamental roles (Male/Female) should be the same. But in the case of Black America they are not. This is not an attempt at scholarship, only an appeal to the fundamental primitive that exists within all successful human groups and cultures.

    In short, chattel slavery in America destroyed the black male female role relationship, it has never been completely healed. The black male image in the U.S. has been defined throughout our history by the white supremacist power structure, through force (Slavery, Prison, ghettoes, etc…) and the media (i.e. TV, Film, Music, Books, Magazine Publications etc..);
    the roles were dismantled. This dismantling made it easier to create and mold any image deemed salable to the buying public. Thus, Black American culture is a product for sale, first on the auction block is the black male image.

    Without a fundamental male female role relationship, this false media made culture can be freely dictated to black people, because the structure of protection and nurturing is missing. The danger is, it’s happening on a sub-conscious level, yet posing right in YO FACE!

    Todays media created, minstrelized, black male image is the emasculated Black Man. The lines between male and female are being blurred.

    These images are fine for White Americans, they have a completely different history than Black Americans. Will some of them buy into this form of trend culturalism? Yes! But this country was made by them for them, they hold all of the cards, so they are free to move as they please, minus the baggage we have to carry.

    Until we establish the fundamental male female role relationship, we will never be free to share in this form of marketed culture that other people/cultures are able to enjoy. For them it is trendy, and does not impact the core principles of their group.

    For the impoverished black person in this country, it becomes a way of living that for them is a real life altering escape, and a furtherance of the death of the black male image, not to the outside world, but to the Black Man in the mirror.

    In short, we are not, as a people, ready for a sexual role reversal. I dare say, that until the fundamental male female relationship is established, we don’t have the right to call ourselves a people with a culture. We are just people with a similar history, living an anarchists existence with NO foundation.

    I know that black male emasculation, and sexual line blurring is a luxury we cannot afford. Blame it on the water, the DNA whatever, nothing changes the fact that it only continues to ruin any semblance of unity and idea of group survival that could possibly be made available to us, by us, for us.

    Potential Solution:
    I know that the only solution for any change to occur within this system of social existence is for financially wealthy Black People, like 50 Cent, to establish grassroots organizations that are devoted to researching the root causes of why Black People have been here from it’s beginning, yet are, en masse, the most dispossessed group in the the U.S.- Once the root causes of this problem are discovered, there need to be programs developed that address directly their needs. Will some wealthy Black people please develop an industry, like auto, so we can get power through a natural resource. The money is there, it just needs to be directed at an important cause that has nothing to do with a yearly philanthropic tax right off. Or maybe this is all just a dream. I will venture back to my system now, and work to one day be in a position financially to help.

    Good Luck,

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