Aly with daughter Corleigh

Via Parent Dish

A mother has told how she put her daughter on a diet at two years of age.

Aly Gilardoni – who weighs 17 stone herself – has restricted little Corleigh’s calorie intake since she was a toddler – because she does not want a ‘fat daughter’.

Single mum Aly allows her daughter – who is now 8 – just seven hundred calories a day. This is a thousand under the amount recommended by nutritionists for a growing child of Corleigh’s age.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Ms Gilardoni is adamant that she is acting in her daughter’s best interests, and stopping her from following the family pattern of over eating and excess weight: Continue Reading….

This idiot of a woman deserves one bitch lick across the face. Perhaps it will knock some sense in to her head.

Instead of forcing/encouraging her 8 year old daughter to practically starve herself, she needs to focus on her own unhealthy relationship with food!  

I can’t believe the woman sits at home stuffing her face with food while her child starves.

The little girl has been diagnosed as being underweight “but healthy”.  I’m sorry but the little girl staring back at me in the photograph above looks pale and bordering on sickly. 

Where are social services when you need them?

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  1. it is clear the wrong person is on diet. The mother should restricther calorie intake to 700 calories a day and lets see how she feels. – its funny that uk social services are willing to take away children deemed overweight but not underweight. smh kmt

  2. Ain’t that about a bitch. Woman, get your fat ass on the diet. She’s a growing child, not a stump. Could some please give her a pimp slap. Where’s A Pimp Named Slickback, when you need him?

  3. Mother n daughter need help. Have a friend who has an anorexic daughter in law and feeds her kids alot. It might be that they project something to their kids. Or they want what they never had 4 their kids kinda scenario. Both need help.

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