BET recently unveiled their Top Ten rappers list of the 21st century, and we the public are expected to believe that some serious deliberation by a HIP HOP PANEL ( i.e. a bunch of jokers) took place before the list below was compiled.   

I can’t even take BET seriously. I can’t even be bothered to point out the rappers who should not be included on that list, and those who should have been included. It’s too obvious.  

1  Eminem
2 Lil’ Wayne
3 Kanye West
4 50 Cent
5 T.I.
6 Ludacris
7 Drake
8 Young Jeezy
9 Jadakiss
10 Rick Ross

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Your thoughts please…

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  1. Why are Young Jeezy and Jadakiss in the list of the “Greatest of the 21st” century. Why is KRS-1 not in there? What about Rakeem? What about Method Man? What about Ice Cube? Where in the HECK is BIGGIE & TUPAC? It’s the 21st century, not the rapper of the moment. Is this based on actual skills or sales? Jeeze!
    This list has annoyed my day! Tah rahtid, look BET, just stay away from subjects like these! Cha!

  2. I don’t even care about a list by BET that’s as good as McDonadld’s making a list of top 10 rappers. So I don’t even pay this any attention

    Real hip hop heads know this list has no credibility.

  3. What kind of crappy names have been nominated for this? These fools aren’t even worthy.
    Verbs2010’s Top Ten List of the 20th century in no particular order as these clowns of the 21st century should only be labelled as buskers, not rappers.

    1. Lords Of The Underground
    2. Cypress Hill
    3. Pete Rock & CL Smooth
    4. Masta Ace
    5. Red Man
    6. Wu Tang Clan
    7. Ice Cube
    8. Mc Lyte
    9. Queen Latifah
    10. Fu-Schinkens(especially Chip Fu)

    Biggie was cool when he wasn’t doing the lotionized hiphop, wasn’t really a Tupac fan but non the less he has to be up there among at least the top 20, Nas was better back in the day than he is today. The same goes for Snoop and Dre. How can we forget A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders Of The New School, House Of Pain, Digital Underground, Naughty By Nature, KRS1, Jeru Da Damaga, Chubb Rock, Mobb Deep(in their better days), Black Moon, Helta Skelta, Coco Brothas(formerly Smif N Wessun), The Alkoholiks, Gang Starr and many many others. Let’s take a trip back with a couple of tunes:

    Nuff said!

  4. Sum ov ya’ll folkz r dumb. Wut part of 21st century do u not understand?! This means after 2000!! haha N E who, i’m jus surprizd WAKA, GUCCI, n ANDRE 3000 ain’t on therre but this list is aw rite. we’ll c wut kinda muzik these artists come out wit soon.

  5. The list was crap!!! I mean need i say more about it. I saw the show and it was all bull _ _it! I think all they were really interested in was sales. It really had nothing to do with RAW talent. I do watch BET just to stay on top of Black music..and things that are important in our community. But there are other Black stations like TVone…that i like. And when all is said and done…everyone has an opinion…. BET sucks…they say Black Folks aren’t interested in news that concern us…what kind of bull is that. After that…i really stopped watching BET. But i do like the Monique show and a few others….

  6. WTF First of all WTF, Second of all WTF and last but not least Third of all WTF. You cats a BET’s Round Table of hip hop need yall head examined. I know yall don’t give a damn about what the people say cuz its to many people but BET is sick at this point, Yall only counted the rappers of the 21 century because yall are scared. You don’t want to do the real work or hear the conversation of All time best because that would be to much like right and you can’t handle the truth. Jay is not on the list, that was the first mistake and to think that lil wayne ( although hot as hell now) should be before Jada or Luda yall are crazy nuff said to angry to finish.


    LMAOing HARD @ this “list”.

    LMAOing even harder @ MizzGorgeous.

    You need a lesson on what songs/artists were/are active in this 21st century.

  8. @J, it took every fibre in my body not to comment on MizzGorgeous, it’s really just too easy. Oh, the 21st starts from 2000, that’s all I’m gonna say on your comment.

  9. BET Should Be Ashamed!

    I told everyone online and in reality that BET was creating a Boot-Lickin List taylor made or Eminem…

    This says Eminem exceeds all other MCs in the game using this criteria.
    Eminem is more articulate
    Eminme is far more Intelligent
    Eminem has the very best delivery
    Eminem has the very best Metphors
    Eminem is the very best Story teller / He out Giots African American men
    Eminem is the best Earner… (he even owns an artist in 50 cent)
    Eminem rides A Beat better than ALL other Mcs
    Eminem has the largest fan base of all others

    BET and All the MC’s that suck this Up are shameful!

  10. The artist on this list had to have begun their career no EARLIER than 1999…
    Hip Hop TRUE Lyrcism has been on life support since 1997 or so… So hell YEAH Eminem was going to come out on top or dame near it.

    Eminem has won the MTV list
    Eminem has a Oscar
    Eminem has a movie about his life
    Eminem has a Grammy
    Eminem has graced the cover of over 100 different magazine covers
    Eminem NOW has the Black Entertainment Television honor of BEST LYRACIST

    According to ALL THE HONORS Eminem receives, his is a FAR MORE SUPERIOR MC than all the black men in Hip Hop.

  11. Hip Hop History is being written and manipulated by award shows, Top 10 List, Honors, Sales, Media Journalism and the Weak minds of the public.

    When are we going to TRULY hear the voice of the people on the streets, when are the grass roots Hood, Ghetto, Project voice going to get input in the how Hip Hop History will be written.

  12. @ TaTa-U :

    To be honest, young, hungry Eminem was a frigging BEAST. One of the best lyricists of this generation, for sure.

    Back when he was a battlecat, his lines, delivery and overall flow was some of the best the game had ever seen. Heck, he literally battled his way into the rap game. I personally can’t take anything away from him there…

    But then he became complacent and clownish. IMHO, he’s far from the dopeness that he used to be.

    Just my $.02~!!!

  13. when JD was on the hip hop awards he said that thee list is rappers who came in the game 1999 and after so that explains why the legends arent on the list

  14. This Is The Result Of Commercially Brainwashing The World. I’m Sure Nobody Working At BET Nowadays Got No Idea What Real Hip-Hop Is Anymore. I Stopped Watching Bet Since Like 98 When They Took Off The Good Ol’ Rap City And Started With All That Commercial Bullshit. Seems That Hip-Hop Is Not About Lyrics, Skills, Rhymes, Beats Or Talent Anymore But Just About Record Sales, Who Has The Biggest House Or The Shiniest Rims Or The Most Money And Is The Most Popular. BET Is A Sellout Station. If Bet Were A Person, I’m Sure That They Wouldn’t Be Black And If They Were, They’d Probably Be As Black As Michael Jackson When He Died. According To Phonte Of Little Brother “I Wish BLACK EMBARRASSMENT TV Would Judge More Wisely. But I Don’t Know What’s Worse, The Fact That They Ain’t Playing Our Shit Or The Fact That It Don’t Even Surprise Me… Real Hip-Hop Lives Underground!

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