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I wouldn’t normally dedicate a post to somebody like Yung Berg but the mother of his child is one stupid woman.

Here’s why…

Rapper Yung Berg whose career stalled several years ago after he made some offensive/dumb remarks about dark-skinned women, is being acknowledged again thanks to the mother of his seven-year old son.

She claims the rapper has failed to support/see his son and even goes as far as dragging the little boy, who is autistic on camera and prompts him to speak.

A situation of this nature should be discussed in a court of law NOT via World Star Hip Hop.

This woman has just  succeeded in making HERSELF look bad.

Watch the pathetic show below…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Either a dumb ass young selfish person wrote this or a hoochie with no kids who fucks other people’s man. This is why we leave journalism to journalists who research stories.This IS a woman who has been to court…Have you been following the story? There have been a string of stories leading up to now about how he has been changing his address to avoid his responsibilities and the authorities cannot apprehend him. Yung Berg’s issues are his own aka grown folks business and have nothing to do with their kid. You have sex…someone could get pregnant so be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions no matter what they might be and who u are. Kids are expensive in general and parent hood is not easy so how much more effort, financial/community/emotional support is required to raise an autistic child? YOU sound like a dummy. That woman is doin what she feels she needs to do and she is probably struggling. Women always carry the weight of the family on our backs aint no daddy songs out there thats positve…Everyone write songs about they mama!!!!! Cause mama holds it down. How dare u defame this woman when she is likely just desperate and struggling who aint no celebrity and aint waitin on someone to listen to her demo so she can get a check. I bet she gets up and goes to work at KFC, chucky cheese or wherever and swallows that pride everyday to get that pay check that dont stretch far enuf. HE IS A DUMMY LIKE YOU!!! Rap dont pay????” GET A JOB NIGGAAAA!!! AND SEND YA BABY THAT MONEY SO HE CAN BE TAKEN CARE OF & GET THE TOOLS HE NEEDS TO SUCCEED IN LIFE DONT HAVE TO B A BROKE DUMMY LIKE DADDY!!! Stop making excuses for this loser. You just told on yaself u prolly a loser too who makes excuses for your failings…SMDH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m guessing that the person who left the laughable/incoherant rant above is actually the woman featured on the video or a friend/relative defending her honour. Either way thanks for stopping by.

    “That woman is doin what she feels she needs to do”

    REALLY? Making a video attacking Yung Berg, then dragging her son on camera and then sending the video to Worldstar. Yeah brilliant plan.

    Also the woman’s son has autism but she turns around and say’s Yung Berg “must have it too cause he is a dumb motherf***r”.

    She’s a WONDERFUL mother *sarcasm*

    “YOU sound like a dummy. ”

    I sound like a dummy? LMAO!! That’s given me my biggest laugh for the day.

    Okay again thanks for stopping by. Now take your backside elsewhere.

    Oh I suggest you visit because folks over there have plenty to say about this foolishness.

  3. If this so called and self proclaimed “lady” had any sense from day one, she could of had his wages garnished. And further more if Young Berg doesn’t want to be part of his son’s life you cannot make him. He was an asshole when she met him, but she fucked him anyway and without a condom o___O so yes she did what she was supposed to do, but she could have chosen to do different. o__O

    Now aBMCEE ain’t no body checkin’ for Young Berg or his personal life, so I had no idea he was a dead beat dad. My heart ain’t bleeding for her ass as she isn’t the only person dealing with this. Maybe she would have had better luck if she had dragged his ass on to the Jerry Springer Show… *shrugs*

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