Alicia and husband Swizz Beatz


Alicia Keys gave birth to a baby boy today.
The singer and producer husband Swizz Beatz have named the child Egypt Daoude Dean.

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  1. My God! They must change the names as soon as yesterday. Why the name Egypt? The dominant cow at my farm in Zimbabwe is called Egypt…(It’s a very attentive thing)!! Why o why Daoude?? Why are some people hell bent on giving their children stupid names? Surely,who names their child Daoude in this day and age(besides Swizz & Alicia)?? In 1905 yes but not 2010!
    Imagine,during ‘sexy time’… his woman shouting, “give it to me my sweetness…Oh Daoude please f*ck me…show me what you’re made of’re sweet like sugar Daoude…are you diabetic..f*ck me please…” How ridiculous does that sound?

    This Swizz character must have Alicia on drugs! How did he get her? With all the diarrhea that surrounds his life,babies here,there & everywhere and apparently owing the tax man around $2mill.. just how did he get her? But then again,Nick Cannon married Mariah Carey.

    I wish their marriage the best and i hope Mr Swizz changes his behaviour…but then again,that’s like expecting a pig to behave soon after it’s taken a bath.

    That’s it! I’m going to America. It seems there’s a shortage of good men with a squeaky clean record(no criminal past,no disease and no babies).

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