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Those of you who tuned in to The X-Factor over the weekend should now know that this “talent show” is a complete and utter FARCE.

The ridiculous Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel made it through to the next round (the live stages of the show) even though both failed to complete their auditions. A disturbing looking Cher claimed she had a sore throat and couldn’t sing, while Katie broke down in the middle of her performance and begged to “start again”.

For some reason the “nations sweetheart” and convicted batterer of a nightclub toilet attendant Cheryl Cole, decided to completely ignore the obvious talent in her group and opted instead to push through those tear stained jokers.

Click HERE to read how it all went down if you missed it.

Cher Lloyd

In reality though Cheryl’s decision should not have come as a surprise.

Cher Lloyd has been billed as being her “favourite” from the very start, and as a result media insiders have worked hard to brainwash the nation in to believing that Cher will be the next big thing to come out of the UK.

They want us to believe that her R&B/Hip Hop influenced performances make her somewhat “unique”.

They want us to believe that she is this “amazing” talent.

And last but not least they want us to believe that she is the spitting image of Cheryl Cole (shakes head).

Sadly the nation believes the hype (even individuals who I thought had sense), but I refuse to co-sign any of this bulls**t and refuse to turn in to a damn sheep.

This is Mad News so I’m going to be blunt!

Cher’s vocals were mediocre at best during her very first audition, she’s as stiff as a board when she performs,  she looks slightly unbalanced and looks nothing like Cheryl Cole.

As for Katie Waissel… well it seems the drama queen already has links to the label Sony BMG, which explains why she got through without even singing a decent note last night. Click HERE to read all about it.

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  1. Jan, I’m glad you wrote this
    I just can’t get involved. I’m too old for these people to get my blood pressure up high.
    I cant even blog today, they have made me lose the will
    The whole show is a joke ting!

  2. It’s all summarised in this post. I know this is television etc, but I am so disappointed that we all viewed a decision which was not based on talent.

  3. I don’t usually watch the show but I started watching yesterday after reading angry tweets on Twitter (lol!). Deep down we know it’s all a bit bogus but this time, it’s so blatant it’s like the producers can’t even be bothered to pretend any more!

  4. We are all grown, intelligent people yet we always get sucked into this mess every single year!! Yes it was a farce, but it will become an even greater farce next week when ‘the BIG twist’ turns out to be the ‘wildcard’ entries (basically the ones that really deserved to be in the final) as we all know the whole thing is set up for TV, it’s not a talent contest, its a light entertainement show, and it’s obvious that by putting through people that clearly didn’t deserve to get through on their performance, generates controversy which in turn generates even more media coverage and will result in higher viewing figures next week, and this year with the ‘BIG twist’ they’ve managed to sneak the real talent in via the back door so they get look as though their being fair. But the biggest stich up of all is that each year most of the contestants are known to Sony/BMG, Simon Cowell, people affliated with the show anyway, how many of these acts are everyday people who are straight off the street and never audtioned for a record deal before anyway??

    We all know we will all be watching next week anyway, we’ll be in front of our TV’s, twitter, etc complaining but we’ll still watch and this is how Cowell wins everytime. I’m looking forward to see what farce he has in place to ensure that the X factor wins gets the Xmas No. 1 this year after losing out lat year!

  5. this is a disgrace this wud never happen in American Idol…only the absolute best go thru, they take it extremely seriously,but here ppl want to see silly gimmicks and feel sorry for the likes of Cher KMT

  6. cher is a complete dog! shoe so ugly, plus she has one of the most irritating voices and mannerisms i have seen or heard. i
    its a DISGRACE how these two talentless retards got through. errrrrrrrrrrrr it makes me so angry seeing yet again little rich girls gettin far based on having money. hope they fail

  7. i gree

    Lulu :this is a disgrace this wud never happen in American Idol…only the absolute best go thru, they take it extremely seriously,but here ppl want to see silly gimmicks and feel sorry for the likes of Cher KMT

    i gree about idol only putting through the very best of whats available. same can’t be said about this steaming piece of shit for a show

  8. Lulu :this is a disgrace this wud never happen in American Idol…only the absolute best go thru, they take it extremely seriously,but here ppl want to see silly gimmicks and feel sorry for the likes of Cher KMT

    Yeah but American Idol is boringgggggggggggg! Oh my days.

    But has anyone noticed that hardly any black people (or mixed race people) got through?! People are saying that Dannii’s racist because we all know Australians absolutely hate black people. And I thought Cheryl hated Katie? Katie is the most annoying thing on this planet. She just needs to shut up. Every time she talks, I put my TV on mute… Stupid girl.

  9. Whoever One is who made that comment above you’ve said it all! Hahaha nothing more to add!

    We all know the deal, I mean what season of x factor is this? The 1st X-factor? Lol

  10. I am waiting for the live show. and i will be watching, i don’t know about voting

    I cosign with one too. For people to expect any better, i don’t get it. I’ll expect any better when xfactor products actually go on to do better musically after the show and also stop doing cover songs for their xmas number ones (with all the money that show generates and the contacts they have, they can’t be original?kmt), and also when they stop doing the one cover album and disappearing off the face of the earth antics.

    There’s no point in being mad at Cher Loyd, she is only doing what anybody else does to get through a show eg Alexandra Burke. I’ve never seen anyone who cried so much in the history of xfactor than Alex. omggm and it worked for her.

    Simon dictates the winners of that show, when he speaks, the nation listens.

  11. I don’t watch it after the auditions stage, there’s no point. I know the reason why I watch it – to see the crappy, egotistic, over the top trainwrecks and the judges’ sheer stupidity & greed, when they turn down an actual singer because it’s not a singing show or he doesn’t have IT, but they let in a fit, tone deaf, manipulative & sometimes slightly dense hottie.
    And don’t get me started on the not-so subliminal programming – the heart-tugging back stories, the sentimental music that accompanies them, then the brutal decimation of the actual talents, who are later switched with plants, who then try again the next year, cause they’re desperate.
    @Lulu, AI also has it own issues too – Sanjaya, the actual sympathy of its judge(s), especially during the Paula Abdul days, some dumbass public voting – JHud. Though the Americans really DO take it seriously, if you’re really tone deaf, you get a dedicated website trying to vote your ass off.

  12. I don’t understand why you guys even watch this garbage!!!!!!!!!! If it is not going to be fair then what is the point. I don’t watch any of these shows here in the USA. But what gets me is the fact that most of you seem to accept what ever they put out. When will we as a race of people just say it’s enough! Why is it ok for these shows to diss Blacks and we just say…ok…like it’s the norm…. I don’t get why we don’t see what kind of power we have as a group of people and do something. What it all boils down to is money..the allmighty dollar..if you hit them there…things will change. But we won’t do anything…but instead we will bitch and complain…and what will that get us……………nothing…. Man i must say Miss Madd News i do enjoy the come up with some really interesing things that i can seek my teeth into. Thanks

  13. This show is aimed at dreamers, who want success so fast. U can imagine the youngins being so into it and voting alot, and parents who want that 4 their kids. But hard work is not much in our vocabulary. That’s the problem and why this show will stay.

  14. Kaydee – racism is a ‘Discrimination or prejudice based on race’.- you are a racist when you suggest that ‘we all know Australians absolutely hate black people’. You assume all Australians are racist. You discriminate. You are a racist.

  15. I have to add that last year’s winner Alexandra Burke was black and therefore I do not detect a racist element to the contest. Though it is a beauty contest for sure. However, I think that X Factor this time around has lost any real credibility that it had left to suggest a talent contest. Simon, the bowel Cowell thinks he can manufacture a winner/.star, but has no experience with bands – so proven right now with his boot camp choices – he is arrogant enough to assunme that producing a band is as easy as producing a diva act. It is evident that you cannot put together a band by throwing together four reasonable singers. They do not ‘gel’ – they compete and they do not know how to complement eachother. But for the first time, he is challenged in a new area and has not a clue how to deal with it.

    His key sentiment tonight is that so many acts are ‘boring’ – and though I’d agree this show is not just boring but dire – turning it into a joke cabaret with mediocre acts overdressed and under achieving is an epitaph for the EX factor

    Even the judges’ comments which used to be honest are no longer convincing.

    watch it for the farce that it is – but boycott the (pay)phone voting !!!

  16. I could not believe tonight that FYD and nicolo have been booted out. What a hopeless competition? kate should have gone and wagener. Diva feeva are not much better. Just goes to show it is pure manipulation and a farce. Adam Crozier needs to spend money on quality drama instead of this reality nonsense.

  17. in British law the phrase racial group means “any group of people who are defined by reference to their race, colour, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origin”

  18. the term “racial discrimination” shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life. UN.

    Anyway, sorry Kaydee – not really intending to be a personal attack – merely highlighting a point. I come in peace.
    At least we all agree that the RejeX factor has dragged out the worst group of ‘performers’ imaginable this time round. Does anyone else think that S Cowell is so bored that he no longer cares who wins? The only reason Katie and Cher are still in is that there are acts worse than them.

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