I never post music video teasers, but today I decided to post this teaser from Eminem featuring Lil Wayne for the new single No Love.

I laughed out loud when I heard Em’s latest mainstream rap mush for the first time today.  He  sorry correction producer JUST BLAZE (even worse) sampled Haddaway’s cheesy early 90s Euro dance hit single  What Is Love.

Wow.. these Stateside artists and producers are really starting to embrace that Poppy Euro dance sound… almost 20 years too late.

Check out Haddaway’s 1993 hit What Is Love below.

Ha ha ha ha! I hope Haddaway collects a decent royalty cheque from this.

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  1. Its so funny that Eminem is using dance music to sell his music. Wasnt he the very rapper who used to diss the hell out of Dance music. Didn’t he cuss out Moby and every other dance artist (Europoppy) at one point?
    The US are so late.
    Haddaway track is as OLD as dust.

  2. @Miss Lala

    Yes the very same rapper who ran up his mouth bad mouthing Moby and dance music in general.

    Now look at him… in 2010 the man’s samples the worst dance track of all time. I never liked What Is Love.

  3. Just Blaze produced this track and it sounds pretty bangin to me. If it had that dance pop sound like Black Eyed Peas it would be another matter.

    Plus he’s dropping this video when he’s already gone double platinum outselling every other hip hop album already this year. It’s not like it was the lead single or anything so to me he ain’t “beggin’ it” I mean even his lead single wasn’t the traditional “clowning every pop act” track

    just my thoughts hehehe

  4. i think the way they used the sample was pretty good…
    i think the steady use of linn drum sounds in th is new era of hip hop is killing my quickly!!!
    if you wanna be in little wayne territory you got to use the linn drum sound…
    shamefullly i didnt listen to a single lyric in that clip.. but eminem is always solid on the rapping!!

    i just cant wait for this era to be over..
    its very lazy!!

  5. Even funnier now I know the revered Just Blaze produced it.

    “he’s already gone double platinum outselling every other hip hop album already this year”

    Well no surprise there. He’s Eminem.

    Emimem’s music at this point in time is dire.

  6. Well Janice I only mentioned his sales to show that it’s not like this video is to beg for more sales. I think it’s a good track and Eminem doesn’t slack with the rapping. It’s a good Just Blaze track and in fact the whole “Recovery” album is solid to me. Eminem goes in with it! Yes he sells cos he’s Eminem the “White rapper” but he’s fly with rapping and drops good tracks!

    It’s not the GREATEST just blaze track though but I think it’s good!

  7. Now that I think about it, this track is really to give Lil Wayne some push since he’s coming outta prison and dropping an album soon. It’s about Weezy he needs the promo, I guess it was just business to get this video done and dropped right now.

  8. Yeah it’s not the greatest just blaze track but it’s a undeniably a good track nevertheless! I don’t see the fuss, I heard this track ages ago when I heard the whole album which is really good!

  9. I already guessed you didn’t listen to the album or even care so it’s cool 😀 ah well do your thing girl, *he eagerly awaits the next video hype killing mainstream music bashing session*

    lol hehehe

  10. Very long memories LMAO
    We were’nt dissing Ems rapping abilities, we all know he’s the saviour of rap (according to Zaane Lowe lol) that has immense selling power.
    Jan and I just found it really odd that he would use a genre of music which he has verbally SLAMMED over a number of years.
    Even if your the best artist in the world, and your trying to sell large numbers of records, you have to produce what the market dictates.
    Right about now, that market is very dancy and poppy.
    Music works in cylces, for now this is how it is.
    This time next year it might be a very acoustic guitar sound that dominating the charts, if thats the case then I bet my right arm you will see every artist (irrespective of genre) jump all over it.

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