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  1. I’ve still yet to see the scriptures that condone homosexuality and state that they will partake in the coming Kingdom of God. This is true reprobation, these are original wolves in sheep’s clothing. Having found no support in the scriptures that upholds their lifestyles in a good light, they have had to produce their own bible to justify their actions:

  2. SMH @ this whole entire affair.

    This just proves that we ALL are terribly imperfect. No humans being on this planet (save for My Wife® and My Daughter®) are perfect, so I refuse to allow HUMANS to tell me how to praise/serve/be closer to such an infallible concept as God/Allah/Whateveryouwannacallhimorher…

  3. i was thinking about what you said…you said you don’t see scriptures that condone homosexuality. And i don’t see it as well….but i still don’t judge anyone that is a homosexual. I look at like this the scriptures don’t condone people who lie,cheat,steal,fornacate…so forth and so on. So is it right according to the scriptures…no! Sin is sin …and if you do sin…so how can you judge anyone else. So i leave all sin up to the one who made us all.. It’s sad but you never know what anyone will do at any given moment…

  4. I just want to know why he felt it appropriate to send photos of himself in that TIGHT t-shirt to 16year old boys. People may have their beliefs on homosexuality, but if your preaching its wrong, yet indulging in the act, then thats the biggests hypocrisy going. It will be interesting to hear him defend himself, I’m sure his lawyers are working like lunatics to disprove 30 claims of sexual harrasment!
    No smoke without fire, thats what I say.

  5. Its just photo’s, they can be obtained in many ways, that is not solid evidence. the posibilities are endless how the photo’s could be distributed. He is dressed in male sport wear! He’s not naked, showing his peice, or doing a camp pose. just saying…

    When your rich, black and too powerful something of this nature is to be expected round the corner. Just have to see how this plays out. Im not saying his guilty or innocent. Simply that it seems like an allegation made by folks who have nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.

  6. I had heard about his homosexual antics from years back, dodgy late night activities in top rate hotels, so these allegations come as no surprise to me, but I will say that he is not the only one in this homosexual camp. There are other closet pastors/bishops who need to be exposed and their time is coming aswell. The thing about it is from my experience, this type of thing even reaches down to your local church, not just mega churches. All I can say is if the members of his congregation cannot see the light after this, then they deserved to be fleeced and suckered 10 fold.

  7. It it more of what he said and what he did not say. He never once said he was innocent. If it were me and i was innocent…it would have been the first thing to come out of my mouth. There has been rumors about his homosexual life style for years. So i am not surprised about this at all. The thing that gets me is the fact that he was so against homosexuality.. I said to myself one day while watching him on TV..i think the man does protest too much!!! I can see anyone being against anything….but to talk about it so much… and with such disdain….tripped me out. I knew then that he had issues about gays…and that he might be one himself.. The problem with all of this is…they were boys at the time. And also the fact that people like to live double lives… Why not just be honest about who you are. No one has a heaven or a hell to put you in….so it should matter none to anyone what they think about you. People sit around here in judgment of everyone an everything…as if they are the judge. He did it to his congregation …now the judgment is on him… I just don’t get why people won’t be honest! Why live a lie…well in his case…the money! I don’t get why people will give their last dime to the church…but when you are in need they can’t or won’t help you. You give the pastor so much ….he lives like a king and you live like a poor man. He lives in a million and a half dollar home….and you can barely pay your rent. I don’t get that…to save my life… You put these people on a peddle stool…make them like they are gods… why? No man has the power to save you…so stop thinking that it is something about that man… I always say…you can only hid so long…then it will come out. Boys! Why didn’t he just get him a dude and go from there…. But as Verbs2010 says…there are so many others….here in the USA….MAN…SOOOOO MANY OTHERS… Oh i will say this….his congregation….will believe anything he tells them….that is how blind some people are to their pastors… He is so much more holy than you are…por favor!!!!(please) estupido!!!!!!!!!!!(stupid) él es un mentiroso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(he’s a lier)

  8. @verbs ohhhh didn’t realise this was an ongoing thing. have to google him later. Not too familiar with these Super Church Pastors. The only one I’ve heard of is TD Jakes.

    @ moreno
    It all boils down too one word why people do stupid things like give their last dime and duck reality. Its our greatest strength and greatest weakness. LOVE
    that vid was funny, she reminds me of a cousin, lol.

  9. People always tend to gloss over what the Bible says. The Bible does not condone slavery as what that guy in the video said. In fact stuff on slavery actually tell you they must be treated as you would your own family members. Many people were in servitude before and after the Bible was written. God aint no fool. Indeed it says thou shall not judge and it also states various abominations such as homosexual acts and it mentions both and women here. If this was the way why was Sodom and Gomorrah done with.

    As for Eddie Long I will not pass judgement I will see what truth comes to light. He has to answer to God.

    In my church they will not turn you away for being gay but they will not support the sin based on what the Bible teaches and that goes for all sinners crooks, fornicators etc etc etc

    Oh and how can that guy say that the Bible needs to be updated. How rude just because it does not embrace his lifestyle nope. He is in denial of the word.

  10. @ moreno :
    HILARIOUS! That Caddilac Kim chick is hella funny. I LOL’d @ least four or five times.

    “Kiss my motherfucking ass! Praise the Lord…”

    I subscribed to her YouTube channel and everything. She’s a MESS! Love it.

  11. Black people in general have a problem with authority figures from family members and onwards. hey i wouldn’t say nay to any elder in my family, no ways, even if they were wrong. i would nod away and smile. This is our problem, even when family members, teachers, or any authority figure does anything wrong, it is not questionable in most cases. It is almost like it is ingrained in black culture and it will take a long time to water down. It is on rare occassions that you will find black people admitting to sexual abuse from authority figures, even family members, we would rather suffer in silence than speak up against them. It is a good and bad value.

    But poverty is the devil. People will go and sit in these churches, give their property and save their last penies even if it means going hungry *shakes head*, at the expense of their family members. people would rather walk miles to church than pay for a taxi or bus, just because they don’t want to give a certain amount of money less;-), i didn’t know showing off financial well being was apart of faith, but whatever. People will protect these pastors or church leaders and look at you with an evil eye if you said anything. these pastors have so much power that they also match make, as in, ‘Jesus sent you to me” WTH??, match make their congregation, it just can’t get any worse but that is how much power has been handed down to them, that they can control each and every bit of someone’s life, from personal, financial and all. you can be in a church and be free on the inside, but some people are literally prisoners in these churches, and brainwashed to the last bit. But you know what, it is a shame that many of these pastors have ulterior motives to start off with and aim for it. As for the church members, many of them are just vulnerable (for various reasons, and things that life throws at them), and there’s nothing worse than being in a vulnerable position and being offered hope ansd so forth. So i can see how they can fall for it and go blind, but people have no integrity and don’t give a toss about their sheep, and for some pastors, your pain is their gain.

    Some people spend so much time in church poor, than searching for a job. I tell you, some people would rather go to church 24/7, and pray for a job and a miracle, than actually go out and look. God helps those who help themselves people. HE can be a magician or miracle worker but you have to do your part. I mean, even Jesus had to go out and put in the hard word.

    And these wealthy pasotrs can be the most selfish people on earth. They will take your all and indeed will not help you when in need. *shakes head* As for the sexual assault, it is happening and it will continue, whether Pastor eddie long is guilty or not, it is happening in other churches, been reported and nothing done about it, and am not talking about the Catholic church only, but these types of churches. But the other problem is that black people act like homosexualism is not a concept that applies to them, so when, people speak out, no one believes you, because they act shocked, and look like they have electrified or something.

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